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Listen to Seattle ’72 Fleetwood Mac Show w/Danny Kirwan (R.I.P.)

The former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, and veteran of 5 key albums, passed away on June 8 at the age of 68.

By Uncle Blurt

The music world was caught offguard this past weekend with news of Danny Kirwan’s passing – speaking as someone who got to see him perform in the Bob Welch/Christine McVie-era incarnation of the band, I am particularly saddened. Not many details have been released as of this writing, although it’s known that he had numerous chemical and alcohol issues over the years.

He was a helluva guitarist, though, and the good folks at Big O zine have posted a sharp soundboard recording of Fleetwood Mac performing in ’72:

MP3: Paramount Northwest Theater, Seattle, WA; March 10, 1972

It’s an even mix of Kirwan/Peter Green-period classics and more then-recent fare from the Welch/McVie era (Future Games, etc.). The tracklist is below – enjoy. You can listen to it online or download it for free, along with downloadable artwork.

      Track 01
. Tuning and Intro 1:23 (2.3MB)
      Track 02
. Tell Me All The Things You Do 5:23 (9.1MB)
      Track 03
. Future Games 11:02 (18.5MB)
      Track 04
. Get Like You Used To Be 4:24 (7.4MB)
      Track 05
. Child Of Mine  7:23 (12.4MB)
      Track 06
. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love * 4:37 (7.8MB)
      Track 07
. Homeward Bound * 5:14 (8.8MB)
      Track 08
. Black Magic Woman 11:21 (19.1MB)
      Track 09
. Oh Well 3:07 (5.3MB)

Watch the Moody/Auto-Tuned New Swamp Dogg Video

By Blurt Staff

The above photo displays the handsome new Swamp Dogg album, Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune, which drops Sept. 7 via Joyful Noise. (The photo also shows the limited edition SD flexidisc that is offered to folks in the Joyful Noise VIP program. And yes, before you ask, it will also be available on CD and digital download.) The funk/soul/swamp-rockin’ legend clearly has no intentions of burning out or fading away, to paraphrase Neil Young. According to the label:

Nearly fifty years after his debut release, Swamp Dogg stands on the precipice of another radical reinvention. His latest creation is titled Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune a nine song collection featuring production by Poliça’s Ryan Olson. Love, Loss, and AutoTune finds Swamp Dogg’s bluesy southern soul colliding head-on with 21st Century electronic music production techniques.

You can get more details at the above link. Meanwhile, check out the new video for album track “I’ll Pretend”:

Thurston Moore/Bernie Sanders 2016 Flexi Rarity Now Available Digitally

Feel the Thurst, er, the Bern….

By Blurt Staff

This just in from Joyful Noise, via their Bandcamp page announcement. It speaks for itself, and you can nab the awesome track for just a buck. (Consider coughing up more, though.)

Early in the Bernie’s 2016 presidential campaign, Joyful Noise Recordings arranged for this incredible collaboration with Thurston Moore to benefit the campaign. Originally released on just 1000 flexi-discs.

Keep feeling the bern. The revolution lives on.

You can score the tune at the above link.

MP3: Download Neil Young & Crazy Horse 5/6/18 Show

New iteration of the iconic group features Nils Lofgren standing in for Frank Sampedro on guitar.

By Uncle Blurt

Live Neil Young is always THE Neil Young to listen to – and Neil Young & Crazy Horse is the gold standard for Neil. Earlier this month he was doing a string of dates with the band (which at the moment comprises Nils Lofgren on guitar, Billy Talbot on bass, and Ralph Molina on drums) instead of touring with Promise of the Real, who are out on their own tour presently. And the ensemble positively smokes.

The good folks at Big O zine have posted the May 6 Bakersfield show for free download, including downloadable art, so check it out at their Neil page. The full tracklisting is below.

Incidentally, Neil recently disclosed in an interview that he has several unreleased albums he cut with Crazy Horse ready to be released, so keep your eyes and ears peeled…

Disc 1

      Track 101
. Love To Burn 8:45
      Track 102
. Mansion On The Hill 6:16
      Track 103
. Country Home 7:07
      Track 104
. Don’t Cry No Tears 3:14
      Track 105
. Winterlong 3:57
      Track 106
. The Losing End 5:23
      Track 107
. Speakin’ Out 4:52
      Track 108
. World On A String 4:08
      Track 109
. Scattered (Let’s Think About Livin’) 4:24
      Track 110
. F*!#in’ Up 9:22

Disc 2

      Track 201
. Too Far Gone 4:06
      Track 202
. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 3:48
      Track 203
. Cinnamon Girl 3:53
      Track 204
. Cortez The Killer 11:47
      Track 205
. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 6:31
      Track 206
. Roll Another Number 5:12
      Track 207
. Crowd 2:05
      Track 208
. Down By The River 13:12


Amanda Palmer Releases “Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now” Single

Purchase the powerful track and contribute to Times Up.

By Fred Mills

The ever-resourceful Amanda Palmer has struck again, this time with a remarkably moving – and unsettling – new single about Harvey Weinstein. “Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now” is a collaboration between Palmer and Jasmine Power, and while the disgraced movie mogul, who is currently accused of rape in the state of New York, isn’t mentioned specifically by name in the 6-minute song’s lyrics, it wasn’t exactly necessary that he be namechecked in the title, so pointed are those lyrics, which are positioned as a kind of statement-response back and forth between the two singers:

Palmer sings:
“your seven hundredth bedroom
the waiter brings the bill
you came here dressed for battle
you knew damn well.
the sharpening of axes
the fat man rings a bell…”

Then Power responds:
“don’t touch me
i’m not here to help”

The song is available at Palmer’s Bandcamp page for a minimum $1 donation, but consider giving more since 100% of proceeds to to the Time’s Up legal defense fund. Palmer and Power put the material together via a Patreon crowdfunding campaign.

Lykke Li Jumps the Shark – or does she? – w/New Tracks

But it could have been worse – like bringing in Rihanna or ZZ Top as guests…

By Barbi Martinez

To paraphrase Stereogum, we’ve ALSO waited for years for a new Lykke Li album – Blurt has sung the praises of the Swedish chanteuse fairly endlessly  since she first appeared on the scene (including HERE and HERE and HERE). But the upcoming So Sad So Sexy, due out next week, is uncomfortably starting to sound like a misstep, a kind of how-do-I-compete record for the singer, when in truth her fan base already trusted her to trust her instincts and NOT follow trends.

Check out a pair of tracks, below – “Two Nights”  is a silly piece of ’80s-esque fluff with a pointless hip-hop edge and featuring a guest rapper, Portland’s Aminé; while the languid-to-the-point-of-dreary “Sex Money Feelings Die” simply floats for a few seconds, then gradually collapses, like a balloon that’s been aloft for a bit too long with the air inside it turning stale.

Don’t get us wrong – her voice remains a national treasure for her homeland, and it’s on full display here on both tracks. But she also sounds conflicted, as if she knows she’s essentially sacrificing her hard-won identity as a sonic iconoclast in the pursuit of short-term social media flash. Come back, Lykke – we still want you.

Incoming: New Solo Album by Peter Holsapple of The dB’s/Continental Drifters

Much-anticipated followup to his 2017 single is due in July via Omnivore. Watch the album trailer, below.

By Fred Mills

When we get word of activity stirring in the Peter Holsapple camp – could be some dB’s- or Continental Drifters-related news, or a new project that he and his fellow Winston-Salem expat Chris Stamey are cooking up, or a session- and side-man gig he has in motion, or even the release of last year’s wonderful 7-inch 45 “Don’t Mention the War” (reviewed HERE; ask me about the private thrill I got on Memorial Day when I heard the song coming over the airwaves from the local community radio station doing a Memorial Day-themed program) – we genuinely get excited here at the BLURT hostel. Pretty much everyone on the staff counts him- or herself a fan of the gentleman and his instinctive approach to hook-filled pop, and that appreciation of his music goes way, way back indeed. (Ask me about The H-Bombs sometime.)

So when the news arrived, out of the blue on social media, that a new solo full-length from Peter, his first in over two decades, was coming in July via the Omnivore label, it was welcome word indeed. As I commented last year about the “DMTW” single, “Holsapple recently [said] that he opted for doing a single because he wasn’t quite sure he should thrust a full album’s worth of new material into the market, given music consumers’ relatively short attention spans and tendency to favor tracks over albums nowadays.”

Obviously, he decided that the short-attention-span syndrome was worth challenging; ditto Omnivore, which has steadily carved out a spot for itself as one of the most respected, eye-for-detail, indie record labels on the planet. (Just check out its Big Star-related catalog of releases.) The release date of Game Day is July 27, and Omnivore describes it thusly:

Game Day contains 13 new tracks, a bonus track, and two “super bonus tracks”—Holsapple’s critically acclaimed single “Don’t Mention the War” b/w ”Cinderella Style,” originally released in 2017. [Holsapple explains], “After putting the single out on my own last year, I made the decision to put out an album. Some tunes are brand new, some have been in rotation for a bit, but all are worthy. My ‘middle-aged Pet Sounds fantasy’ is real, with the issues of middle age put to memorable melodies. The old guy at work in ‘Tuff Day,’ watching my parents’ place get cleared out in ‘Inventory,’ a decades-late thank-you note to a college girlfriend in ‘Commonplace’—they’re all a part of the present-day me.”

Game Day is prime Holsapple, whose recording career spans nearly five decades. It contains all the hooks, clever lyrics, and deft instrumentation one would expect. As he paraphrases Jeff Beck in the packaging, “Today, with all of the hard competition in the music business, it’s almost impossible to come up with anything totally original. So I haven’t, but I had a lot of fun making Game Day, and I hope it comes through when you hear it.”

Peter elaborates at his popular blog, noting that he did it completely by himself in his home basement studio in Durham, NC, and calling it “absolutely the record I wanted to make. People will undoubtedly hear it and scratch their heads and say it sounds weird and eccentric, at least I hope so. I can’t say I’m a professional producer or engineer, and indeed, a lot of stuff went down on the album by necessity or lack of fundamental tools. I was not going to let those things or any ineptitude or lack of skill stop me from getting this done, so you’re getting a shank of my mind and soul, trussed up to look like an album of songs… It doesn’t sound like records or bands I’ve been involved with before. In past instances, I’ve allowed the opinions of my work to twist my emotions into rattails, but this album is different: I own it all. Every note. Every flub. Every effect on every guitar. It’s my pleasure, it’s my fault. I feel completely at ease with it, something I’ve never felt with a record before.”

He adds that plans are afoot to take some of these new songs – titles can be viewed at the above link for Omnivore – out on the road as the Peter Holsapple Combo with dB’s drummer Will Rigby and bassist Glenn Richard Jones, who he’s been playing with for some time in the Kinks/Ray Davies-centric outfit Well Respected Men. They might even work up some primo dB’s and Continental Drifters material, along with “choice covers” (I’m voting for The Move and The Nazz—maybe even the stray H-Bombs number) for the live shows, so you, gentle readers, have been warned.

Game on, Peter.



Kickstarter Campaign We Dig: Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Dig indeed – dig in!

By Fred Mills

A couple of years ago we  sang the praises of Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s These Fleeting Moments, with Dr. Michael Toland enthusing, “Earnest, resourceful and demanding, These Fleeting Moments easily stands as one of black tape for a blue girl’s best albums.”

The duo is back with a Kickstarter campaign to get their new To touch the milky way album underway, It will be released on both vinyl and CD, and as of this writing they’ve raised nearly $8000 of their $12k goal, so please check it out and consider pledging. Below, watch the pledge campaign video trailer. As the band describes the record,

“The seven tracks span styles ranging from ethereal darkwave to dream-pop to austere textural ambient passages accompanied by wonderful vocals from Danielle and Michael. The lyrical themes and stories emerge from the depths of the psyche, unflinchingly addressing a desire to feel truly alive by facing self-created boundaries. They are first-person narratives at the edge where something has to give, something has to change, as the characters strive to take hold of the life they have left unlived.”


Listen to Johnny Irion Int/Music on NPR Weekend Edition

Superb new album Driving Friend was just released last week.

By Fred Mills

Here at the Blurt bunker we like to support the home team – that would include singer/songwriter (and spouse of Sarah Lee Guthrie) Johnny Irion, whose North Carolina roots run deep. He just released a new album on CD and vinyl titled Driving Friend following a solid PledgeMusic campaign, so check out the official album trailer, below. A Blurt review of the record is forthcoming, incidentally.

Meanwhile, Johnny was interviewed by NPR’s Scott Simon for “Weekend Edition” this past Saturday, and the conversation was clearly one of deep mutual respect. Check it out at NPR (they have published the transcript of the talk as well), or listen to it below.

Iconic (if controversial…) Early Spacemen 3 Material Out This Week on Vinyl


By Blurt Staff

With the release this week (June 1) of the Superior Viaduct label’s 2LP Spacemen 3 reissue, Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To, the Blurt staff has been, ahem, prepping our collective mind for the sonic assault. Head over to our Features section for an overview as well as a flashback to the Blurt editor’s 2003 with S3 mainman Sonic Boom, where you can also stream the entire Taking Drugs… album and watch a 1989 concert of the band at its performing peak.