REDD KROSS – Hot Issue LP (grey vinyl)

Album: Hot Issue LP

Artist: Redd Kross

Label: Bang!

Release Date: May 12, 2017

The Upshot: Power pop, glam, bubblegum and more on limited edition colored wax.


What would you say to a limited-to-600-copies, 150-gm./grey-vinyl-only LP from Redd Kross? Why, you’d say “Boy howdy!” without hesitating, natch. So what we have with Hot Issue is a collector’s item of a collector’s item—it was originally released a year ago on the band’s Fashion Records label, quickly sold out, and subsequently hit prices as high as a hundred bucks on eBay. Enter Spain’s Bang! Label to the reissue with the limited edition at hand.

What does it sound like? Who cares! You’re too busy scrambling to find a copy before Bang!’s iteration disappears! Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you to close the other tabs on your browser… Meanwhile, let’s just note that the 12 songs here are dated as having been “recorded in Hollywood between 1980-2007” but we are advised that most date from the mid/late ‘90s. Highlights range from the pure glam-slam that is “Insatiable Kind” and the Beatles-meet-Plimsouls power pop of “That Girl,” to the bubblegum romp of “Puss n Boots” and the stately, Roger Manning-produced, Queen-like ballad “Born to Love You.” Diverse, eh?

Musically speaking, it’s definitely a mixed bag, with the above-mentioned standouts countered somewhat by a number of throwaways. And compared to the band’s regular releases, it’s hardly essential except for completists, hence the only 2-star rating here. But if you happen to be a never-say-die fan….

DOWNLOAD: Don’t be silly. You can’t download grey vinyl!

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