Album: Pathology

Artist: Trails and Ways

Label: Barsuk

Release Date: June 02, 2015


The Upshot: Percolating pop and instant gratification tunes ultimately yields to tedium.


Trails and Ways offer something of a conundrum. Although they strive to for a sound that’s clearly hip and happening, their dance-ready melodies and synthesized set-ups are liable to alienate anyone who finds their perky impulses a bit too grating. While the sound of modern music has its attractions — and distractions — those wanting music with deeper meaning will likely demand something more. Regardless, Trails and Ways risk it all on instant gratification. and indeed the percolating pop that characterizes such songs as “Skeletons,” “Jacaranda” and “Nunca” clearly boasts certain charms, mainly a chirpy effervescence that’s hard to resist.

Yet, while those irrepressible rhythms do offer momentary delight, there’s little here that demands a return listen. The exceptions come via “Terezinha,” “Vines” and “Heavy Sleeper,” thoughtful, more substantive melodies that give cause to pause and reflect. Otherwise, Pathology finds Trails and Ways providing a route that leads to momentary appeal, but at the same time, offering only scant reason for return.

DOWNLOAD: “Terezinha,” “Vines,” “Heavy Sleeper”

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