Album: Ljudkamrater 12” EP

Artist: Centralstödet / The Myrrors

Label: Sky Lantern Records / Cardinal Fuzz

Release Date: February 17, 2017



The Upshot: As with all well-rendered psychedelic music, the journey is probably the most important part of the experience.


Ljudkamrater whatever the hell that means, is just the kiss to the brain that I’ve needed as I face the awful reality of a Trump presidency with a lung full of Beijing’s toxic air. If anything, though this record is probably best listened to with a lungful of Baba Kush. Heavy and fluid the album begins with three tracks by Sweden’s Centralstödet. On the track “IE” a sinister laid back groove provides the perfect undercoat for some seriously trippy guitar. Distorted, flanged and looped the song is an ominously unsettling affair that blows away everything in its path as it reached a rousing conclusion.

“Yttre Hybridina” shimmers with its heavy combination of tremolo and distortion. Here the band let things build until a full-on gale is raging inside your ears.

On the flip side Tucson’s Myrrors, offer up two tracks the first “Rayuela” hits a sweet spot for this reviewer with its warmer production and robust drumming including some beautifully wrought ride symbol action. Here the track’s cyclical nature reveals its hidden treasures over the course of multiple turns. I especially love how the violin weaves in and out on this track. Hypnotic, deep and compelling “Rayuela” is a number you hope never stops. It’s that cool.

The second track, “Night Flower Codex” has elements of Spiritualized/Moon Duo/Pink Floyd with its narcotic oscillations and languorous cadence. This is a great song to drop out of life with for a while. As with all well rendered psychedelic music the journey is probably the most important part of the experience and the reason why I keep coming back to a band’s music. I believe it’s all about having time to contemplate the bigger cycles of life before being dumped somewhere uncharted. On this record both bands shine as they offer up unique takes on psych music that enthrall as much as they entertain.

(Consumer note: As of this review all vinyl copies are sold out. According to Discogs.com: Limited black/cream colored vinyl in matte reverse board sleeve. Edition of 150 copies. Side B ends in a locked groove.)

DOWNLOAD: “IE” “Rayuela” “Night Flower Codex”

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