Gringo Star – All Y’all

January 01, 1970




When one is
seeking some great Brit pop, Atlanta is about the last place you’d look to find
it. The four-piece Peach State Gringos have managed to hijack the Union Jack
and raise it up their own flagpole with their self-released debut album.


Reviewers have
had nothing but glowing accolades for this upbeat, energetic and just plain fun
collection of tunes, and I would mark All
as one of the most exciting albums of the year, and, probably best
debut release. The music will delight Mods, Rockers, Mockers, psych and pop
music fans.  The music owes some debt to
Supergrass as well as Ray Davies/Kinks, but mingles in some surf, 60’s punk and
psych flavors as well.


musicianship is top-notch, as the band members are multi-instrumentalists,
changing instruments from song to song in their manic live performances. “Eve
of Your Expression” is flavored with a McGuinn/Petty sound. “March of the
Gringo” is Brit-pop meets British Music Hall and repeatedly collapses into
moments of cacophonous craziness. “I Will Not Follow” is NOT a reply to the
Replacements, but anthemic garage rock. “Rebel Kind” is a Lee Hazelwood tune,
previously covered by Dino, Desi and Billy, as well as lending its name to a
great garage compilation back in ’83. The title tune is a “hook-y” fuse to an
explosively delightful album.


“Black Night”, “Holding Onto Hate”, “All Y’all”


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