Steel Panther 4/19/17, Nashville

Dates: April 19, 2017

Location: Marathon Music Works, Nashville TN

Currently on their 2017 Girls In A Row Tour, the metal outfit took over Nashville’s Marathon Music Works.

 Text & Photos by Mark Jackson

Opening for Steel Panther in Nashville was Citizen Zero, fronted by Josh Lemay. With a great voice and precision riffs Citizen Zero was a great opening act and I suspect we will be hearing more from these guys from Michigan.  (Pictured below.)

If you haven’t heard of Steel Panther and you have a sense of humor, then you are missing out on a great part of your life experience. Steel Panther is a combination of spoof ‘80s hair band, actors, and standup dirty comics. With songs like “Poontang Boomerang”, “Community Property”, “Gloryhole” ,”Asian Hooker”, and  “Eyes Of A Panther” Steel Panther has mastered funny great lyrics, stage moves, and rock star status musicians.

The David Lee Roth-looking frontman Michael Starr, badass guitar playing of Satchel, sassy bass-playing Lexxi Foxx, and Stix Zadinia on the sticks make up this glam metal rocking party machine. There is not a dull moment throughout the show between the great music and the constant sex jokes, usually aimed at the female audience. At one point they even pulled a female on stage and began to joke and sing to her, afterwards they invited all the ladies on stage to dance with them for a couple of songs.

The shtick of this magnified hair band got taken to the absurdity level, such as Lexxi putting on lip gloss and applying hairspray while holding a hand mirror. The the constant hip thrusting of Starr wouldn’t work if the musical skills didn’t back up the performance.

I must say, the highlight of the night for me was Satchel’s guitar solo that included Satchel playing the guitar and drums at the same time and both were on point! This was the best guitar solo I’ve witnessed to date. If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and relive your ‘80s with this great party band.

Marathon Music Works is the perfect-sized venue to see any show, as there’s not a bad spot in this intimate setting for viewing the stage, not to mention the close proximity to multiple bars. Marathon also has a customer-friendly staff who are very professional.

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