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Incoming: Echo & Bunnymen Live LP; Listen To It on Spotify

UK legends also have U.S. tour dates for July and August.

By Uncle Blurt

Not long ago it was announced that the label Run Out Groove was soliciting input from fans on whether or not to release a live Echo & the Bunnymen album. Looks like the fans voted in the affirmative, and It’s All Live Now will drop June 6 from ROG.

The label specializes in this type of “crowd sourcing” input to decide on titles to release; previously they released an MC5 live album, which sold out, and they currently are polling fans on whether to release the great Dream Syndicate Live at Raj’s show, Golden Smog’s Down by the Old Mainstream, and Howard Tate’s Howard Tate. (Before you ask, yes, your ol’ Uncle voted immediately for the Dream Syndicate record, although all three would be awesome to own on vinyl. Note that the DS version they are pondering is a 2LP set and not the “edited” version that came out on vinyl in Europe in ’89; it will also be on colored vinyl. Both the Smog and Tate records have seen previous vinyl appearances in the States.)

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl (just black, unfortunately) in a numbered limited edition (tip-on sleeve with cardboard stock insert; liner notes by Will Sergeant) of 2,987 copies, it comprises tracks from the April 25, 1985 show in Sweden recorded live for Swedish National Radio—material that has previously seen release on the Crystal Days 1979-1999 CD box set as well as covers of “Paint It, Black,” “Run, Run, Run” and “Friction,” B-sides on the “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo” 12” EP. In addition to those eight tracks, there’s also “Heroin” and “Do It Clean” from the well-known July ’83 Royal Albert Hall concert. Several of the included tracks were also released in 1988 in Japan as the 7-song New Live and Rare CD EP. All in all, we’re talking two Bunnymen classics plus gems by the Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan, the Doors, the Liter, the Stones, Velvet Underground, and Television.

Interestingly, Run Out Groove indicates it has already sold out of its preorder, meaning punters late to the table will have to consult their local independent record retailers… And note that it ain’t cheap, either, particularly for a one-LP set: expect to pay in the $28 to $32 range.

Even more interestingly, It’s All Live Now is already up, in its entirety, on Spotify, so listen away if you have a Spotify account.

Below, also check out a video from a 1987 Swedish show. The Bunnymen kick off a US tour in Philadelphia on July 11 that wraps a month later in Vancouver; tour dates can be viewed HERE.


Incoming: 15th Album by the Black Watch; Listen to New Single


Plus something to read, too!

By Blurt Staff

John Andrew Fredrick is setting himself up to be a busy dude very soon. First, on April 21 the new album by his long-tenured band the Black Watch, The Gospel According to John, arrives. Watch this space for a review this week.

Then, on July 11, his new book about Wes Anderson is published, and as Fredrick is perhaps the most literate guy in indie rock today, it should be a stellar read.

Below, listen to the killer first single from the Black Watch album, “Whence.” It’s a heady melange of tingly pop and kosmiche shoegaze.

Anthology Recs Preps ‘70s Australian Folk Rock Scene


Rare 1970’s folk/rock/psyche jams from Australia curated by Mikey Young of Total Control and Keith Abrahamsson of label Mexican Summer. Below, check out video from Megan Sue Hicks.

By Blurt Staff

Follow The Sun compiles twenty cuts dug from dusty bins by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Keith Abrahamsson (Founder / Head of A&R at Anthology Recordings and Mexican Summer) surveying the sought after sound of Australia’s lesser — and greater — known moments of ‘70s rock, folk, and their in-between offspring. Follow The Sun filters the sublime and sometimes subversive psychedelic airwaves transmitted around the world from America’s terrestrial platforms during the golden age of gentle, exploratory FM through a distinctly Australian lens. The double LP set drops May 5 via Anthology Recordings, and you can preview some of the material HERE. Below is one of the featured artists, Megan Sue Hicks.

Independent labels and recording studios proliferated across Australia during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, while major labels simultaneously scoured the furthest reaching corners of the continent to foster new approaches in making music. With both indies and majors ultimately compelled to uncover the almighty single, the fringe was frequently explored for “crossover” sounds. This engendered a creative freedom amongst artists that mirrored the open-ended mood of the times. Anything was possible.

Follow The Sun does not represent those Australian acts who produced a number one single leading to international fame and fortune. Some of the artists on the compilation never even made the local hit parade. But the fact that many of these artists didn’t enjoy chart success is secondary; these artists represent the consciousness of their time. As radio perpetrated pop fodder trodding the middle ground to ensure maximum advertising, the artists on this album chronicled the times in their own unique ways.

Follow the Sun – Dave Douglas
Riverboat – Andy Armstrong
Easy – Mata Hari
First Boy I Loved – Marian Henderson
Spirit Move Within Me – Flock
Hey, Can You Come out and Play – Megan Sue Hicks
Kill My World – Autumn
Knowing That You’re There – Australia
Am I Really Here – Moonlight
Witnessing – Gary Shearston
Wild Horse Plains – Tidewater
Whispering Pines – Shepherd
The Orange Tree – Cathie O’Sullivan
Cement River – Steve Warner
Good Morning – Paul Adolphus
Something Strange – Doug Ashdown
Country Corn – Trevor McNamara
This Must Be The End – Billy Green
Today’s The First Day Of Your Life – Catmando
Goodbye – Simon Jones (LP ONLY)

Burger Recs Launches Burger World Series; Listen to Stream


First installment covers the Israeli indie scene.

By Blurt Staff

Burger Records has launched its new Burger World series, and the first edition focuses on the NOW SOUND of Tel Aviv, Israel delving deep into the psychedelic/shoegaze scene that is blossoming there courtesy of the Noar Avud label run by Juval Haring of Vaddat Charigim. You can stream it online now at the Noar Avud Soundcloud page. It’s released on limited edition cassette and available digitally.

Haring’s background as a promoter, publicist, festival organizer, and touring musician led him to the idea of starting a local label, focused on underground sounds, and the Hebrew language, with the intent on bringing endemic music from Israel’s busy indie scene, to a wider, international audience.

Prior to Noar Avud, Haring was part of many local indie labels such as Fast Music (which sprung the international touring band Monotonix), and Pit/Kit – a local lo-fi Tel Aviv based label. Noar Avud’s ties to Burger Records, through Haring’s band Vaadat Charigim resulted in the new label’s first cassette – “Noar Avud 1”, a compilation of some of the label’s bands, all in Hebrew, from lo-fi to electronic to math-rock and emo.

The next few compilations in the Burger World series will focus on the unheard and unknown scenes happening in Mexico, France, Brazil and beyond.

Upper Crust Announces Tour Dates, Unveils New Video


By Blurt Staff

The veddy proper rock band The Upper Crust just dropped a new album, Delusions of Grandeur, and they’ve also announced tour dates (with more to come – apparently with the Supersuckers). Now they’ve got a fresh video for fans, “Little Castrato,” and you can view it below.

Tour Dates:

 4/22 Newbury Comics Norwood MA in-store

4/28 Once Ballroom Somerville MA record release

5/6 Pressroom Portsmouth NH

5/20 POP Emporium Providence RI

5/25 Bottom of the Hill SF

5/26 HOLD Eugene OR

5/27 Funhouse Seattle WA

6/11 Thunder Road Somerville MA w Dwarves


Track Premiere: Les Discrets “Rue Octavio Mey”


Track culled from new album, out later this month.

By Michael Toland

Though it has connections to infamous French shoegaze/black metal act Alcest, Les Discrets is its own entity. Composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Fursy Teyssier and singer Audrey Hadorn paint beautiful landscapes out of shimmering guitars, warm synths, languid beats and creamy harmonies, as found on its upcoming LP Prédateurs, due on April 21 via Prophecy Productions. It’s a cliché to play mix ‘n’ match with influences, but consider a blend of Pink Floyd and Massive Attack and you’re swimming in the right part of the ocean. Hear for yourself on the track “Rue Octavio Mey,” which we’re excited to premiere here at BLURT:


Teyssier had this to say about the track: “A song can hardly be as personal and intimate as this one. Translated as “Octavio Mey Street”, the title refers to the street we lived in with Audrey for 8 years in Lyon. A lot happened in our life and this song – which is very romantic – is a declaration of love to the Vieux-Lyon (old town) and to my wife. It is certainly the song on the album that connects the most to the previous works of the band as it has a very naive feeling with a strong melancholic atmosphere. We introduced synths layers which give a very outdated mood from the ’80s and the acoustic drums have been sampled to recreate a drum machine feel with the vibe of an real playing. This song is a good bridge between the old Les Discrets and the new one as even the influences that led to that song (Dominique A, Depeche Mode, Slowdive, etc) are the same ones as I had a few years back.”

Les Discrets - Prédateurs

Les Discrets is playing the main stage at Roadburn this year. More tour dates tba. Also, Teyssier will be featured with an exclusive art exhibition, showing his drawings and art! More here. And check out Prédateurs on April 21 – the preorder info is here.

Photo Credit: Andy Julia


MP3: Download Father John Misty 2/3/17 BBC Broadcast



By Uncle Blurt

Here at the Blurt pirate ship (we’re moored just off the shore of Ireland, incidentally) we have a hard time reaching a consensus about Father John Misty; Joshua Tillman’s music is intermittently brilliant, occasionally self indulgent, and moderately interesting (if a bit ’70s soft-rock derivative). On my part, I’m on the fence – and I detest his latest bathtub fart, Pure Comedy, which came out last week via Sub Pop. (Nice colored vinyl for the 2LP set, though.)

But fans will dig this show posted for free MP3 download at the Big O zine recently.

MP3: Father John Misty – BBC Session (for Lauren Laverne show), BBC 6 Music Studios, Wogan House, London, UK; February 3, 2017

Check out a couple of album tracks, performed acoustically, and interview segments from the FM broadcast. The full tracklisting is below.

      rack 01
. Interview 9:10
      Track 02
. Ballad Of The Dying Man 4:10
      Track 03
. Interview 5:43
      Track 04
. Leaving LA 12:41
      Track 05
. Closing Comments 1:18



Guitarist J. Geils 1946-2017 R.I.P.

J Geils

Had been estranged from his former bandmembers for several years.

By Fred Mills

John Warren “J.” Geils Jr. – just call him J. (with the period) has passed away at the age of 71. The Boston blues-rock guitarist lived in Groton, Mass., and he was found yesterday afternoon, April 11, at his home, of not-yet-disclosed causes. The police are investigating but for the time being foul play is not suspected, according to the Boston Globe.

The J. Geils band was a touring mainstay of the ‘70s – yours truly saw them on numerous occasions, and they were a dynamic outfit, particularly with Geils’ potent guitar playing, frontman Peter Wolf’s physicality and harp player Magic Dick’s wild, hirsute, Afro-delic appearance. They began notching hits early on via tracks like “Lookin’ For a Love,” “Give It to Me” and “Must of Got Lost”, and then when MTV entered the picture, they went global thanks to hits “Centerfold” and “Freeze Frame.” (Below: the band during the ‘70s.)

Geils band

The band broke up in the mid ‘80s, subsequently mounting a number of reunions over the years. Unfortunately, Geils left the band he formed in 2012, having become estranged from Wolf over a legal dispute stemming from his having trademarked the band name. Peter Wolf posted a note on Facebook when the news of Geils’ death broke: “’Thinking of all the times we kicked it high and rocked down the house! R.I.P. Jay Geils.”

Black Angels Drop New Track “Half Believing”


Taken from upcoming new album, on CD or double vinyl – including special colored/glow-in-dark vinyl for Record Store Day. Above: Black Angels fans always dress in style…

By Fred Mills

With new album Death Song arriving next week (April 21), Austin’s premiere space rock outfit the Black Angels are previewing their first studio album in four years with the new track “Half Believing.” Check it out, below, as well as previously released videos for “Currency” and “I’d Kill For Her.” Plus, read an interview with frontman Alex Maas at Texas Monthly in which he describes the “moody” and “emotional” song as “about a relationship between two people, could be about the relationship between you and the government, it could be a relationship between our nation and other nations.… It kind of speaks to this notion that we don’t know where anything is headed, and that the future is in question… There’s a thread throughout this record about this open-eyed lack of trust in policy and relationships. And I think that speaks on a much larger level about how we perceive our president, or whoever else, and documenting through our eyes how we feel about the world.”

Go HERE to view the band’s upcoming tour itinerary, which kicks off April 26 in Nashville and will weave through the South (including a stop at BLURT enclave Asheville, NC), up the East Coast, through the Midwest, and then back home before heading to Europe. (They’ll tackle the West Coast in October.)

Damn! Check Out the Credits to New Kendrick Lamar Album Damn!


New album dropped last night; you won’t see the credits on iTunes or Spotify – although it sure sounds good at the latter – so here you go…

By Barbi Martinez

NOTE: “Bekon “is a producer named Daniel Tannenbaum (aka Danny Keyz).


Composer(s): Anthony Tiffith, K. Duckworth, D. Tannenbaum
Producer(s): Bekon, Anthony Tiffith
Additional vocals: Bekon

2 DNA.

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, M. Williams II
Producer(s): Mike WiLL Made-It
Additional guitar: Matt Schaeffer

3 YAH.

Composer(s): D. Natche, Anthony Tiffith, K. Duckworth, M. Spear
Producer(s): Anthony Tiffith, DJ Dahi, Bekon, Sounwave
Additional production: Bekon
Additional vocals: Bekon


Composer(s): R. Riera, J. Blake, K. Duckworth, M. Spears
Producer(s): Bekon, James Blake, Ricci Riera, Sounwave, Tae Beast
Additional production: Tae Beast, Bekon
Additional vocals: Kid Capri


Composer(s): M. Spears, K. Duckworth
Producer(s): Sounwave
Bass: Thundercat
Additional vocals: Chelsea Blythe
Additional guitar: Matt Schaeffer


Featuring: Rihanna
Composer(s): K. Duckworth, D. Natche, Anthony Tiffith, M. Spears, T. Martin
Producer(s): Terrace Martin, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Anthony Tiffith
Additional vocals: DJ Dahi


Composer(s): K. Duckworth, A. Wise, Anthony Tiffith, S. Lacy
Producer(s): Bekon, Anthony Tiffith, Steve Lacy
Additional production: Bekon
Background vocals: Anna Wise, Steve Lacy
Additional vocals: Bekon


Composer(s): K. Duckworth, A. Hogan, Michael L. Williams II
Producer(s): Mike WiLL Made-It
Guitar: Matt Schaeffer


Composer(s): M. Spears, K. Duckworth, C. Hansen, D. Natche, A. Sowinski, M. Tavares L. Whitty
Producer(s): Sounwave, DJ Dahi, BadBadNotGood
Strings: Kamasi Washington, Sounwave
Additional vocals: Kaytranada, Rat Boy


Featuring: Zacari
Composer(s): Z. Pacaldo, T. Walton, Anthony Tiffith, M. Spears, G. Kurstin, K. Duckworth
Producer(s): Sounwave, Teddy Walton, Greg Kurstin, Anthony Tiffith
Additional vocals: Kid Capri

11 XXX.

Featuring: U2
Composer(s): D. Natche, L Mullen, P. Hewson, A. Clayton, K. Duckworth, D. Evans, M. Spears, M. Williams, II, Anthony Tiffith
Producer(s): Mike WiLL Made-It, Anthony Tiffith, Bekon, DJ Dahi, Sounwave
Additional production: Bekon
Additional keys: Kendrick Lamar
Additional vocals: Bekon, Kid Capri

12 FEAR.

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, D. Maman
Producer(s): The Alchemist
Additional production: Bekon
Additional vocals: Charles Edward Sydney Isom Jr., Bekon, Carl Duckworth

13 GOD.

Composer(s): M. Spears, R. Riera, D. Tannenbaum, K. Duckworth, D. Natche, R. LaTour, Anthony Tiffith
Producer(s): Cardo, Ricci Riera, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Anthony Tiffith, Bekon
Additional vocals: Bekon
Additional drums: Mike Hector


Composer(s): K. Duckworth, P. Douthit
Producer(s): 9th Wonder, Bekon
Additional production: Bekon
Additional vocals: Bekon, Kid Capri