Boy George Gets The Boot From U.S. Gov

Guess they really do wanna hurt him….

By Blurt Staff


This news flash was just
slipped over the BLURT transom: Boy George has been denied a visa for his
upcoming tour — which would have marked the first time in a decade he’d
performed in the U.S., and would have additionally included a free show for NYC
sanitation workers (with whom he performed community service following a drug
conviction) on August 17.


Here’s hoping it wasn’t the
horrible photo
that BLURT ran of Boy George last week that tipped the scales
for U.S. officials in charge of denying visas. That’s why we’re running a
different, kindler/gentler, more nostalgic image with this news item. C’mon, U.S., the dude
ain’t gonna hurt nobody.


What follows is the official
statement released by Boy George.


 “At the moment, Boy George cannot come to the United States of America because he has been
refused permission to enter by the USA  Administration. 
This is not in respect of anything he has done in the past but because he is
facing a trial in November in London
for something that happened in April last year.  George’s lawyers in
London have absolutely forbidden us to speak about the facts of that case
and all I can say is that George is astounded at the decision and is having
lawyers here in the States look at it in the hope that someone will change
their mind.  George has not been convicted of anything in London and there is a presumption in the
Western World of innocence until proven guilty.  The proceedings that
George faces in London are of course important and serious but George has been
given unconditional bail by the Police and Courts in London thereby permitting
him to travel anywhere in the World.  He is clearly not considered any
form of risk in London in that regard and in
that respect we are asking the US
Authorities to reconsider their position.  George has cooperated fully
with all investigations and enquiries into the case and has put forward a full
and detailed defence.  We would love to be able to tell you what that
defence is but we say again that we are absolutely forbidden by
George’s London lawyers to do so because if it gets its way back to England it
could amount to a contempt of Court.  George really would love to
come to America and repay
his American fans loyalty and that is why we are asking the US Authorities
to reconsider their decision”.  



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