Nellie McKay Unveils New Project July 8


Wanna bet she can’t
get through a set without cursing?

By A.D. Amorosi


Last year, when I interviewed Nellie McKay for a lil ole
magazine called Harp she was popping
the cork on her soon-to-be-new Obligatory Villagers and chatting softly about
all things Nellie and beyond.


“As a species in the world we’re all pretty funny,” she told
me. “We’re also pretty tragic.”


Right said.


Now here comes Nellie and her even newer project: Nellie McKay & the Aristocrats Swing Band, who’ll be
making their debut Tuesday July 8 @ 7:30pm at Lincoln
Center’s Midsummer Night Swing at Damrosch Park
(Lincoln Center
Plaza, 62nd / Columbus, NYC).


There’ll be newer music than
2007’s sweet weird sounds, abstract arrangements from Obligatory Villagers, old favorites and, in the words of Nellie’s
pal and PR gal Carla Parisi “If yer lucky, her score for ‘Election’ set to open
on Broadway sometime before 2050.”

Whoa Nellie.


Meanwhile, check out some Nellie
video action:

Nellie on “Fresh Air with Terry Gross”




“Mother of Pearl”



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