Neither serve nor eat crap.


While the whole Music 2.0 blame-game bread-and butter has largely
centered around the usual gundyguts (labels, radio, etc.)—barring
McGuinness’ ISP/fan-as-thief bandwagon—it would seem as though the culprits are clear: the rich guys are the
bad guys. Easy enough.However, there are also the little guys. And as
much as I hate to say it, by little guys/girls, I mean the artists


Don’t get me wrong, I like sinking my teeth into a good industry-bully finger-wagging just as much as the next blogger. Lord knows, I WANT the underdog to win. And badly. I’m a Red Sox fan, for Christ’s sake.


But you’ve got to admit that there is a whole LOT of really AWFUL
music out there, thanks in large part to the anyone-can-do-it
nowstalgia of Pro Tools, Reality TV, etc., along with what seems to be
a flagrant disregard of quality in general.


Which brings me to my old college English professor who, while
scoffing at subpar novels (those of empty-calorie summertime reading
list ilk), would affectionately refer to them as “Fritos of the Mind;”
the idea being that indulging in thoughtless art invariably leads to
the creation of thoughtless art, thereby breeding a contagious,
“junk-food” mediocrity. You can see how this might also apply to music…
hence, this week’s Billboard stats touting songs like “Bleeding Love” and “Viva la Vida.” Muncha Bunch.


For sure, it’s by no means entirely the artists’ fault. With the
music industry relentlessly spoon-feeding us sub-standard songs (so
sub-standard as to now be presumed free) it’s no wonder that gobs of
enthusiastic, somewhat self-indulgent, off-the-couch fledglings have been able to handily over-saturate the market.


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