PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS – The Spirit of ‘67

Album: The Spirit of '67

Artist: Paul Revere & the Raiders

Label: Now Sounds/ Cherry Red

Release Date: February 03, 2017


The Upshot: Still hungry through and through!


With my penchant for 60’s pop you’d think I’d know more about these guys than I do but I don’t. I do know that they released a few records in the year of 1966, this being one of them  (fooled ya’ with that title). You’ve seen these guys, the goofy get ups and all, but their music was no joke, they could really play and write. Back in those 1960’s they were in high demand, touring their asses off and on tv five days a week on the ABC show Where The Action Is. This particular edition includes the 11 original songs in a mono version plus those same songs in a stereo version and they tack on 3 bonus cuts.

There’s some excellent cuts on there (three tops tens) including ace pop tunes like “In My Community,” “Louise” and the baroque “Hungry” (also don’t miss the dirtier “Our Candidate”). Following a Beatles lead (I’m assuming) they get a little out there and psychedelic on cuts “Undecided Man” and “1001 Arabian Nights” (I prefer their pop/rock tunes).  Also, in case you forgot, some contributors to this record include producer Terry Melcher plus Hal Blaine, Bruce Johnson and Van Dyke Parks to name a few. After this record 3/5 of the classic lineup would split leaving only Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere to carry on with new members.

Though the band would go on to make at least one more excellent record (1967’s Revolution) Spirit of ’67 marked, for some, the real creative end of the band. Don’t miss the excellent liner notes by Ugly Things publisher Mike Stax which also includes some rare photos.

DOWNLOAD:  “In My Community,” “Louis,” “Hungry,” “Our Candidate”


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