COLIN HAY – Fierce Mercy

Album: Fierce Mercy

Artist: Colin Hay

Label: Compass

Release Date: March 03, 2017


The Upshot: Erstwhile Men At Work frontman turns in his most consistently solid record in a decade.


Colin Hay has done a masterful pivot over the past couple of decades away from being known simply as the front man of the very ‘80s band Men At Work to having an impressive career as a solo performer. Neil Finn may be one of the few other Hay contemporaries that can make a similar boast.

On Fierce Mercy, Hay’s 13th album (10 more albums than he recorded with Men At Work, by the way), he turns in his most consistently solid record in a decade. Save for the song “I’m Walking Here,” with the dreadful rap/talk portion that completely brings this otherwise great album to a momentary standstill, there is hardly a weak moment on the record. In Hay’s defense, even Springsteen included that clunky rap portion on the song “Rocky Ground” off the Wrecking Ball album.

Lyrically insightful, Fierce Mercy is a mix between blissful contentment (“Come Tumblin’ Down,” “Secret Love”) and melancholy (“I’m Gonna Get You Stoned,” “Two Friends”). Coming in at a tight 10 tracks, the deluxe edition includes three additional songs, each of which clearly earns their spot on the album.

Hay is proof that there is still artistic life after being slapped with the One Hit Wonder label.

DOWNLOAD: “Come Tumblin’ Down,” “The Best in Me” and “I’m Inside Outside In”


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