Los Campesinos 2/27/17, Denver

Dates: February 27, 2017

Location: Bluebird Theatre, Denver CO


Live at the Bluebird Theatre of course!


Things were relatively quiet down on Colfax Ave on Monday night, unless you were at the Bluebird Theatre. There, seven folks from UK band called Los Campesinos (formed at university in Cardiff, Wales) took the stage and proceeded to light the sucker up for most of their 90 minute or so set.

Though I’ve enjoyed their records for the past several years I hadn’t seen this bunch live but heard that they put on a good show, one that’s not to be missed.

They took the stage, walking out one after another and they kept coming until all seven of them were comfortably on the stage. One girl and six guys (poor girl) and proved to be real loose yet dedicated to their craft, a band that wants to have fun and knows how to go about it.

Though the band members don’t stray too far from their respective spaces on stage, there’s plenty of energy coming out of each member (2 guitarists, drums, bass and 2 keyboardists, one of who is a multi-instumentalist but mostly played keys). Lead vocalist Gareth was a charming sort, cracking jokes (“Geez Denver, it’s not as if the elevation here is enough on us, now you’ve got us even higher on this 5 foot high stage….jeez!”) and really engaging the crowd.

They’re touring for their new record Sick Scenes (Wichita Recording) though the18-song set included cuts from their catalog (six  full-lengths starting with their debut, 2008’s Hold On Now, Youngster…  , my personal favorite).


They began with the effervescent “As Lucerne/ The Low” and continued on  with a few cuts from their latest effort including “I Broke Up in Amarante,” “A Slow, Slow Death” and “5 Flucloxacillin.” The band are a keen mix of straight indie pop mixed with louder bits (a pal and I both described them as “shouty” early on and that was a compliment) and reminded me a bit of the Go Team! minus that band’s occasional forays into hop hop.

They played several fan favorites like “Romance is Boring,” “Here’s to the Fourth Time,” “We Are Beautiful , We Are Doomed” and “Cemetery Gaits” (a smirky nod to The Smiths there).


They came back out for an encore and played two more favorites including the bouncy “You! Me! Dancing!” and “Baby I Got the Death Rattle” before calling it a night. Thr Denver crowd didn’t want to let them go but realized that the band gave all they had. Another fine eveniong at the Bluebird.


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