JAMC Box Due Sept. 30 From Rhino


Now you can cancel all those eBay alerts you set up for Mary Chain vinyl…
By Blurt Staff

Titled The Power Of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities, a forthcoming Rhino box unveils a more or less untold story about the Jesus And Mary Chain via an exhaustive look at its non-LP material. Here’s the scoop from Rhino:


Produced with the cooperation of JAMC founders Jim and William Reid--who've

recently revived their band after a nine-year hiatus—the four-CD box

builds upon the 1988 collection Barbed Wire Kisses, which featured 20

obscure tracks from these priests of noise-pop. All but one of those

recordings is included among the 80 tracks on the new box, which also

features hard-to-find cuts from their post-Barbed Wire output and eight

never-before-heard sides.


Arranged chronologically, B-Sides & Rarities writes a parallel history of

The Jesus And Mary Chain, covering every phase of the group's history from

the 1984 debut single for Creation Records ("Upside Down" b/w "Vegetable

Man") to their final releases for Sub Pop in 1998. These non-album tracks

include demo and acoustic versions of JAMC favorites, oddball covers and Reid



The boxed set opens with a real find: "Up Too High," a Darklands-esque song

Jim and William committed to cassette in 1983. Among the other previously

unreleased recordings making their debut on the collection are an

alternate version of "Never Understand," demos of "My Little Underground"

and "The Living End," and the unheard song "Walk And Crawl" (all from the

time of the band's classic Psychocandy album), as well as a trio of Stoned

And Dethroned-era recordings: an alternate take of "Coast To Coast," a demo

of "Dirty Water," and the lost song "Till I Found You."


Packaged in a 6¾ x 10¾ gatefold shell (à la The Cure's Join The Dots

collection), the new boxed set includes fresh interviews with Jim and

William Reid, rare photos, and an 18¾ x 24¾ double-sided poster featuring a

hand-drawn "family tree" tracing The Jesus & Mary Chain's evolving lineups

on one side and artwork from many of the band's singles on the other.
Following a 1988 breakup, the group got back together to perform at last year's Coachella Music & Arts Festival (with Scarlett Johansson making a guest vocal appearance). The Jesus And Mary Chain toured the world through the rest of 2007 and are currently in the process of recording their first new album in a decade. 
Track Listing:

*           1.         UP TOO HIGH
            2.         UPSIDE DOWN
            3.         VEGETABLE MAN
            4.         SUCK
            5.         AMBITION
            6.         JUST OUT OF REACH
            7.         BOYFRIEND’S DEAD
            8.         HEAD
            9.         JUST LIKE HONEY (demo Oct. ’84)
            10.       CRACKED
            11.       TASTE OF CINDY (acoustic version)
            12.       THE HARDEST WALK
*           13.       NEVER UNDERSTAND (alternate)
*           14.       MY LITTLE UNDERGROUND (demo)
*           15.       THE LIVING END (demo)
            16.       SOME CANDY TALKING
            17.       PSYCHOCANDY
            18.       HIT
            19.       CUT DEAD (acoustic)
            20.       YOU TRIP ME UP (acoustic)
*           21.       WALK AND CRAWL
            1.         KILL
            2.         BO DIDDLEY IS JESUS
            3.         WHO DO YOU LOVE
            5.         SHAKE
            6.         HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS (demo)
            7.         HAPPY PLACE
            8.         F.HOLE
            9.         RIDER
            10.       ON THE WALL (Porta Studio demo)
            11.       SURFIN’ USA (April out-take)
            12.       HERE IT COMES AGAIN
            13.       DON’T EVER CHANGE
            14.       SWING
            15.       SIDEWALKING
            16.       SURFIN’ USA (summer mix)
            17.       SHIMMER
            18.       PENETRATION
            19.       BREAK ME DOWN
            20.       SUBWAY
            21.       MY GIRL
            1.         IN THE BLACK
            2.         TERMINAL
            3.         DEVIANT SLICE
            4.         I’M GLAD I NEVER
            5.         DROP (acoustic re-mix)
            6.         ROLLERCOASTER
            7.         SILVERBLADE
            8.         LOWLIFE
            9.         TOWER
            10.       HEAT
            11.       GUITARMAN
            12.       WHY’D YOU WANT ME
            13.       SOMETIMES
            14.       TEENAGE LUST (acoustic version)
            15.       REVERBERATION (DOUBT)
            16.       DON’T COME DOWN
            17.       SNAKEDRIVER
            18.       SOMETHING I CAN’T HAVE
            19.       WRITE RECORD RELEASE BLUES
            20.       LITTLE RED ROOSTER
            1.         THE PERFECT CRIME
            2.         LITTLE STARS
            3.         DROP-RE-RECORDED
            4.         I’M IN WITH THE OUT CROWD
            5.         NEW YORK CITY
            6.         TAKING IT AWAY
            7.         GHOST OF A SMILE
            8.         ALPHABET STREET
*           9.         COAST TO COAST (alternate – William vox)
*           10.       DIRTY WATER (demo – William vox)
*           11.       TILL I FOUND YOU
            12.       BLEED ME
            13.       33 1/3
            14.       LOST STAR
            15.       HIDE MYSELF
            16.       ROCKET
            17.       EASYLIFE, EASYLOVE
            18.       40,000K
            19.       NINETEEN666
* Previously Unissued

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