Bye, Billy


Cory McAbee pulls the
plug on The Billy Nayer Show.

By A.D. Amorosi


Director, singer guitarist and composer Cory McAbee – the
main man behind the crustily theatrical T Rex-meets-Kurt Weill The Billy Nayer
Show – wrote a note today; a sad one.


“The Billy Nayer Show is dead.”


Weirdly romantic. Silly. Glam-ish. With each album, the San
Franciscan born ensemble unearthed new ground – the skronk of The Villain That Love Built, psychedelic
Goodbye Straplight Sarentino, I Will Miss
; the stark Rabbit. But now,
he ended Nayer and named his new band after his Eraserhead-esque feature film,
American Astronaut. And they/it have/has a new EP to prove as much – Goodbye California.



Go to the American Astronaut site and purchase the new EP.
It’s also on iTunes.



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