Mercury Rev to Rev Up in Sept.

Not a reinvention, but
a “reboot”…

By Fred Mills


It’s been a good while since we had a new Mercury Rev album,
but come Sept. 30 we’ll not only have one — titled Snowflake Midnight (Yep Roc) — but two Rev platters: a free
download of an all-instrumental bonus album, Strange Attractor, which fans will be able to snag that same day
either at the official M.R. site (
or at the Yep Roc page (
The records have been in the works since late last year and are produced, as
usual, by the band (Jonathan Donahue, Grasshopper, and Jeff Mercel) with Dave


Yep Roc is referring to this as “a significant conceptual
shift for the band… In a sense, ercury Rev had to “unlearn” twenty
years of experience to make ‘Snowflake.’
‘We wanted to let go of familiar and comfortable ideas of sound and ways of
working,’ says Mercel. Traditional instruments gave way to vintage and cutting
edge electronics. Songs weren’t written so much as they evolved. Order was
abandoned, and happenstance was embraced, resulting in one of the most fertile
creative outpourings in the band’s history. Every song included on ‘Snowflake‘ was edited, manipulated and
distilled from hours of recorded material.”


Tour dates for the fall are t.b.a.; Mercury Rev plays the
All Tomorrow’s Parties fest Sept. 21 in Catskills,


Hey, here’s a cool early Rev video. It’s “Chasing A Bee,”
from Yerself Is Steam:


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