THE JIGSAW SEEN – For the Discriminating Completist

Album: For the Discriminating Completist

Artist: Jigsaw Seen

Label: Burger

Release Date: January 27, 2017



The Jigsaw Seen rank among the most sadly neglected power pop bands on the planet. And yet, their consistent cleverness has never been in doubt. Likewise, the fact that the Kinks’ Dave Davies frequently taps them as his backing band whilst playing solo, obviously adds to their credence. Still, the fact that so many folks remain unawares is truly distressing, especially in light of the fact that they’re so proficient at creating their relentless riffs as well as hooks that simply don’t quit. So while the tellingly titled For the Discriminating Completist fills in the more obtuse portions of their catalog — one that dates back some than 20 years in fact — it’s also an apt introduction that leans heavily on their penchant for pop. There’s intrigue along with the oddities, the former represented by a revved up take on the old swing standard “The Best Is Yet To Come,” the latter through an equally rocking version of the instrumental “Baby Elephant Walk.” As for the rest, a faithful cover of the early, obscure Bee Gees song “Melody Fair” (culled from an equally obscure Bee Gees tribute album) and single edits of their own originals, “When You’re Pretty,” “Whore Kiss” and “Celebrity Interview” all reaffirm their pop prowess. Hints of psychedelia, eastern influences and other obvious reference points (Beatles, Cheap Trick, Hollies et. al.) all enter the mix, making this both satisfying and sublime throughout. Completists will care, but after giving a hearing, newcomers likely will as well.

DOWNLOAD: “Melody Fair,” “The Best Is Yet To Come,” “When You’re Pretty”

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