MILLION SELLERS – Sufficiently Rude

Album: Sufficiently Rude

Artist: Million Sellers

Label: self-released

January 01, 1970



Saw a blurb about these guys on a friends Facebook page and it was intriguing enough for me to want to check ‘em out. Not a big web presence for this Nashville trio (‘cept a Facebook page) but I was able to check out a few things. They’re a trio led by the unemployable Kels Koch on vocals/guitar. He’s got a rough, rude n’ reckless rhythm section in drummer Shannon Edens and bassist Hayden Poynter. This bunch shake, rattle n’ roll like an early Blasters record. I also heard elements of  Elvis (Parsley, not Costello), Southern Culture on the Skids, The Cramps, The Replacements, Tav Falco and maybe even Terry Funk n’ Jerry “The King” Lawler. It’s 14 songs of some real killer rock, garage, rockabilly and soul, all mixed and messed up into one gorgeous rockin’ record.

A few of my favorites on here were the shakin’ “Alignment”, as well a “Arkansas Crawl and “Willoughby” (apparently dedicated to a fallen comrade). Best song title on here? “They Make Medication For That Now.” Koch can sling a 6-string with the best of ‘em but don’t forget about his vocals, sometimes it’s a howl and other times a yodel, but always worth hearing. If you want to listen to the same old stuff then go listen to the same old stuff but if you want to hear a new (ok, not new but It’ll be new to you) band that embodies what rock n’ roll is all about then check out the Million Sellers.

DOWNLOAD:  “Alignment,” “Arkansas Crawl,” “Willoughby,” “They Make Medication For That Now”

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