SOGGY – Soggy

Album: Soggy

Artist: Soggy

Label: Outer Battery

Release Date: December 09, 2016


The Upshot: Heads up! Detroit-style amp abuse, including a Stooges cover, from French  hi-nrg rockers.


The French don’t get enough credit for knowing how to rock. That may change once fans of Detroit-style amp abuse get a load of Soggy. The rip-roaring quartet released its sole album in 1982 in a limited edition of 300 copies, but now sees it reissued to the wide world beyond Francophone dirtbags.

Clearly enamored of the hard rock of the American midwest but not afraid to add some Motörhead boogie, Soggy blasts out of the metaphorical garage with “47 Chromosomes,” vocalist Beb riding the wave of dirty guitars and crashing drums like a hopped-up surfer. Not bothering to hide his accent, Beb merrily mangles traditionally English pronunciation without a care in the world, turning “Slider,” “I Feel Top of the World” and the incomprehensible “Cellulitis is the Top of the Shapeless Body” into surrealist anthems as much as rock lighterwavers. The band lays it all out with its cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” wearing its aspirations as nakedly as its love of power chords and frizzy hair.

Which is all to say that Soggy’s collective heart is in the right place – just try not to leap about the room playing air guitar and waving an imaginary mike stand during the circuits-frying “Cursed Boy” or the blazing “Waiting For the War.” The right to rock knows no geographic boundary.

DOWNLOAD: “Waiting For the War,” “I Feel Top of the World,” “I Wanna Be Your Dog”


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