FALLON CUSH – Bee In Your Bonnet

Album: Bee in Your Bonnet

Artist: Fallon Cush

Label: LTR

Release Date: May 20, 2016


Fallon Cush 5-20

The Upshot: Aussie Steve Smith serves up a mix of melodious mid-tempo tunes and concise yet catchy rockers.




The nom de plume for Sydney Australia wunderkind Steve Smith, Fallon Cush has maintained a consistent track record thus far courtesy of two previous albums that have won glowing reviews from a host of knowing critics and pundits. This latest effort promises to continue that trajectory, given its mix of melodious mid-tempo tunes and concise yet catchy rockers. Smith and associates have built their reputation on a sound that falls midway between English pop and echoes of Americana, with neither tack overshadowing the other.


If anything, Fallon Crush occasionally takes its cue from famous precedents, as on the tracks “Haunting” and “The Honeycomb,” which bring to mind Kiwi cousins Crowded House, or the song “Kings of Ransom” which sounds suspiciously like the Faces fronted by Ronnie Lane. Happily, those references don’t detract from Fallon Cush’s agreeable approach, which incorporates both billowing ballads and a more assertive style. Smith’s winsome vocals generally keep the music in accessible terrain, all cooing melodies with the occasional upward spiral. An excellent offering overall, Bee In Your Bonnet is not only an ideal introduction, but, like its predecessors, an essential acquisition all on on its own.

DOWNLOAD: “Kings of Ransom,“ “Haunting,” “The Honeycomb”


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