THE MUFFS – Happy Birthday To Me

Album: Happy Birthday to Me

Artist: Muffs

Label: Omnivore

Release Date: March 03, 2017


The Upshot: 1997 gem, newly expanded, and loaded with hooks and ‘tude.


The Muffs may have been out of the spotlight for a decade, but they’re certainly making up for lost time. They turned is an absolutely stellar reunion album in 2014, with Whoop De Doo, and have spent the past couple of years touring, making up for lost time. On top of that, Omnivore Recordings has been religiously re-releasing their earlier efforts, the latest being Happy Birthday To Me.

Originally out in 1997, the songs here hold up remarkably well two decades on. Cramming this record with more hooks than their first two efforts, this was the band’s first album without an outside producer. Turns out they did just as well on their own. On a song like “Pennywhore” (one of the catchiest tracks the band ever wrote) or “You and Your Parrot,” you can’t help but wonder why The Muffs weren’t just as big as their labelmates Green Day (to be honest Kim Shattuck had better lyrics than Billy Joe and the boys).

The re-release, like Omnivore’s earlier offerings, includes a number of previously unreleased tracks. In this case, the UK single “Pace” and half a dozen demo versions. Revisiting their back catalog, The Muffs prove once again that they should be treated like Pop Punk royalty. All hail the monarchy.

DOWNLOAD: “Pennywhore,” “Crush Me” and “You and Your Parrot”


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