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Video Premiere: Steve Poltz “Born In a Band”


Something about Donald Trump, too….

By Blurt Staff

One imagines that anyone associated with gonzo-rockers The Rugburns would have at least a couple of screws loose—lucky for us, Steve Poltz keeps his tool belt strapped on firm. This is, after all, a guy who, according to Wikipedia, “is known to name his various guitars. They include Smokey Joe, which he saved from being destroyed, Clackety-Clack, Flowerpot, and Trailer-Trash.”

Um, yeah. So we are just charged up about the guy’s kickass new song, “Born In a Band.” Need we mention we are positively revved up to be able to unveil the video for the track? Check it out:

The song was written by Poltz and his Nashville neighbor Scot Sax, the video itself being directed by Sax. According to Poltz, “I’m havin’ this crazy burst of spontaneous creativity since movin’ to Nashville. I’ve been writin’ and co-writin’ and comin’ up with heaps of songs. I wrote this one with Scot. He has a little studio in his garage. So we recorded it and then he said, ‘Let’s shoot a video!’
“I said, ‘oh heck yes.’
“He said, ‘whaddya wanna do?’
“I said ‘ummm. I’ll go to the market and get a buncha stuff and you guys just throw it in my face and I’ll keep singin’.’
“Next thing ya know we were scrubbin’ the walls and cleanin’ up the mess we made. Then Scot Sax put it all together. Here it is. Turn it up loud. I love it here!”

Well, Sax can say goodbye to that deposit he put down on his place when he rented it, but the rest of us can enjoy the colorful fruits of the pair’s labor. Incidentally, Poltz has another video that’s a must-see. The title tells you all you need to know: “Hey God I’ll Trade You Donald Trump For Leonard Cohen.”

Catch Poltz online and on tour:

Website with tour dates:




Early ’90s Band Nuclear Valdez Returns for Record Store Day

N Valdez 1990

Present From The Past incoming from Sinical Records. Watch teaser video, below. Above: the band circa 1990.

By Blurt Staff

Some days the email inbox is pretty moribund. This is not one of those days. Raise your hand if you remember early ‘90s rockers Nuclear Valdez, four Latino musicians from Miami raised in the U.S.—Froilan Sosa, from the Dominican Republic (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Juan Luis Diaz, bass (Cuban); Robert Slade LeMont, drums (Cuban); and Jorge Barcala, lead guitar (Cuban)—and who had a substantial radio and MTV hit, “Summer.” They toured steadily, too, with the likes of Living Colour, Jane’s Addiction, The Smithereens, Ronnie Wood and Bo Diddley, Hoodoo Gurus, and The Mavericks, among others. By ’92, after just two albums, however, they were done.

N Valdez LP

So out of the blue, Nuclear Valdez has an archival release, Present From the Past, to bestow upon all us fans with long memories. Here’s the news, direct from the band:

“We are Nuclear Valdez, the 1989-1992 band with 2 albums on Epic Records, both critically acclaimed. Heavily featured on MTV as well as guests on an early episode of MTV Unplugged (when it was a show hosted by Jules Shear), we toured internationally and earned the support of a solid fan base. Circumstances are such in Rock and Roll that in 1991, the band got caught up in the rush to the Seattle grunge scene and Epic lost interest in the band. Disillusioned, we decided to pack it in, much to the disappointment of our many fans.

“Here we are in 2017 and after many years of requests from our fans, we scoured our archives and put together a vinyl only release (no digital or CD) called “Present From The Past” (think about that for a second…) These are all songs in demo form that never made it on to the two albums we released, but we feel are as good as anything we released at the time. Working with the local Miami label Sinical Records, a label created in partnership with our manager, John Tovar (who fostered the careers of The Mavericks and Marilyn Manson, among others) and it has been accepted as an official Record Store Day release, as featured on the fantastic 10th anniversary roster of titles.”

Check out a teaser video for the album, followed by the “Summer” clip—see you on April 22, gents!

Watch New Feelies Video “Flag Days”


Ace track from their ace album, natch.

By Fred Mills

Not long ago we reviewed the latest Feelies album, In Between (Bar/None), our commentator observing, “The band sounds relaxed, confident that it can deliver its songs without overloading on its trademark sound.”  Not long after, the band released a great video for the track “Gone Gone Gone,” and now there’s a new video to go with it. Check out “Flag Days”:


Kendrick Lamar Accused of “Blatant, Brazen Blasphemy” in New Video


Right-wing activists and clergymen band together to ban the offending clip. Check out both the clean and uncensored versions below.

By Jason Mizell

Early last month on the set of rapper Kendrick Lamar’s video shoot for new track “Humble” there was a light-hearted moment during what was otherwise an extremely serious afternoon. Amid flaming turbans, black-suited and –hatted funeral processions and a barrage of sneers, Lamar and nearly a dozen extras—most of them from Lamar’s entourage—found themselves dressed in robes and gorging themselves of food and champagne in a recreation of The Last Supper. As the scene progressed through several takes and more drink was consumed, everyone also got progressively looser, eventually dissolving into puddles of laughter while an impromptu food fight ensued.

Some of the more straightforward footage wound up in the finished video, of course. But in an unusual stroke, the artist decided to create a kind of blooper real alternate version for the video, featuring the above-mentioned visual chaos and no shortage of religious-themed epithets and obscenities. The outtakes video was presumably intended just for the private viewing pleasure of Lamar and his posse, but yesterday it somehow leaked and instantly went viral. Demand for the video at Lamar’s Vevo page was so heavy that by mid-afternoon, visitors to the page simply received a “network traffic error” message on the screen; it appeared to be working properly by around 7PM EST.

In the wake of the video leaking, religious groups across the U.S. were lodging protests with Lamar’s record label, Aftermath/Interscope, and threatening boycotts and/or pickets of Lamar concerts and record stores stocking his music.

Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the North Carolina-based Values Coalition, a right-wing, faith-based organization that achieved notoriety last year when it helped NC legislators ram through the anti-LGBT legislation known as HB2, said in a statement, “This video is nothing but blatant, brazen blasphemy, a direct attack on Christian values that, due to its cavalier depiction of Our Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples, borders on outright heresy. To hear the words “nigga,” “bitches,” and “booty” uttered in the same sentence as Jesus is physically painful.” (In the video, Lamar is heard referring to Jesus as “my main nigga J.C., the original O.G.”—apparently the primary offending dialogue.)

Fitzgerald vowed to “show Interscope what the fires of Hell truly look like” unless they removed the video from the internet, handily avoiding to answer a reporter’s question regarding “what about all those smartphone downloads of the clip?” At presstime an accompanying chorus of ministers, priests, rabbis and klansmen was steadily building on social media—trending heavily was the hashtag #JCtheoriginalOG.

Below, watch the original video for “Humble,” and go HERE to view the alternate version.



Watch Samantha Fish’s “Chills & Fever” Video


Smokin’ title track to the guitarist’s new album.

By Fred Mills

Easily one of the best album to date this year is blues guitar whiz Samantha Fish’s Chills & Fever, which dropped this week via the Ruf label. It’s a collection of smokin’ tunes that our reviewer describes as” a blisteringly fine set of rocking soul that both showcases Fish’s estimable fretboard skills and demonstrates her intuitive gifts in selecting classic, maximum-impact material to perform.”

Fish recently delivered a video for the title track, and you can check it out below. Our reviewer was pretty stoked about the tune itself, calling it a “shudder/shimmy/shake appropriation of R&B perennial “Chills & Fever”—which some may recall from Tom Jones’ over-the-top performance—that is authentic enough to give Amy Winehouse nu-soul devotees pause.”

Video Premiere: Tarrant – “Cheap Shit from China”


Some red-hatted types want to make America grate (on your nerves) again. Luckily, we have this awesome Richmond band who feels your pain….

By Blurt Staff

Update March 22: As it turns out, Fox harbors a deep affection for Donald Trump, because they objected to some film footage used in the clip and subsequently had the video removed. Who knew an indie band, and by extension BLURT, could rattle cages with such aplomb! So the band has re-edited it, and we are duly re-posting it. Enjoy!

It’s a reasonable question the band asks: “From The Snuggie to the The Clapper, America loves a bargain. But does America really need any of this stuff?”

That would be Tarrant, rockers from Richmond, Virginia, in their new video “Cheap Shit from China,” and if the song title alone doesn’t pretty much tell the story to you, then bubba, we’ve got a Trump steak we wanna sell you. The rest of you, however, just settle in and check out the clip. We are confident it will, er, resonate:

It’s not just about American consumerism, however, as the images of Trump crap – both Donald’s ties, shirts, and hats, and Ivanka’s clothing line – suggest. Did ya notice all those “made in China” tags? As the band notes, “Think of this video as an artistic rebuke to President Trump’s populism. A creative ying to Trumps’ erroneous wire tapp (sic) yang [and] baseless late night Twitter posts which culminate in an endless series of terrifying CNN Breaking News updates each day. Or more succinctly: A NEW LOW! SAD!” Put another way, hashtag style: #WeUnderstandThatAsCorporateEntitiesOurPresenceInCertainDiscussionsIsNotAlwaysRequiredSoWeWillStriveToLimitOurActivitiesToJustSellingYouShit

Tarrant is notching plenty of acclaim for their debut EP, Lazarus, and for their dynamic, roots-rock-raveup stage presence. The lineup includes lead singer/guitarist/primary songwriter Jordan Tarrant, guitarist/mandolinist Jared Pool, drummer Dusty Simmons, and bassist Kai Eason, plus auxiliary member Craig Harmon playing Hammond B-3, Wurlitzer and steel guitar. With Jordan Tarrant’s friend and producer Russell Lacy helping to steer the ship in the studio, they’re clearly poised to break nationally.


The single for the song drops this Friday, March 17, via the Funzalo label. You can get more info about the band and their plan on the web:





Video Premiere: Kennedy “Bareback”


Yes, this IS the droid you’re looking for…

By Blurt Staff

That’s just Kennedy—no additional names required. You might recall the Cali artist from his days in an early lineup of Silversun Pickups or perhaps as the house bandleader at the original Largo comedy night, or perhaps from his London-based collective Nightbus. There have also been underground hits, such as club anthem “Karate” as well as viral video “Your Mama”, and collaborations with Grizfolk and BØRNS. Now he’s dropped a new single, “Bareback,” which he describes as “a seemingly impossible mashup of techno and country, equal parts Walker: Texas Ranger meets Star Trek: The Next Generation. Robots, line dancing, cowgirls, pick-ups and automatic weapons play a part in this slick EDM-inspired extravaganza video.” You can check out the video for it right here:

Notes Kennedy, “I put together the song and video while I was producing and writing the new Striking Matches album in Nashville because I really wanted to combine two totally different genres,” said producer/performer Kennedy. “Country and Techno go together like whiskey and Tinder. And I swear, I really was county before country was cool.” Incidentally, that’s Nashville musician A.J. Hobbs in the video.

Check out Kennedy’s Soundcloud page for plenty more music. Visit his Facebook page as well.

Pyrotechnics! Spurting blood! Toppling buildings! New Feelies video!


Subject header fake news alert…. Above, meet the Fab Five.

By Fred Mills

Now that we’ve got your attention, please watch the new Feelies video. It’s for the most excellent song “Gone Gone Gone” from the even more most excellent album “In Between,” to  which our reviewer recently awarded a 4-out-of-5-possible-stars review.

Indeed, on the album, the NJ quintet seems wonderfully relaxed, unconcerned with clock-watching, and this makes the gradual upshift over the course of it—from tuneful folk-rock tropes into the noisy fuzzed-out garage motifs heard in “Been Replaced” and “Gone Gone Gone”—feel all the more natural and compelling. I mean, no one’s going to confuse the scholarly—nerdy, even—Feelies for a wooly group of jam-band marauders. But when they feel like putting their feet to the pedal, there’s no stopping ‘em.  This track’s a perfect example – and this low key video is a beautifully perverse way of underscoring exactly that.

Incoming: New Coco Hames (The Ettes) Solo LP


Still a badass: Nashville-based songwriter’s label also reissues her erstwhile garage-punk combo’s classic 2006 debut on vinyl.

By Blurt Staff

Although she’s been laying low, musically speaking, for a few years, having gotten married and also concentrating on her Nashville store Fond Object Records (records, natch, plus vintage clothing and furnishings, boutique items, etc.), Late of distaff garage firebrands The Ettes, Coco Hames is now set to make her solo debut bow.

March 31 will bring Coco Hames (Fond Object), a foray into classic country and Americana cut in Nashville at the Bomb Shelter with co-producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes) and featuring Little Jack Lawrence from the Greenhornes and Raconteurs on bass, Julian Dorio of the Whigs on drums, The Weight’s guitarist Adam Meisterhaus, and Reigning Sound keyboardsman Dave Amels. (Sharp eyes who like to connect the dots will note the Reigning Sound connection: in 2010, Hames teamed up with RS mainman Greg Cartwright as the Parting Gifts, whose Strychnine Dandelion is reviewed elsewhere on the BLURT site.)

Below, you can check out a couple of Hames tracks on YouTube that have surfaced in advance of the album. She’s also slated to perform during SXSW in Austin this week on March 16, 12AM at Tap Room At the Market, for which she notes about the new album, “It was this massive leap of faith for me. After being in a band for so long, this time I was on my own—no gang to hide behind or fall back on.”

So don’t miss her—she’s the real deal.

Meanwhile, Ettes fans recently got a surprise gift, also courtesy Fond Object: a vinyl reissue of the trio’s timeless 2006 CD debut, Shake The Dust. Originally recorded by Hames, Jem Cohen, and Poni Silver with Liam Watson in London at Toe Rag Studios and released on the late, great Sympathy For the Record Industry label, it’s now out on super-limited colored vinyl (glom that gorgeous wax, below, punters) as well as black vinyl. It also comes with a download card that will yield a pair of previously unreleased tracks. Grab it while copies last.

Shake the Dust

Photo Credit: Rachel Briggs/via


Links to sundry Ettes content elsewhere at BLURT are below—note that in our early days, Hames was also a regular blogger for BLURT (“Look At Life”), although, sadly, after our website crashed in 2012 we lost a ton of content, including hers.

“The Most Fucked Up Thing I’ve Ever Seen” (by Coco Hames)

“Power Ball” (2009 interview)

“The Blurt Auto-Interview” (Hames interviews herself, 2010, a la the classic Trouser Press magazine self-interviews)

“Badass” (2011 interview)

Video Unveiling of “You Were There” (2013, from the Wicked Will album)





Watch New Video “The Wedge” from Jonathan Mudd

Jonathan Mudd live

Tune culled from his recently-released album.

By Blurt Staff

Last week we published a review of rocker Jonathan Mudd’s excellent new album Evidence, noting “Power pop still reigns supreme… The album’s also a study in precision, sequencing-wise, Mudd instinctively knowing when to downshift and exploit the record’s dynamics for maximum tension and catharsis. Ultimately, every song on Evidence is a keeper.”

Here’s some additional video evidence as well, as he’s posted a clip for the album track “The Wedge” that you’ll dig. Maybe we should now describe the song as – noir rock? Just maybe… Visit him online:

Info: Mudd on guitars and vocals, Ricky Wise on drums, Patrick Thornton on bass, Daniel Clarke on keyboards, and Mark Kenneth Williams on cowbell (!). Song produced by Jonathan Mudd with Mark Kenneth Williams. Video by Madeleine McCarty Mudd.