Holy Crap, It’s the Hudson Brothers!


Brett, Mark and Bill,
not to mention Chucky Margolis and the Unknown Comic, shovel the shtick.

By Fred Mills


This just in, shag hairdo fans, from our friends at MVD
Entertainment. You KNOW you gotta have this one…


Do you love those great 70’s sketch
shows? Remember the hilarious Chucky Margolis? Yeah, those were the days…but
wait, just when you thought every possible TV show was out on DVD, VSC reaches
back in time to bring you the landmark release of The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show. That’s right, for the first
time on any format comes sixteen seriously zany half hours of Saturday morning
family programming from an era when zany used to count for something. It’s the
Hudson Brothers – Brett, Mark and Bill, along with (Brett’s signature
character) Chucky Margolis, shticking and singing their way through sixteen
half hours that entertained kids of all ages. Once called “The Kings of
Saturday Morning” by John Lennon himself, The Hudsons are joined by series
“irregulars” Ted Ziegler, Billy Van and Murray Langston, the latter
destined to become The Unknown Comic. With Rod Hull and his Emu rounding out
the zoo, the Hudson Brothers will take you back to the golden age of TV variety
shows! Includes the Hudsons
singing …So You Are a Star (Top Ten Hit) and much more!


The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show DVD’s
bonus materials include “The Best Sketches from the Hudson Brothers Show” plus “Best
of Chucky Margolis.” It’s issued August 5 from MVD. Did we mention you gotta
have this one? And yes, ladies, they actually CAN sing!

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