Album: "Why Love Now"

Artist: Pissed Jeans

Release Date: February 24, 2017


The Upshot: Slow, lumbering, punishing, punk sludgefeast that never disappoints.



They’re baaaaaack! The Pennsylvania quartet come rumbling and grumbling back on this fifth record, their fourth for Sub Pop and their first one since 2013’s Honeys. Those of us who were weaned on the records of Madison, WI’s Killdozer will definitely see some similarities (especially in vocalist Matt Korvette’s vocals which remind me a lot of Michael Gerald). The songs are mostly slow and lumbering, listening to the opening cut “Waiting On My Horrible Warning” and the following tune, the more driving “The Bar is Low” and, of course the great “Ignorecam.” The band mix it up enough where’ it doesn’t sound like one big, long, slow, punishing sludgefest (or sludgefeast). Lyrically the songs deliver on the banality and hopelessness of life but delivered with a serious bent sense of humor. “Cold Whip Cream,” “Love Without Emotion” and “It’s Your Knees” are songs that only these Pennsylvania miscreants could think up. (and, of course, let’s not forget the minute and a half “Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst”).

All of the Pissed Jeans records have a special place in my heart but Why Love Now just might be my favorite of theirs. The band came out, closed their eyes and just started swinging for the fences and hit a home run nearly every time (maybe a few triples in there, too).

If the Phillies got these guy to play some tunes while they’re warming up before game time maybe the Phils would win some games this year. Could happen right?

DOWNLOAD: “Waiting On My Horrible Warning,” “The Bar is Low,” “Ignorecam,” “Cold Whip Cream,” “Love Without Emotion”


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