PRIMATE FIASCO – Massachusetts Winter Self-released

Album: Massachusetts Winter

Artist: Primate Fiasco

Label: Self-released

Release Date: April 28, 2017

The Upshot: Massachusetts garage-cum-polka rockers who get down with tha funk.


Funk-soul—with accordion and sousaphone, no less—blowout par excellence, and despite the name of the band, there’s no monkeying around with this Northeast outfit. You want roots? Let’s dig deep, then blast off with opening track “Astronauts,” a swinging anthem that will make any Prince/The Time fans stand up and take notice, and which takes the aforementioned instruments to the max, ultimately concluding, “If everybody gets what everyone wants/ And everybody gets to be astronauts/ Space would be crowded and we couldn’t call it ‘space” anymore.” Methinks His Purpleness would approve.

He might momentarily scratch his head over the improv dreams that this tuba, accordion, drums, and, er, banjo quartet display, but there’s no doubt he’d salute such sonic sojourns as the hectic garage-rockin’ “Because Summer” (they throw in some sinewy lead guitar for good measure here) and singalong-worthy anthem “Little Arrow,” which finds the ensemble cruising happily through the polkasphere. For a Massachusetts band, Primate Fiasco certainly seems to get the Minnesota connection.

Dance, everyone.

DOWNLOAD: “Little Arrow,” “Astronauts,” “Steam Funk”

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