My Bloody Valentine Comes Alive!



Return of the
twenty-minute guitar solo? Someone call Alvin Lee!

Fred Mills


Friday night the original kings/queens of shoegaze, My
Bloody Valentine, played a 15-song set at London’s ICA venue as a warm-up to
their residency that starts this week (Friday, June 20) and the much larger
Roundhouse. The sold-out show marked the British group’s first public
performance in 16 years; a second warmup was scheduled for Saturday night.


According to a report by the NME, guitarist/founder Kevin
Shields announced to the crowd, “Welcome to our rehearsal” and then launched
into “Only Shallow” (from 1991’s Loveless).
Material for the evening was culled from the 1987-91 Creation era and finished
off with a 20-minute version of “You Made Me Realise.” None of Shields’
post-MBV compositions were tackled, however, nor were any new MBV songs,
although anticipation has been running high for a new album from the group ever
since the reunion gigs were announced.



The web is already a-buzz with audio and video of the
concert, including a decent-looking but horrid sounding clip at this YouTube
— see our screen shots above and below, now that’s some kinda fuzz and
distortion to go with the music ! — although it’s a fair bet that the reunion
shows proper will be officially recorded for some form of future CD/DVD



Coming up will be five more shows in London
then two apiece in Manchester and Glasgow:


  • London Roundhouse (June 20,
    21, 22, 23, 24)
  • Manchester Apollo (28 and 29)
  • Glasgow Barrowlands (July 2
    and 3)





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