My Morning Jacket Documentary Circa 2038

Back to the future
with Jim James & Co. — down vests and DeLoreans optional.

By Fred Mills


My Morning Jacket has just released a “documentary”
set 30 years in the future. WTF?!? That’s right – MMJ circa 2038, being
followed around by an amateur filmmaker.


As the doc storyline goes, the would-be auteur tracks down
each member of the band, now living their respective lives 30 years after the
band called it quits. (Wait – the band is breaking up this year? What about all
those advance tickets that have been sold!)  But soon there’s a renewed interest in the band and their music, so Jim
James & Co. reunite and relive the year that was 2008. That, of course,
would be the year of the band’s massive tour supporting the just-issued Evil Urges (ATO, which hit stores June




The film — dig the screen shots here —can be viewed at My
Morning Jacket’s imeem page. That’s where you can also stream the entire Evil Urges for free.




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