Album: In The End

Artist: Nothington

Label: Red Scare

Release Date: February 10, 2017

The Upshot: Bay Area punks continue to carry the torch!


A little over a decade since forming from the ashes of Tsunami Bomb, San Francisco’s Nothington continue to add to the Bay Area’s reputation as being a breeding ground for great punk rock.

Led by Jay Nothington’s gruff vocals, the band churns out gritty, but catchy pop punk in the vein of everyone from Social Distortion to Leatherface. It’s easy to sound like a carbon copy in a genre like punk rock – with a somewhat obvious formula of loud drums, and fast, distorted power chords – but Jay and his bandmates go out of their way to put their distinctive stamp on the music. They don’t shy away from hooks, but manage to still keep an eye on their classic street punk influences.

Lyrically, the band has also shown some growth over the past few albums putting them light years ahead of many of Warped Tour upstarts who are still writing about high school crushes. Not every track is a soon-to-be classic, but there are enough great songs here to make this one of their most consistently solid records to date.

It’s been five years since Nothington last put out a proper studio album, but In The End shows the rust never settled in.

DOWNLOAD: “The Lies I Need,” “Burn After Reading” and “Things We Used to Say”


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