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Record Store Day Titles – Including Schoolkids Records’ Bettie Serveert LP & Veldt 45


Our sister business gets in the, er, business of limited edition vinyl for this year’s event…


That’s why they call it Record Store Day — because it’s the one day of the year you definitely need to get your ass out to your local independent record dealer. How do we know this? Because we are partnered up with North Carolina indie chain Schoolkids Records, of course! Our sister business will be busy as hell, like usual, on April 22, helping you, the discriminating music consumer score all that limited edition vinyl you live and die by.


Which, this time around, will include our very own RSD release – beloved Dutch rockers Bettie Serveert will have their Damaged Good vinyl LP released on the Schoolkids Records label, and it’s a good ‘un, limited to 100 copies. Below, you can hear a couple of tracks from the album.

We also have an exclusive Schoolkids release from NC’s The Veldt, the “Symmetry” / “Slow Grid” 7″ 45, limited to 450 copies. Need I say it’s a good ‘un as well? Check the official video for the A side:

Meanwhile, what else will be dropping this year? How about David Bowie, unreleased Smiths, live Springsteen, Iggy and Lou Reed, Prince 12”ers, Spacemen 3, Patti Smith, Madonna, the Fall, Fleetwood Mac, the Chemical Brothers, Neil Young, The Chills, Sun Ra, Flaming Lips, Miley Cyrus (no, not together), Jason Isbell, Sharon Jones, Air, Motörhead, Ramones, the Cure, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins, the Sex Pistols, U2, the Raincoats, Priests, Hudson Mohawke, Art of Noise, Elastica… whew. Go to the link for the full, downloadable list: here for the U.S. and here for the UK.

And in addition to the Bettie Serveert tracks, you might want to check out this, um, quirky Funny or Die video from St. Vincent, who is the official Ambassador for RSD 2017. Or maybe that’s the country of Recorstorda…


Report: The 29th Folk Alliance International Conference


“Forbidden Folk” indeed: Held Feb. 15-19, the annual event was a veritable folk frenzy for the residents of and visitors to Kansas City – and a call to musical arms for the legions of Trump opponents as well. Scroll down to view a photo gallery.


Glance back fifty years and the idea of a folk music festival would bring to mind a gathering dominated by tie-dye, Birkenstocks and people who might otherwise find work as stunt doubles for Peter, Paul and Mary. In a sense, that’s still the perception for those unawares, but at the 29th Folk Alliance International conference held in mid-February in Kansas City, there was far more of a modern twist that many might imagine. While the old guard was duly represented, the encroachment of Americana and relevant rockers also dominated the proceedings. Hundreds of artists participated in the confab, both in the exhibition rooms of the Westin, the host hotel, and in three floors of guest rooms where beds were removed, presenters moved in and music performed until the wee hours of the morning. The latter scenario found this new brand of folk music anything but staid, more like a scene out of Animal House, where hotel corridors saw action akin to a college dorm or a frat house, and guitars, partygoers, posters and performers crammed every available nook and celebrated a succession of sounds.

If that cool vibe seemed to moot some of the cerebral sensitivities, the fact that the conference was subtitled “Forbidden Folk” allowed more than a passing nod to folk music’s legacy of protest and populism. Practically every speaker alluded to the need for rallying the masses in support of various causes that were perceived as being undermined by the new administration. Indeed, Donald Trump’s ears must have been burning, because while his name was rarely mentioned, it was all too obvious as to where most of the remarks were aimed. Billy Bragg’s rousing speech at the conclusion of the conference offered less praise for the music and bid more homage for the cause, eventually culminating in a fist pumping rally for union devotees. Those apolitical or of a different mindset might have felt isolated and alone, but there was enough solace to be sought in the music to keep participants applauding.

Indeed, there were plenty of kudos to go around. The first night of the festivities included an award ceremony that saw such luminaries as Sonny Ochs (Phil’s sister), environmental activist Si Kahn, iconic names such as Kris Kristofferson, Bruce Cockburn, Eliza Gilkyson and David Amram, storied singer and storyteller John McCutcheon, once jailed veteran of the Arab Spring Ramy Essam, and sitcom star-turned-singer Megan Mullally take the stage to give or receive awards, and occasionally share a song in-between. It was an inspiring evening, one that affirmed the music’s heritage and continuing trajectory while reaffirming the common bond of community that bound all the participants together. When Gilkyson spoke of the “disbelief and grieving” that seemed to have overtaken the nation in the weeks and months since the election, there wasn’t a soul present who couldn’t identify with the realities she was referencing.

The call to arms, then, was that the folk faithful needed to recommit to a protest purpose, the same mighty mission that prompted people to stand up against the Vietnam War and march en masse for the cause of civil rights. The need is, one speaker noted, more urgent than ever.

Still, for all that earnest intent, it was the music that really mattered. For the 2,600 participants from twenty countries, it took a full measure of devotion to endure hours of stalking hotel hallways in order to catch the scant half hour sets accorded to each of the performers. With showcases that went on until the wee hours of the morning — often until 4 AM and beyond — only the heartiest individuals were able to withstand the desperate need to run from room to room to catch a favorite artist, who often was playing at the same time as two dozen other favorite artists. Nevertheless, the opportunity to catch such stellar talents as Robyn Hitchcock, Tift Merritt, Amelia White, John McCutcheon, the supergroup of sorts Kortchmar, Postell and Navarro, Bobby Rush, Bruce Sudano, Caroline Spence, Cali Shaw, Carrie Elkin, Jonathan Byrd, Tim Easton, ` Chuck Hawthorne, Cory Branan, Dave Gunning, David G. Smith, David Olney, Plainsong, John Fullbright, Darden Smith, Ellis Paul, Beaver Nelson, Freebo, Greg Greenway, Heather Rankin, Kim Richey, Linda McRae, Matt the Electrician, The Once, Oh Susanna, Steel Wheels, Peter Bradley Adams, Ray Bonneville,  Robbie Fulks, Rod Picott, Romantica, Michael Fracasso, SONiA and Disappear Fear, Sara Watkins, Susan Werner, Tret Fure, Tony Furtado, Tom Freund, Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band, Tish Hinojosa, or the Wild Ponies, as well as such up-and-comers as Banjo Nickaru & Western Smooches, the Novel Ideas, Beck Warren, Beth Bombara, Ben de la Cour, Anne McCue, Patterson Barrett, Anthony da Costa, Brian Langlinais, Freddy & Francine, Harrow Fair, Kirsty McGee, Karpinka Brothers, Leland Sundries, Luke Jackson, Matt Haeck, Mark Huff, Renee Wahl, Son of Town Hall (with David Berkeley),The Soul of John Black, and Doolin’ made all attempts worthwhile.

(Whew… if you think that was a lot of names to observe, bear in mind it’s only a fraction of the several hundred artists that were there in attendance.)

Indeed, trying to catch every artist was futile, even despite the fact that most of these artists offered repeated performances. No matter. Folk Alliance served its purpose, binding past and present  and looking ahead to the future. Compressed over a mere five days in a single hotel can scarcely do it justice.

Kris Kristofferson @FAI photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry


Ben Kyle of Romantica @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Oh Susanna @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Sara Watkins @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
The Steel Wheels @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Tift Merritt @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Jonathan Byrd @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboy @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Patterson Barrett @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Billy Bragg @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
John McCutcheon @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Son of Town Hall @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Tim Easton @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Karpinka Brothers @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry
Robyn Hitchcock @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry


Rod Picott @FAI2017 photo taken by Alisa B. Cherry




Punk rock’s 40th anniversary (and other rock revolutions) brings a variety of exhibits and events that salute punk rock in London but do they contradict punk’s anarchistic philosophy?


Back in November, Joe Corré, the son of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, made of very public burning in London of punk rock memorabilia that was estimated to be $6.25 million? Do you remember hearing about this? Corré’s gesture was prompted by his disgust over the citywide Punk London celebration and his actions resulted in many debates over whether Punk London was just a capitalistic marketing ploy or a sincere salute to this important cultural movement. (The complete name is Punk.London: 40 Years of Subversive Culture. Note the “dot” between “punk” and “London,” incidentally.)

These questions were in my head when I visited London at the end of December, and the answer that I came up with is “yes.” Punk London represents both an establishment commercialization of the anti-establishment punk rock movement along with providing useful reminders and insights about what it was all about.


Although Punk London’s main events were in 2016, some are lingering into the new year. Since one of Corré’s complaints was how punk rock has become a brand like McDonald’s, it seems fitting that London’s Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising ( has a small (basically three display cases) exhibit, “The Graphic of Punk” (closing Jan. 29). Displaying a collection of ads, posters, magazines and comics, the exhibit shows that the punk rock didn’t shy away from publicity or commercialism. McLaren started the Sex Pistols in part to promote his clothing store so it could be argued that punk rock, particularly in the way McLaren used the media to the Sex Pistols famous/infamous, was branded from the very beginning.


Along with an eclectic array of vintage memorabilia, this exhibit also highlights the influential graphic artwork created by Jamie Reid. Described as an art student and anarchist, Reid is credited with coming up with the cut-out letter, random note-style artwork that became one of punk rock’s iconic looks.



The Museum of London’s ( just closed “Punks” exhibit also was a small – basically a hallway that connected one gallery to another – but it presented a rather unique perspective on the city’s early punk rock scene. Rather than focusing on bands or their memorabilia, it looked at the people who were the punk teens of the ‘70s, and who they are now. It was quite fascinating to read the impact the music had on these kids’ lives, like the anecdotes about the girl who gave musicians haircuts in a club’s women’s bathroom or the boy’s whose 999 design wound up as the band’s logo on one of their albums, as well as seeing how they are now. It was a type of small-scale, but powerful, exhibit that would be nice to see more of in museums.


Going from tasteful museums to something actually tasteful, London’s W Hotel ( is serving up an imaginative variation of afternoon tea. Although it might be antithetical to what “punk” was all about, its “Anarch-Tea” does upend English traditions in its own way, as well as offering some wonderfully tasty confections to enjoy.


The cordial W staff will set you up at a cozy table and bring you tea (or, since you’re by the hotel bar, you can order something alcoholic too), and they then deliver the special Anarch-Tea treats. You will get five desserts, along with four “Gang of Four” finger sandwiches, all served as on a tiered cake stand cleverly made from old vinyl albums. It is best to go on an empty stomach because the pastries are a scrumptious indulgence. anarchtea01

The most traditional item is the jam-filled scone called, naturally, “The Jam.” There is also “The God Save The Queen,” which is a checkerboard cake topped with a sugar crown, and “The Mohawk,” a skull-shaped raspberry mousse sporting a bright blue (and edible) Mohawk. The two other sweets also feature colorful edible accessories. “Shut Up – The Strangers” is a frozen raspberry parfait resembling a big pair of red lips that are “sealed” with a (yes, edible) zipper. Hard-core choco-philes, meanwhile, will love the “Going Round In Circles – Alternative TV,” a dark chocolate roulade dotted with silver “studs.”

If you have visited London, you know that walking tours are a prime tourist activity. Not surprisingly, there are several music-related walks, with the Beatles being a popular subject. London Walk ( has several Beatles tours as well as the broader themed “Rock ‘N’ Roll London Walk,” which hits sites related to the Who and Pink Floyd, the Clash and Oasis. You can even do a punk-focused walk. “The Original Soho Punk Rock Tour” ( is a much-praised two-hour jaunt around the legendary Soho neighborhood, where clubs like the Marquee and Roxy clubs once stood and other place important to groups like The Jam and Sex Pistols.

The question of when commemorating rock history shifts from being presented as a cultural movement into something that is more of a commercial product also rears its head at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum ( The esteemed museum is presenting an exhibit entitled “You Say Want A Revolution: Records and Rebels 1966-1970 (through Feb. 26) that is yet another look at the glorious times known as the Sixties. (Below photo and the photo at the top of the page from the V&A exhibit.)


The large, ambitious exhibit covers a lot of ground, examining not just music but also touching on fashion, film, literature, politics and other social movements. It is a lot to try to condense into one show, and perhaps too much. Some important issues – like gay rights, women’s liberation and radical politics – are given rather cursory looks. There is a heavy emphasis on the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, whose histories are pretty well known already. A room about rock festivals is dominated by a big screen showing clips from the Woodstock film, which people can watch while laying on artificial grass (and making it awkward for others to look at the room’s displays).

Not surprisingly, the emphasis also is on the English side of the story. So instead of talking about Rolling Stone Magazine, you get learn about the underground magazine Oz and its serious, yet sometimes comical, obscenity trial. Similarly, instead of focusing on Andy Warhol’s pop art crowd, the exhibit spotlights Swinging London’s pop art and fashion, which allows you to find out about Michelangelo Antonioni’s great film Blow Up and the tragically short career of pop artists Pauline Boty.

By the end of the massive, and massively informative, exhibit, you may be understandably exhausted, but try not to breeze through its final gallery. Besides some fun looks at Sixties’ consumerism and a too brief look at architecture and design, it also addresses the two main World Expos from this time-period, Montreal in 1967 and Tokyo in 1970. It’s illuminating to read about hopeful utopian spirit behind these projects, which often get ignored in the typical nostalgic retrospectives. Similarly, there is a flag display, which may seem like a head-scratcher until you read that over 50 new countries were established between 1955-70. Flags were designed to stand as a visual symbol of these new nation’s existence and a statement about the era’s revolutionary times, just as you could say the “Revolution 9” or “God Save The Queen” were.

(Below: the Nashville Room wall poster, w/punters, natch.


THUMBS UP OR THUMBS DOWN? The 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominations


From better-late-than-nevers Yes, MC5, and the Zombies, to the somewhat questionable likes of Tupac, the Bad Brains and Chic, to outright headscratchers Jane’s Addiction, Journey, and Electric Light Orchestra, the annual Jann Wenner-powered Rock Hall ritual remains ripe for rants. Luckily the fans themselves get at least a partial say by voting for their faves. The full list of nominees: Bad Brains, Chaka Khan, Chic, Depeche Mode, ELO, J. Geils Band, Jane’s Addiction, Janet Jackson, Joan Baez, Joe Tex, Journey, Kraftwerk, MC5, Pearl Jam, Steppenwolf, The Cars, The Zombies, Tupac Shakur, Yes.


Ed. Note: the Rev. Keith A. Gordon, a longtime BLURT supporter and contributor, is a veteran rock scribe going back to the dawn of recorded time. He currently helms a mini-publishing empire and music journalism blog, That Devil Music, always a solid and credible source of music opinion. Speaking of which, we’ve conducted a number of interviews with Gordon over the years, most recently in 2014 (on the occasion of the publication of Best Rock Writing 2014, which, incidentally, included contributions by several BLURT regulars), and then again last year (when he published a compendium of his blues writing, Rollin’ ‘n’ Tumblin’). So if his below observations on the yeas and nays regarding the recent Rock Hall nominations for 2017 find you agreeing with him or, alternatively, wanting to put his head on a spear, I trust you will also find similar solace with the interviews. He also has a brand new book titled Let It Rock! Rock ‘n’ Blues Album and Book Reviews, and you can get more details on how to order that or any of his other in-print titles via What can I say? Support the home team! Okay, take it away, Rev… (This essay originally appeared at


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation released its 2017 list of nominees for possible induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio next spring. As usual, the list elicits a tsunami of hot takes as people debate the merits of each of the otherwise worthy nominees. The Reverend has taken a pretty firm stance on the Hall of Fame in years past, and this new list of nominees is no different.

I’ve offered my own takes below on who should get inducted – and who shouldn’t be inducted – into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; if you think differently, please feel free to state your case in the comments section below. Keep in mind that beyond the performers listed below, a number of worthy artists remain unconsidered for the Rock Hall, including the Moody Blues, Humble Pie, Motörhead, Jason & the Scorchers, Roxy Music, and King Crimson, to name a few. Also remember that the Reverend is a lifelong rockist and an old fart raised during the classic rock era of the 1970s…the music really was better back in the day, and this perspective is reflected in my picks below…

Yes to Yes!

What makes an artist or band “worthy” for induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I’m not sure what Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann Wenner and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation’s guidelines are (the Foundation has little to do with the physical Hall of Fame in Cleveland but chooses who is inducted), but here’s my take. A Hall of Fame artist should possess agreed-upon talent (by industry, critics, and fans); exerted influence on the evolution of the genre; push the musical envelope creatively; and while commercial success isn’t a necessity, in combination with the above traits, it adds to an artist’s legacy. By these standards, there’s really no damn good reason why British prog-rock legends Yes aren’t already in the Hall of Fame.

Now, my friend and colleague Martin Popoff has literally written the book on Yes and has previously argued in favor of their induction, so it’s unlikely that I’ll add much to this discussion. For both their groundbreaking creative endeavors in progressive rock, and their amazing commercial run of Top 10 albums during the 1970s (Fragile, Close To The Edge, Relayer, and Going For The One remain enduring, influential works), Yes has earned their induction. The band’s virtuoso musical talents through the years – singer Jon Anderson; guitarists Peter Banks, Steve Howe and Trevor Rabin; bassists Chris Squire and Trevor Horn; keyboardists Tony Kaye, Rick Wakeman, and Patrick Moraz; and drummers Bill Bruford and Alan White – defined a genre and inspired several generations of musicians to follow.

Detroit’s almighty MC5 are a conundrum, another band that should have already received induction into the Rock Hall. Yes, they only released three albums during their fast-burning career, but they made a lot of noise and arguably helped create both punk rock and heavy metal. If fellow Motor City madman the Stooges are in (inducted 2010), so too should the MC5. Pearl Jam’s nomination was a gimme, and the band’s status and importance during the Grunge era are unparalleled. Pearl Jam brought arena-conquering muscle and sinew back to rock ‘n’ roll after the (mostly) wimpy ‘80s, and their pro-consumer actions on behalf of their fans is the icing on the cake.

The Zombies deserve induction, not only for their outstanding early body of work, but also for the enduring influence of those albums. The J. Geils Band are on the bubble for me – I love the band, and those early albums (their 1970 self-titled debut, 1971’s The Morning After, 1972’s Live: Full House, and 1973’s Bloodshot) offer a high-octane fusion of blues and rock that was as influential at the time as the Paul Butterfield Blues Band was a decade earlier. Sensing changes in the musical currents, the J. Geils crew beat fellow travelers ZZ Top to the line, albums like 1978’s Sanctuary, 1980’s Love Stinks, and 1981’s Freeze-Frame mixing radio-friendly synth-pop into the band’s heady brew of R&B and blues influences and scoring on the charts. Call ‘em the “poor man’s Aerosmith” if you will, but I’d put ‘em in…


No to Hip-Hop & Pop

As I’ve argued many times, it’s called the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” for a reason, and no matter their contributions to art, music, or film, hip-hop and pop artists should never be inducted. If it’s a “pop culture” hall of fame, then drop the pretense and call it such. Otherwise, cut out these gratuitous nominations made in the name of some sort of false diversity. For instance, somebody on the nominating committee really wants to see Chic inducted so they’re back on the ballot again this year. They shouldn’t be inducted for the sole reason that they aren’t a rock band by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, main man Nile Rodgers produced a great record for David Bowie, but that’s just not enough to make the cut. Sorry, Chic lovers…

The legend of Tupac Shakur has undeniably grown in the years since his death, and although the rapper released four acclaimed, influential albums during his lifetime, he wasn’t a rock artist and his influence on rock music was minimal (and I’m not even discussing the posthumous flood of dodgy album releases). I’d also include Janet Jackson under this category – a talented and popular dance-pop artist with one foot in the R&B grooves of the ‘90s – but she’s not a rocker, no matter Wenner’s fever dreams.

Joe Tex’s nomination is problematic in that while he was a great R&B singer, I don’t consider him to be a great artist and don’t feel that his influence extended to rock musicians the way that, for instance, the work of James Brown, Ray Charles, and Little Richard did. Tex’s career was almost entirely played out on the R&B charts, and he had only a pair of crossover hits stateside and only one single ever charted in the U.K. The nomination of folk music legend Joan Baez is some sort of joke, because beyond her brief flirtation as Dylan’s muse, there’s nothing in her career that even remotely “rocks.”

Willing to risk pissing off what little punk readership we have, I’d also nix Bad Brains from induction into the Rock Hall, and I’m kind of surprised that the band was nominated in the first place. Moderately influential on the ‘80s rock scene, the bulk of Bad Brains’ artistic output came via indie labels like ROIR, SST Records, and PVC Records – which, in itself, doesn’t disqualify them for induction – but much of the band’s music just isn’t notable and wasn’t distributed widely enough to have made a big difference. Quick, name a single Bad Brains album beyond their self-titled 1982 debut…yeah, I thought so. Sure, they influenced the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone, but I’d rather induct the latter and forget about the former.


Not This Year (Or Any Other)

Sheesh, is there a more overrated band on the planet than Jane’s Addiction (save for maybe Smashing Pumpkins)? Yes, Perry Farrell and gang have a loyal and vocal following, but they released a mere three over-hyped albums during their short heyday (1987-90), hitting the upper region of the charts but once, which is not a Hall of Fame worthy career in my mind. Sure, they made some innovative music before spiraling into addiction and pretentiousness, and kudos to Farrell for traveling freakshow that was Lollapalooza (at least before the event became as bloated as Farrell’s bands), but we also have JA to thank for rap-metal outfits like Korn and Limp Bizkit. Yikes!

Never, never, never for Journey, a rock band in name only. Through their arena-rockin’ years during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, they were closer to the pop world than true rockers. Former Santana guitarist Neal Schon squandered his talents on this horrible band, and Steve Perry was a grating, faux soulful vocalist fronting a bunch of career opportunists. Synth-pop new wavers Depeche Mode were hot shit in their U.K. homeland, but their commercial peak in the U.S. came late in the game, and while they chalked up four RIAA sales awards, they never really made any waves stateside and their influence is restricted to a bunch of electronic-rock wankers and dance-pop outfits.

I could make a similar argument with Kraftwerk, who were an undeniably influential band in the very narrow sphere of electronic rock (a/k/a “Krautrock”), but the band literally disappeared early in the 1980s, and only scored one commercial and critically acclaimed album stateside with 1974’s Autobahn. I’d also question the merits of electronic rock and its place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but I’d promote artists like Brian Eno, Keith Emerson (ELP), or Rick Wakeman (Yes) – all of whom pioneered the use of synthesizers and Mellotrons in rock ‘n’ roll – before I’d induct Kraftwerk.

The nomination of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) is also a hard one as I’m a fan of the band, but although they had a sweet commercial run in the mid-to-late ‘70s with four Top Ten albums and a pair of Top 20s, I can’t readily argue their overall importance to rock ‘n’ roll music. If anything, I’d rather induct ELO frontman Jeff Lynne’s earlier band, the Move, and even Lynne’s side gig as a superstar producer (Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Brian Wilson), where he often coaxed great performances out of the artists he was recording, has more real potential for Rock Hall induction than does ELO.

As for 2017 nominees that I haven’t mentioned in this rant, well, it’s because they aren’t much worth mentioning. You have until December 5th, 2016 to vote for your favorite artists, so hit up the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website to register your choices.


Contact the Rev at


Carrot Top Distribution Announces Plans to Close


Long-running distributor of independent music has been invaluable.

By Fred Mills

Anyone who’s spent time in the indie music milieu has undoubtedly known about indie distributors – of records, CDs, DVDs, books, even tapes, teeshirts and magazines – and all the challenges they face. But we in the indie community need to have them, and it’s always been our mandate to support them, as both customers and retailers, because they in turn support the artists and labels themselves who can’t necessarily avail themselves of the bigger, more monolithic modes of distribution.

Over the years a number of them have gone under (Touch & Go comes to mind as one of the more prominent closings), and now the sad word comes that Chicago distributor Carrot Top Distribution is in the process of “winding down” its operation. Part of the reason is logistical, part of it is financial, and part of it is also due to health-related issues that president Patrick Monaghan is facing. Carrot Top has been at the forefront of distribution for ages, more than two decades, and losing it is considered a serious blow to indie labels and their bands who have come to rely upon it to get their wares into stores in a timely and efficient manner.

Ask anyone who runs an indie label about trying to get copies of records or CDs into stores by calling all of them separately; it’s a near-impossible task, which is why we have distributors in the first place. Or simply ask yourself: would you rather mail order every new release or back catalog title you’ve been itching to get directly from every band and/or label, or would you prefer to be able to walk into your local store and grab ’em all in one visit?

Admirably, CTD isn’t just closing up shop abruptly and leaving folks holding the bag; as you’ll read in the letter, below, that Patrick sent out a few days ago, he intends to be diligent with his accounting, make sure everyone is paid properly, and help the labels he deals with find new homes.

So I’d like to personally extend a big BLURT salute to Patrick and his crew, and to note, additionally, that our sister business, NC’s Schoolkids Records, will miss them as well as regular customers. Patrick, you’re one of the good guys.


Dear Customers,

Time has come for CTD, Ltd to wind down its operations. The world is a much different place than it was when we opened in September 1996. All of you know, too well, the unrelenting pressures on all facets of the music business, and a humble, hard-working distributor with a 13% margin hardly has a place in this market.

In addition, my MS diagnosis ten years ago has changed how my body and brain work. While my symptoms are relatively stable, those changes have not been for the better, and as with any progressive disease, the outlook is cloudy at best. I’d also like to wind things down here while I am still able to. 

We would not be here now, and would not have made it twenty years, without all of you. Thank you for the trust that all of you have shown us. You and your employees have been the main reason that we all get up in the morning and come in to “make the donuts.” At its best, the relationship between a distributor sales person and a retail customer frequently turns into a lifelong friendship that continues even outside of business. We all hope to continue these friendships for years, wherever it is that all of us eventually end up.

Our intention here is to wrap things up in an orderly fashion over the next several months. One of our primary objectives over the next few months is to help our labels find new homes. We will work with them to accomplish this, and we will work with their new distributors to make the change of distribution process as quick, seamless, and painless as possible for them and for you. In the meantime, we’ll still be selling records, same as we always have, but with a more strict eye to receivable. Obviously, our other goal is to collect outstanding receivables, which we’ll keep working on the same as we always have. If you have any questions about your outstanding invoices, please let us know as soon as you can. Otherwise, please help us by paying them promptly.

As our exclusive labels find new homes over the next few months, we will make certain that all of our customers know where to track their musical goodness down.

We know the next few months will be a weird transition for all of us, but we’ll all be here to make it as painless as possible for all of you. We’ll still be here, answering phones, selling records, and swapping weekend show stories for another two to three months.

I don’t have appropriate words to thank all of you for the great trust and kindness that you have shown us, and all of the excellent employees that have passed through, over the last two decades. Thank you.

Best regards,

Patrick Monaghan, President

Bookers, NYC Hotels, Pitchfork, Stereogum, etc. Say CMJ 2016 is Dead


By Uncle Blurt

50 gazillion Elvis fans can’t be wrong, so naturally at least 50 hipsters can’t possibly be right – right? Hard to say – long-running, and occasionally venerable, though sometimes tarnished, annual NYC music confab CMJ (aka the CMJ Music Marathon) is reportedly on the rocks, based on reports from both Pitchfork and Stereogum. Admittedly, those respective arbiters of contemporary urban music and chic indie cool make their bones on breaking rumors, but if you check both outlets’ reports, it does appear that CMJ ain’t happening this year. Traditionally, CMJ takes place at multiple venues one week in October.

Each are noting that they’ve contacted multiple booking and promotion agencies, and have been told that none of those agencies have been booked for CMJ this year; NYC hotels are also being cited as not listing any relevant music biz bookings for the projected time frame of CMJ. Tellingly, there’s also the little matter of this, adds Pitchfork: “The CMJ website also hasn’t been updated in months…. The CMJ publication and social media presence have been dormant since June.”

There’s also that nagging matter of the sale of CMJ a few years ago, a subsequent lawsuit, and a projected rival festival (with the unfortunate name of Mondo – c’mon, guys!) being put together by the originators of CMJ. Hmmm….

More than a few BLURT staffers and contributors have been regular attendees at CMJ over the years, and most of them have admitted that it long ago lost its lustre. Those of us who attended in the ’90s, in particular, continue to harbor fond memories of the event’s salad days. Still, it would be a shame to lose it – but not if it continues to be a source of bad blood among industry people.

Read that Stereogum report closely, by the way – it absolutely nails things.



There’s unlimited supply
And there is no reason why
I tell you it was all a frame
They only did it ’cause of fame
(—The Sex Pistols, “EMI”)


Ed. Note: Stephen Judge, who owns BLURT, also owns Schoolkids Records, a small chain of North Carolina-based record stores; yours truly worked with him in one of those stores from 2012-15, and during that time we got to experience firsthand the latter-day vinyl explosion. From the groundswell of new releases, both major label and indie, that previously would have only been offered on CD, and the deluge of catalog reissues on vinyl; to the steadily-growing used vinyl business, and the broadening of the customer demographic to include every age group, including pre-teens just discovering vinyl for the first time as well as older music fans catching the bug again and finding a reason to return to their neighborhood record stores; it was by all measures a period of unprecedented growth for that sector of the music industry, one which saw the market share of vinyl growing by significant percentages practically every quarter. (You would’ve had to be living in a cave not to spot at least one hyperventilating “Vinyl is back!” report in the national and international media during that time as well, to the point that such reports started become hilariously redundant.)

Now, however, with the escalating price of new vinyl—for both new releases and reissues—hitting what some are calling dangerous levels from a consumer point of view, media coverage has gradually been turning negative, in some instances even prematurely sounding the death knell for vinyl. Last year there was a cautionary story published at Stereogum titled “Have We Reached Peak Vinyl?” which discussed, among other things, those rising prices, the problems small labels were having getting their records pressed with a limited number of actual pressing plants, and the perception among a lot of collectors that the annual Record Store Day—which arguably kick-started the whole latter-day vinyl revival—had become co-opted by the major labels and ultimately rendered near-meaningless. (That’s what a limited edition Justin Bieber record will do, eh?)

Then last week Stereogum published a follow-up story, “We’ve Passed Peak Vinyl—Here Comes the Collapse” in which writer Michael Nelson addressed all this, and more. Lively discussions about the Nelson article quickly followed across the interwebs, including one that Stephen and I found ourselves knee-deep in—we’re both extremely passionate about these matters, to say the least, and feel it’s a dialogue that needs to be ongoing. Plus, make no mistake, Stephen’s take (and mine too, even though I am no longer in Raleigh and working at Schoolkids) is that despite all the current issues, vinyl is decidedly NOT on the verge of extinction. There will always be collectors of and devotees to the analog format. Perhaps the headlines should instead read something along the lines of, “Hi, My Name is Vinyl: The Rumors of My Impending Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.” What follows below, then, is his recap of our side of the conversation, plus elaboration, stemming from his experiences as a record store owner and as a well-known figure within the national independent record store community, both as a member of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores and a board member for the Music Biz Association (formerly NARM). Readers are encouraged to post their comments and reactions. Got all that? Okay, let’s rock. – FM

 The Michael Nelson-penned Stereogum report referenced above may be viewed by some as “just another person belly-aching about the record industry and its mistakes.” However, from my perspective as a record store owner—I operate three Schoolkids Records businesses, in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill—it is all 100% accurate and an honest take on where things stand. (The comments that Stereogum readers posted following the piece are honest, too; they are all spot on.) Regular customers who shop at stores know. This is fluid and serious. Now, more than ever, support your local stores—they need you.

Furthermore, if people blow this off as just another person just complaining about the industry, major labels, etc., you are really missing the point. I am all for major labels, all for vinyl selling in chains, and am not an elitist and someone who never promotes or looks for negativity ever. But these statements Nelson is making are correct, minus the parts about Billy Fields, who I know personally and is 100% a champion of vinyl and record stores, one of our biggest cheerleaders and advocates in the industry. Everything Billy says in the story about Record Store Day and the industry itself is true as well: Yes, WEA recently announced they would stop selling to anyone who doesn’t meet a certain threshold of sales on an annual basis, but as much as I know that doesn’t help (and that it does hurt some small retailers), also realize that a lot of people were also taking advantage of the system, buying direct from WEA just so they could participate in Record Store Day while not buying and carrying vinyl year-round—which defeats the purpose.  However, it is a policy that has been in place with WEA for years but was not enforced. And it is a concern, as it will hurt a lot of small, low volume stores and make it more difficult.

One thing I get really tired of is people blaming Record Store Day, such as in THIS article published earlier this year at about stores opting to drop out of RSD participation. To me, that’s the same short-mindedness as saying, “I don’t shop at a store that carries Led Zeppelin because that’s too mainstream…” Get over yourselves. Vanity is not a virtue that will yield long-term success in this business. Fields’ comments on RSD in the report are accurate. While it’s not untrue that the major labels have essentially taken over, as most of us know, it’s still a good day overall, sales-wise, and in terms of spreading awareness of indie record stores—which was the whole point of RSD in the first place. RSD

I have been on many panels with Record Store Day co-founder Carrie Colliton seen the venom coming her way, as if she has something to do with the onslaught of releases coming and the prices—as if she alone can 100% control it.  The RSD folks do everything they can; they are a non-profit tiny operation where the day to day administrative aspects and policing of policies is run by one person.  Yes, one. What’s corporate about that? What people fail to realize, is that some companies out there will do whatever they want: They defy our rules, our criteria, hell, even our way of life, and they will do it with someone else (like Amazon or Barnes & Noble) if we say no.  They are already doing this. In Dublin, where I am at now writing this, local friends/colleagues were telling me about Tesco (UK company), a grocery store that is the third largest retailer in the world for Father’s Day, selling rare, limited edition colored vinyl from bands such as The Jam and The Clash.

Seriously? Do the labels not understand what they are doing to the format by doing promotions with large chains like this? Not to mention what this does to small indie record stores? It’s an insult to all of the work we stores have done; it’s now in the hands of those who do not respect what it is and will do anything to make an extra buck.

In addition to that, I also know, since she works in our Raleigh store every single year to help us with crowd control on RSD, what Carrie deals with on an annual basis. This includes record stores themselves breaking the explicit rules set up by RSD, such as gouging fans by putting limited LPs on eBay. Some things I will not mention here as it would create havoc for her, but let’s just say that there are some greedy people out there, and they are not all at labels—they are at stores as well.

Then where does that leave the stores that helped create this phenomenon and curated the format? Who never stopped selling vinyl for over 40 years?  We build something up, make it work, make it successful, and then it leaves us to go elsewhere? Hello, LeBron James! They will just take “their talents elsewhere.”

Well, it’s time for the flirtations to end, time to take a pay cut and take one for the team, and time for you to do the right thing—and come home.  If LeBron can do it (who was once the most hated athlete in the world for leaving Cleveland to go to Miami), why can’t you?  You can win in Cleveland; you just have to assemble the right team.

Colored vinyl

Make no mistake: Vinyl is not dead, so don’t believe any headlines to that effect. It’s not in any danger of disappearing. But the pricing structure is deeply problematic. The real issue RSD has presented, and something that was not mentioned in the Stereogum article, is that because of its success, stores have become a line-item on the Income Statement for major labels, instead of just being in the “Misc” column. That is, RSD has made a significant enough impact (as vinyl sales have, overall, but this is largely led by RSD) industry-wide to prompt the “black-and-white/I-have-no-idea-why-people-buy-records” accountants working in the industry to start to dissect those line items. Those accountants then come to the conclusion that the labels are “not making enough margins” on their products. THIS is the reason for the price increases that Nelson outlined in his Stereogum report. It’s based on the generic analytics that accountants use to study what something should be priced, which incorporate manufacturing issues, volume, and the ridiculous overhead they have, what with the large buildings, offices, and expenses incurred for the elite few in an industry that is only a fraction of what it was before, during the peak years for the CD, volume- and cash flow-wise.

The latter point is worth restating, and I have said it before. It makes no sense for the majors to have these large offices in NYC or in extremely expensive real estate markets, when you can work from just about anywhere (depending on your actual job). You can save tremendous amounts of money having satellite offices and/or in cheaper markets. There are tons of empty buildings, for example, in Atlantic City from casinos that went out of business. In 2016, normal human beings are moving away from overpriced large cities like New York to more reasonably-price areas like Raleigh-Durham (my hometown). But the music industry, for some reason, feels it has to “keep up appearances” and stay in ridiculous situations. They therefore make the “business of music” almost impossible for these large corporations—the ones that waste money on such things—to have a realistic grasp of the “business” in terms of the prices that normal people are actually willing to pay and what this industry realistically can make in 2016 and into the foreseeable future. It all goes back to those margins, which become the problem, which in turn is due to the inflated overhead and unrealistic expectations.

In a sense, independent stores were better off when we did not show up on those accountants’ radars. RSD did generate press and hype; those large RSD sales figures and vinyl sales in general got noticed by the industry, and the numbers were then played with. And here we are: accountants in NYC making decisions that might work on paper in a short-term sense, but make no sense for the long-term life of the business. Anyone in the trenches or who actually buys records can tell you this; it is obvious.  However, this is nothing new, that those decisions are being made by people who haven’t bought a record (or even music, for that matter) in years or decades and answer monthly to shareholders and look at everything as just “widgets.”

They simply do not understand the landscape and the customers—what they actually want, what their consumer habits are like, and what they are willing to pay for the products they buy.  However black and white that is, it lacks complete common sense.  As my late father, who was a highly respected CPA, used to say, “You can teach someone the numbers and the books, but you can’t teach someone common sense.”  In this day and age, where people walk around like the zombie apocalypse playing a video game on their phone, is it any wonder why the stereotypical starched, white-collar accountant can’t look up from his desk for five minutes and see what is really going on? Of course not, but we all need to look up as we are missing a really beautiful world around us, all the while getting stuck in a fantasy world with numbers that don’t add up.

The indie labels understand this—most of them do try to keep their prices down, relatively speaking—but the majors control way too much catalog and therefore need to lead here. But the direction they are leading us in is down to the edge of a cliff once again, when people actually need to see the whole picture of what is happening. Success—the type that RSD did foster— shouldn’t necessarily be a problem. If managed properly, growth and success can work, but not if the people making the decisions don’t understand what exactly they are selling and who they are selling to and the basic common sense of it all.


At any rate, I have been saying for a year now that vinyl has reached a milestone and a peak, mainly because of the price and over-saturation of the marketplace, versus the demand and supply. The only reason vinyl sales are even up nationwide is because some places are only just now coming to the party, so it’s a false increase. I call it the “Bugs Bunny Effect,” when someone gets hit over the head with a hammer while running and they keep running for many frames until they realize someone hit them over the head and the big bump rises on the top of their head and it goes “ouch!” There is always a delayed reaction in the marketplace. It was the same when vinyl was going up; we saw it first at indie retail, and now we’re seeing the opposite.

With stores closing, prices staying high, too many sub-par reissues coming out, labels’ continued policies of vinyl being sold one-way/NON-returnable (unlike CDs, and unlike vinyl in decades’ past, once you buy a new LP for your store, it’s yours, and if it’s a stiff like the latest, and high-priced, Lana Del Rey album, you’ve essentially eaten your cost and can only pray you recoup after you’ve reduced the price and dumped it in your “sale” bins), and stores struggling to keep cash flow up for the traffic and turnover, this will ultimately start to trend downward. More stores will inevitably close, many will survive just like 15 years ago (when piracy had taken a huge toll on the independent store sector), but many markets will not be able to support a store, or multiple stores, especially if you are vinyl only.

At this rate and change we have seen over the last 12 months, there is going to be another purge. This is also inevitable, as everything is cyclical; but it could have been another 5-10 years before we saw this (and could have been more gradual) if the industry would just be more patient, let things build organically, and not overprice and make the same mistakes made in the ‘90s with the CD. (Remember when you’d pay an $18.98 for a single CD, not even a deluxe version, just to get the couple of songs you wanted?)

The stores with the higher rent are going first, which is why you are seeing it in NYC, where we all know rent is an issue. It will continue to trickle down into other markets unless the industry makes some major changes such as (1) moving street date from the current Friday back to Tuesday; (2) lowering the price of vinyl back to what the market can bear; and (3) also not allowing streaming services to have a record online and streaming on street date. The film industry doesn’t allow 99% of its movies to be rented concurrent with them opening in theaters, so why does the music industry allow new releases to be streaming—which is very analogous to renting— the same day they appear in stores? It makes no sense.

At my stores, I have seen double digit growth over the last four to five years—until last year, May 2015, when it just completely stopped. This trend started when the majors increased vinyl costs and list prices. Blurt editor Fred Mills was sitting right next to me, around April 2015 in my Raleigh store, when I opened the email from two of the major labels announcing the price hike. My immediate reaction was, “What are you idiots doing?!? You are making the same mistake you made in the ‘90s with high list prices for CDs, which directly fueled the downloading and piracy problem.”

Then the industry compounded matters with street dates changing to Friday, which has been an utter disaster and effectively killed weekday sales; weekends were already when customers were more likely to be out and shopping, so having Tuesday at a street date was a great way to get them into the stores during the week.

Many other factors were at play, too, but those were two huge ones. For example, we started off the first four months of 2015 up 22% from the same period in the year before, and we were on pace to have our best year in 10 years. Once those changes outlined above took place, however, the bottom fell out, and we finished down for the year.

I am seeing this nationwide. I deal with it every single day in my stores, as do the retail coalitions mentioned in the Stereogum article.  I am a proud member of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) and also a board member for Music Biz (formerly NARM), so I am hearing stories from all over the country.  Some are seeing it worse than others, but the common denominator is, everyone agrees, that we have a really serious problem.

I noticed things dropping off a few months after Record Store Day 2015, by the time August rolled around, I knew something was seriously wrong and this was not just a lull and/or a slow summer. I have voiced my issues to my colleagues, and there have been some heated discussions. There are many higher-ups in the industry who are furious about this and are pushing every day for solutions, but it typically falls upon deaf ears among those people who should understand but cannot seem to do anything, as well as people who just don’t care. So I am back in my corner, building up my reserves as best I can for the winter and the freeze. It’s been a perfect storm of problems, and here we are.

Another point worth mentioning here is that there are too many places selling vinyl for the number of people actually buying.  To restate what I said about about the UK grocery store Tesco selling vinyl, with the boom we also have chains such as Guitar Center, Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters and even some Whole Foods locations selling the wax.  If you look at the statistics and sales numbers, they are not large enough to justify this amount of growth in the market place it’s all hyped-up fashion that has been sold to them by those who benefit from it, and it’s not healthy to the business in the long run—you don’t want to blow your wad before you have the romance, so to speak.  Think of your retail partners, people. Think of the long-term effects of this. Can we really afford to not let this grow organically? Do you seriously not see the ramification of going to the altar too soon?

Many of these challenges were bound to happen, but in this day and age of social media, things change quickly. When we had a little bit of “good news” in the industry during the last ten years, such as all the “Vinyl Is Back!” stories in the media, well, of course everyone jumped on board. But it was too fast, too soon, too broad, too expensive.

Now those businesses that are more efficient, can manage their cash flow and inventory, have reasonable landlords and rent and good locations, experience a stable market, and diversify themselves enough to make higher margins off other items (such as online sales, second-hand vinyl, and accessories) are the ones most likely to survive. Lately I’ve been working more with shirts, books, and other items that have better margins, additionally trying to stockpile as much second-hand product as I can get my hands on, whatever the format.

When nearby stores do close, those stores that remain will certainly pick up some of the customers, but it’s all short-lived gains. Don’t forget that competition is good and more product in the marketplace is good—as long as it’s priced right and fits the market demand. This is the same thing that happened in the early 2000s, when stores were closing left and right. It’s about to happen again, and it’s sad because it could be different if it was managed better.

I am particularly worried about the small stores that are vinyl only and don’t have any room for error. Two of my stores are 50/50 CDs-to-vinyl, which is healthy. Another was 70% vinyl, but that is gradually starting to change now. Stores that sell only vinyl, that is a really tough thing to manage, and unlike my stores, they don’t necessarily have a 40+ year history of selling CDs and all genres. This gives us an advantage, not just in the shop itself but especially on-line, where secondhand sales do really well for us with CDs and LPs alike.

Regarding stores located in areas of high rent, they are the most vulnerable right now. As mentioned, I have three stores and I have a lot to fall back on. We are adjusting to these industry changes. It’s what I do and analyze every single day.

I also have an accounting degree and business management degree, and thanks to having smart store managers, I am not bogged down daily with running the stores. That frees me to spend all of my time running reports, analyzing sales, trends, and inventory levels. (Having a robust point-of-sale system that can manage inventory and cut down on the administrative labor is critical for a retail business, and that’s the best investment I’ve made in the last 6-12 months.) I also am constantly looking for more things to increase our business and to make us different—like having a bar and selling craft beer at my Raleigh location, for example—and to increase our brand, not just within NC but nationally and in Europe as well.

But many others do not have this luxury, and it’s those stores I worry about. Clearly the conversation about all this is now happening among the general public, and with customers, too, who are seeing it happen every day.

The question is, will they do anything to fix this? The record industry, that is. I am not counting on it. But I plan to survive regardless. Vinyl’s not dead; it’s a music format that has endured for longer than most of us have been alive, in fact. As a retailer, I certainly don’t plan to go down without a bloody fight—which makes it worth reminding you that in 2013, major label EMI was broken up as part of its acquisition by Universal. This renders those defiant, confrontational Sex Pistols lyrics quoted at the top of this article all the more timely, and meaningful:

Unlimited edition

With an unlimited supply

That was the only reason

We all had to say goodbye.


Stephen Judge

Above: Stephen Judge

Ardent Studios to Get Feted in Austin Thursday at SXSW


And yes, there just might be the stray mention of Big Star somewhere in the mix on Thursday.

At this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas, Ardent Studios will officially launch a yearlong celebration of its 50th anniversary.First, there will be SXSW panel, titled “Marking Music History: 50 Years of Ardent Studios,” that will take place on Thursday, March 17, at 12:30 to 1:30 at the Austin Convention Center’s Room 12AB.

David Fricke, senior editor and writer for Rolling Stone, will moderate a panel that includes Jimmie Vaughan (Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Vaughan Brothers), Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars, The Black Crowes), Joe Hardy, producer/engineer (ZZ Top, The Replacements, Steve Earle), Jody Stephens (Big Star, Golden Smog, Those Pretty Wrongs), and Adam Hill, producer/engineer (Big Star, Jack White, Klaus Voormann).

Additionally, a showcase is also set for Thursday, March 17 (doors at 7 p.m.), at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul that will feature Ardent Studios recording artists Jimmie Vaughan and friends, Greyhounds, and Low Cut Connie.




We plan to do it up right again at the Ginger Man Pub, natch, along with our sponsor Karbach Brewing. Waco Brothers, Everymen, Sidewinders, Soul Asylum, Hank Sinatra, Mercury Rev w/Simon Raymonde, Churchwood, Caleb Caudle, Basia Bulat, Robbie Fulks, Brett Harris… need we continue? Loads more slated to perform all four days! Below, take a gander at our party posters as rendered by Jonboy Langford—who, not so coincidentally, once again curated our Thursday show and will serve as your humble host that day

By Thee Editors

Once again we are headed to Austin for our annual March getaway—not so coincidentally, during the annual SXSW bacchanal which draws music biz types and punters from all over the globe. A big thanks to our pals at the Ginger Man – we couldn’t do this without you – as we plan to be hunkered down much/most of the time on the legendary outdoor patio of the beloved pub, located at 301 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701.


We’d also like to thank our official sponsor this year, Karbach Brewing Company — “proudly brewed in Texas.”


Bands? Yeah, we’ve seen a few over the years… This time around our trip will run March 16-19, and as usual the BLURT staff is busily scratching out daily and nightly itineraries, knowing full well that after, you know, a few hours in Austin you might as well chuck that proposed schedule out the hotel window and just wing it.

Meanwhile, though, there’s that little matter of the Ginger Man and our annual Industry of Music Showcase, which will feature both day parties and nighttime performances all four days, Wednesday through Saturday. As usual, these parties do not require wristbands or badges to get in—absolutely no guestlists or VIP crap either; everyone is welcome, even Donald Trump supporters—and as such, the venue will operate on the usual “one out/one in” basis whenever it reaches legal capacity. Experience has told us that certain bands are guaranteed club-packers, so it’s always a good idea to arrive early at the Ginger Man doors to ensure your getting in for the particular set(s) you are wanting to catch. Yes, there will be a line from time to time, but experience also has told us that nobody ever has to wait too long.

Come by early, stay late, and make sure you say howdy to the crew!


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18th Annual Industry of Music Showcase / Austin 2016 – March 16-19

Proudly presented by Industry of Music and Blurt Magazine


~Wednesday, March 16th
1pm – The Kickback –

2pm – Freedy Johnston –

3pm – Brett Harris –

4pm – Robbie Fulks –

5pm – Supersuckers –

6pm – Blackfoot Gypsies –

7pm – Yoko and the Oh No’s –

8pm – Radio Birds –

9pm – Stolen Rhodes –

10pm – Overtake –

11pm – Happy Abandon –

12am – The Head –


~Thursday, March 17th (Jon Langford from The Mekons and Waco Brothers will host the day’s event!)
1pm – Darkwing –

2pm – Walter Salas-Humara (of The Silos) –

3pm – Waco Brothers –

4pm – Banditos –
5pm – Churchwood –

6pm – Bad Luck Jonathan –

7pm – Ice Cold Singles – (Members of the Waco Bros!)

8pm – Insects vs Robots –

9pm – Happy Abandon –

10pm – Caleb Caudle –

11pm – Carbon Poppies –

12am – Hank Sinatra –


~Friday, March 18th

1pm – The Everymen –

2pm – Dressy Bessy –

3pm – Dash Rip Rock –

4pm – Soul Asylum – /

5pm – ‘Mercury Rev Song and Tell w Simon Raymonde ‘–

6pm – Luke Winslow King –

7pm – Paul Burch –

8pm – The Bluebonnets –

9pm – The Sidewinders –

10pm – SURPRISE GUEST (Who will it be THIS year???)

11pm – Hank Sinatra –

12am – The Whiskey Gentry –


~Saturday, March 19th

1pm – Jeremy and The Harlequins –

2pm – Eli “Paperboy” Reed –

3pm – Basia Bulat –

4pm – Hey Marseilles –

5pm – The Wild Reeds –

6pm – Little Hurricane –

7pm – Yoko and the Oh No’s –

8pm – Insects vs Robots –

9pm – Joy Again –

10pm – Wailin Storms –

11pm – Overlake –

12am – Dead Stars –


SXSW 2016 Releases Complete Artist & Conversations List


By Blurt Staff

Sometimes you just have to print the press releases…. this has been a service of your friendly neighborhood BLURT.


SXSW is pleased to release the full list of over 2,100 artists scheduled to perform at the 30th edition of the SXSW Music Festival taking place Tuesday, March 15 – Sunday, March 20, 2016. In addition, many notable artists will be participating in the SXSW Music Conference.

The Music Conference lineup is stacked with huge names and stellar latebreak announcements. Catch conversations with Talib Kweli, NOFX, T-Pain and Sway, Kelly Rowland, Mark Mothersbaugh, Richie Hawtin, John Doe & Mike Watt, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, and more. All-star panels include Hired Guns: World’s Greatest Backing Musicians (with Phil X, Ray Parker, Jr., Kenny Aranoff, and more), Smart Studios (with Butch Vig & Steve Marker), I Wrote That Song (stories & songs from Mac McCaughan, Matthew Caws, Dan Wilson, and more) and Organized Noize: Tales From the ATL. For more information on conference programming, please go here.

Because this is such an enormous list of artists, we have asked over thirty influential music bloggers to flip through our confirmed artist list and contribute their thoughts on their favorites. The 2016 Music Preview: the Independent Bloggers Guide to SXSW highlights 100 bands that should be seen live and in person at the SXSW Music Festival. To check out the guide, please go to:

Click here or read below for the full list of artists scheduled to perform:

((PRESSURES)) (New Orleans LA)
1001 Nights Orchestra (Austin TX)
21 Savage (Atlanta GA)
22Love (Brooklyn NY)
2 Chainz (Atlanta GA)
2ToneDisco (Los Angeles CA)
3ballMty (Monterrey MEXICO)
The 4onthefloor (Minneapolis MN)
5ive (Earth TX)
5 Miles to Midnight (Port Of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
8 Ball Aitken (Austin TX)
90One (Temple TX)
A-Town Get Down (Austin TX)
Abjects (London UK-ENGLAND)
Abstrakto (Los Angeles CA)
The Accidentals (Traverse City MI)
Accomplice (Host) (Dallas TX)
Acid Dad (Brooklyn NY)
Barry Adamson (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Ryan Adams and The Shining (Los Angeles CA)
Steve Adamyk Band (Ottawa ON)
Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin TX)
Adée (Kalmar SWEDEN)
Advance Base (Chicago IL)
Adventure Club (Montreal QC)
Afterlife (Josh Pan + X&G) (New York NY)
Agoraphobia (Boiro SPAIN)
El David Aguilar (Ciudad De México MEXICO)
Jhene Aiko (Los Angeles CA)
Air Traffic Controller (Boston MA)
Akiba (Oklahoma City OK)
AKW (Los Angeles CA)
Albatross (Kathmandu NEPAL)
Alberta Cross (Brooklyn NY)
Alexander Jean (Los Angeles CA)
[Alexandros] (Tokyo JAPAN)
Alex G (Philadelphia PA)
Algodón Egipcio (Mexico MEXICO)
Jocelyn Alice (Calgary AB)
Alice On The Roof (Brussels BELGIUM)
A Live One (Austin TX)
ALIZZZ (Castelldefels SPAIN)
All Dogs (Columbus OH)
Elida Almeida (Praia CAPE VERDE)
Aloa Input (Munich GERMANY)
A Lot Like Birds (Sacramento CA)
David Altenor (Everett MA)
Altimet & the Kawan Band (Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA)
AlunaGeorge (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tiffany Alvord (Los Angeles CA)
Amasa Hines (Little Rock AR)
Amber Arcades (Utrecht NETHERLANDS)
AMFMS (Baltimore MD)
Shirlette Ammons (Durham NC)
Amplified Heat (Austin TX)
Anamanaguchi (New York NY)
Ancient Warfare (Lexington KY)
Carl Anderson (Nashville TN)
Drew Anderson (San Antonio TX)
And The Kids (Northampton MA)
Andy Mineo (New York NY)
Andy The Doorbum & Justin Aswell (Charlotte NC)
AngelGold (Los Angeles CA)
Anhayla (Henrico VA)
Annabelle Chairlegs (Austin TX)
Liza Anne (Nashville TN)
ANoyd (Bloomfield CT)
The Ansible (Austin TX)
Anthony Somebody of Quite Hype (Philadelphia PA)
Antoine93 (Montreal QC)
Antone’s – Home of the Blues (ft. Jimmie Vaughan, CJ Chenier, Barbara Lynn, and Lou Ann Barton) (Austin TX)
Daniel Antopolsky (Bordeaux FRANCE)
Antwon (Los Angeles CA)
Steve Aoki (Los Angeles CA)
Apache (San Francisco CA)
Applejaxx (Fayetteville NC)
April Red (Taipei TAIWAN)
Ben Aqua (Austin TX)
Arbor Labor Union (Athens GA)
Arielle (Los Angeles CA)
Aries (Bilbao SPAIN)
Aristophanes (Taipei TAIWAN)
Arkells (Hamilton ON)
Jor’Dan Armstrong (Baton Rouge LA)
Asleep at the Wheel (Austin TX)
Assassin “Agent Sasco” (Kintyre JAMAICA)
ASTR (New York NY)
Astronaut (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Astronautica (Los Angeles CA)
Astronauts, etc. (Oakland CA)
Atash (Austin TX)
A Tibbz (Stoughton MA)
Atomic Stooges (Ōsaka JAPAN)
AudioDamn! (Mannheim GERMANY)
Audio Push (Inland Empire CA)
Austin Meade (Austin TX)
Austin Music Awards House Band (ft. Charlie Sexton, Michael Ramos, George Reiff, and Sonia Moore) (Austin TX)
Author & Punisher (San Diego CA)
Autolux (Los Angeles CA)
Automagik (Cincinnati OH)
Avec Sans (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Avett Brothers (Concord NC)
aviateur (Austin TX)
A-Wa (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
The Away Days (Istanbul TURKEY)
Aztek 732 (Mexico City MEXICO)
Azul (Los Angeles CA)
Azure Hiptronics (The Hague NETHERLANDS)
B-Ham With The Tru & Livin Crew (Houston TX)
B.I.C (Bitches Is Crazy) (New York NY)
B&L All-Stars (Los Angeles CA)
Baauer (New York NY)
Baby E (Los Angeles CA)
Baby Shakes (New York NY)
Joey Bada$$ (Brooklyn NY)
The Bad Lovers (Austin TX)
Bad Luck Jonathan (Chicago IL)
Bad Sports (Denton TX)
Erykah Badu (Dallas TX)
Baio (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rob Baird (Austin TX)
Julien Baker (Memphis TN)
Ben Ballinger (Austin TX)
The Ballroom Thieves (Boston MA)
Bambara (Brooklyn NY)
The Bambir (Yerevan ARMENIA)
Banda Magda (Brooklyn NY)
Banditos (Birmingham AL)
The Band of Heathens (Austin TX)
Bang-N Records (New Orleans LA)
Kim Ban Jang (Windy City) (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Omari Banks (Anguilla ANGUILLA)
Banners (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Breanna Barbara (Brooklyn NY)
Barely Alive (Los Angeles CA)
Bas (New York NY)
Daniel Bashta (Atlanta GA)
Marc E. Bassy (Los Angeles CA)
Rayland Baxter (Nashville TN)
Bayonne (Austin TX)
BEA1991 (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Beach Slang (Philadelphia PA)
Bear Mountain (Vancouver BC)
Bearson (Oslo NORWAY)
Beat Imprint (Austin TX)
BeatKing (Houston TX)
Beau (New York NY)
Bee Caves (Austin TX)
Bee’s Knees (Los Angeles CA)
The Be Helds (Austin TX)
beißpony (Munich GERMANY)
Bel Heir (Philadelphia PA)
Charlie Belle (Austin TX)
bemyfriend (Dallas TX)
Taylor Bennett (Chicago IL)
BETO y los Fairlanes (Austin TX)
Better Person (Berlin GERMANY)
Beverly (Brooklyn NY)
Dru Bex (Toronto ON)
Big Big Love (Mexico City MEXICO)
Big Dipper (Chicago IL)
Big Phony (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
The Big Pink (London UK-ENGLAND)
Big Rob (Oklahoma City OK)
Big Smo (Unionville TN)
Big Thief (Brooklyn NY)
Big Tits (Treasure Island CA)
Big Ups (Brooklyn NY)
Big White (Sydney NSW)
Sam Binga (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Birdcloud (Nashville TN)
Bird Dog (Los Angeles CA)
Birthday Boy (Toronto ON)
Bonnie Bishop (Nashville TN)
Bixel Boys (Los Angeles CA)
BJ The Chicago Kid (Chicago IL)
Black Books (Austin TX)
Black Cobra (San Francisco CA)
Black Crown Initiate (Reading PA)
Black Fast (St Louis MO)
Blackfoot Gypsies (Nashville TN)
Black Joe Lewis (Austin TX)
Black Liquid Drop (Austin TX)
Blac Youngsta (Memphis TN)
Blaenavon (Liphook UK-ENGLAND)
Bavu Blakes (Garland TX)
Blakie (London UK-ENGLAND)
Blanck Mass (Worcester UK-ENGLAND)
The Blancos (Brooklyn NY)
BLANG (Orange County TX)
Blank Range (Nashville TN)
Blazing Bows (ft. Warren Hood, Alvin Crow, Jason Roberts, Erik Hokkanen, Emily Gimble and Carrie Rodriguez) (Austin TX)
Bleached (Los Angeles CA)
Bleachers (New Jersey NJ)
The Blessings (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Bleubird (Ft Lauderdale FL)
The Blind Owls (Corpus Christi TX)
The Blind Pets (Austin TX)
The Blind Shake (Minneapolis MN)
The Blind Suns (Angers FRANCE)
Bloc Party (London UK-ENGLAND)
Blondfire (Los Angeles CA)
Blood Orange (New York NY)
Bloody Knives (Austin TX)
Blue Healer (Austin TX)
Blue The Misfit (Dallas TX)
Blue October (Houston TX)
Kerry Blu (Winston Salem NC)
BOAN (Austin TX)
Bob Moses (Vancouver BC)
Bobo Swae (Tupelo MS)
Bodega Bamz (Spanish Harlem NY)
Myke Bogan (Portland OR)
The Bolos (San Antonio TX)
Bombino (Agadez NIGER)
Bone (Houston TX)
Bongzilla (Madison WI)
Megan Bonnell (Toronto ON)
Tabi Bonney (Washington DC)
Boobie Lootaveli (Miami FL)
Boogie (Compton CA)
Booher (Austin TX)
BoomBaptist (Austin TX)
BOOMScat (Washington DC)
Jackson Boone (Portland OR)
Boosie BadAzz (Baton Rouge LA)
Boraj (Santiago CHILE)
David Borne and Jason Martin Featuring Kree Harrison (Nashville TN)
BØRNS (Los Angeles CA)
BOSCO (Atlanta GA)
Boulevards (Raleigh NC)
Bibi Bourelly (Los Angeles CA)
The Boxing Lesson (Austin TX)
Boyfriend (New Orleans LA)
Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires (Brooklyn NY)
Brass Bed (Lafayette LA)
BrAyve World (Atlanta GA)
Break Science (Brooklyn NY)
Brinson (Jacksonville FL)
Edwin Briscoe (New York NY)
Brodie Boys (Austin TX)
Broken Gold (Austin TX)
Bronze Radio Return (Hartford CT)
Bronze Whale (Austin TX)
Brooklyn Raga Massive (Brooklyn NY)
Brothers In Law (Pesaro ITALY)
Harriet Brown (Los Angeles CA)
Henry Brun & The Latin Playerz (San Antonio TX)
Tracy Bryant (Los Angeles CA)
Soren Bryce (Los Angeles CA)
Tina B (Houston TX)
Buckshot (Brooklyn NY)
BUHU (Austin TX)
Built By Snow (Austin TX)
Buji (Ho Ho Kus NJ)
Basia Bulat (Montreal QC)
Burnt Palms (Santa Cruz CA)
Adrion Butler (Dallas TX)
Butta P (Miami FL)
Buyepongo (Los Angeles CA)
B Will (Shreveport LA)
Bye Bye Badman (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
C-Kan (Guadalajara MEXICO)
C-Micah (St Louis MO)
Cabezas Flutuantes (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL)
The Cactus Blossoms (Minneapolis MN)
Melaena Cadiz (Los Angeles CA)
Cakedog (Los Angeles CA)
Cala Vento (Barcelona SPAIN)
Calliope Musicals (Austin TX)
CALLmeKAT (Copenhagen DENMARK)
E Calloway (Dallas TX)
Cam’ron (New York NY)
Cam & China (Inglewood CA)
Dylan Cameron (Austin TX)
Ashley Campbell (Phoenix AZ)
Canon (Atlanta GA)
Cap 1 (Chicago IL)
Cappa (Nashville TN)
Capsula (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Capsula [performing The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars] (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Capture The Crown (Sydney NSW)
CAPYAC (Austin TX)
Laura Carbone (Mannheim GERMANY)
Carey (Nashville TN)
Hayes Carll (Houston TX)
Carlson (Brooklyn NY)
Loyle Carner (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rosie Carney (Donegal IRELAND)
Carroll (Minneapolis MN)
Car Seat Headrest (Seattle WA)
Qwyntel Carter (Austin TX)
Jazz Cartier (Toronto AE)
Casey Jay (Austin TX)
Cashy (Miami FL)
Casual Strangers (Austin TX)
Catch Fever (Houston TX)
Paul Cauthen (Austin TX)
Nyck Caution (Brooklyn NY)
Cavalier (Long Beach CA)
Caveboy (Montréal QC)
Caveman (New York NY)
CeaseTone (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Cekary (Brooklyn NY)
Celadon City (Edmond OK)
Celestial Trax (New York NY)
Cellars (Los Angeles CA)
Ceschi (New Haven CT)
The Chainsmokers (New York NY)
Chairlift (Brooklyn NY)
Cham (Miami FL)
The Chamanas (El Paso TX)
Chamothy The Great (Austin TX)
Chaos Chaos (Brooklyn NY)
Pearl Charles (Los Angeles CA)
charliepapa (Mérida VENEZUELA)
Charli XCX + SOPHIE (Bishop’s Stortford UK-ENGLAND)
Gina Chavez (Austin TX)
Chemical Burn (Burbank CA)
Cody ChesnuTT (Atlanta GA)
Chicano Batman (Los Angeles CA)
Chill Moody (Philadelphia PA)
Chirkutt (Dhaka BANGLADESH)
Chocolat (Montreal QC)
Suzanna Choffel (Austin TX)
Maureen Choi Quartet (Madrid SPAIN)
Michael Christmas (Boston MA)
Chubby Knuckle Choir (Bastrop TX)
Chunk! No Captain Chunk! (Paris FRANCE)
Cicada Rhythm (Athens GA)
Cinnaman (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Cipha Sounds (New York NY)
Cirkus Funk (Cali COLOMBIA)
Citizen (Toledo OH)
City Of The Sun (New York NY)
CJ Fly (Brooklyn NY)
George Clanton (Brooklyn NY)
CLARA-NOVA (Los Angeles CA)
JD Clark (Austin TX)
Clean Cut Kid (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
David C Clements (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Andy Clockwise (Los Angeles CA)
Close Talker (Saskatoon SK)
Cloudland Canyon (Los Angeles CA)
Cloves (Melbourne VIC)
CMA Songwriters Series feat. Shane McAnally, Kacey Musgraves and Josh Oshborne (Nashville TN)
Cmore Stacks (Atlanta GA)
Coast Modern (Los Angeles CA)
Geno Cochino (Los Angeles CA)
Cocofunka (San José COSTA RICA)
CocoRosie (Brooktown FRANCE)
Coheed and Cambria (New York NY)
Coldair (Warsaw POLAND)
Cold Fronts (Philadelphia PA)
Julia Cole (Nashville TN)
Judy Collins and Ari Hest (Denver CO)
Wendy Colonna (Austin TX)
The Compozers (London UK-ENGLAND)
Con Brio (San Francisco CA)
Cóndor Jet (Providencia CHILE)
John Congleton & The Nighty Nite (Dallas TX)
Conquer Divide (Detroit MI)
Leo James Conroy (Los Angeles CA)
Constant Gardner (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Contortionist (Indianapolis IN)
Bill Converse (Austin TX)
Will Joseph Cook (Royal Tunbridge Wells UK-ENGLAND)
JP Cooper (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Coral Bones (Provo UT)
Corb Lund (South Alberta AB)
Cosmic Homies O.N.E. (Nairobi KENYA)
Cosmo (Manama BAHRAIN)
Cosmo’s Midnight (Sydney NSW)
Cosmonauts (Los Angeles CA)
Frankie Cosmos (New York NY)
Cosmostanza (Oklahoma City OK)
Stella Cottrell (Austin TX)
Country Cousins (Austin TX)
Barns Courtney (Ipswich UK-ENGLAND)
COURTNIE (Saint Louis MO)
Cousin Stizz (Boston MA)
Covet (with Yvette Young) (San Jose CA)
Coyote Union (Mountain Home AR)
Cozz (Los Angeles CA)
Edith Crash (Los Angeles CA)
CREEPOID (Philadelphia PA)
Crescendo (Los Angeles CA)
Crew54 (Killeen TX)
The Crookes (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Crowbar (New Orleans LA)
Croy and The Boys (Austin TX)
Crudo Pimento (Murcia SPAIN)
Crunk Witch (Presque Isle ME)
Crystal Castles (Toronto ON)
The Cult (Los Angeles CA)
Culture Abuse (San Francisco CA)
Cumstain (Oakland CA)
Currents (Newtown CT)
Denzel Curry (Miami FL)
CYBER69 (Vladivostok RUSSIA)
D∆WN (New Orleans LA)
Lucy Dacus (Richmond VA)
Daddy Issues (Nashville TN)
Daedelus (Los Angeles CA)
Kat Dahlia (Miami FL)
Dai Burger (New York NY)
Benjamin Damage (Swansea UK-WALES)
DamonStCloud (West Orange NJ)
D and Chi (Dallas TX)
The Dandy Warhols (Portland OR)
Dante “Nawm$aiyan” Maurice (Austin TX)
Darq E Freaker (Peckham UK-ENGLAND)
Dash Rip Rock (New Orleans LA)
Databoy (Los Angeles CA)
Datin (Newark NJ)
Da Truth (Philadelphia PA)
Dave Luxe (Brussels BELGIUM)
Davido (Lagos NIGERIA)
David Wax Museum (Charlottesville VA)
Elise Davis (Little Rock AR)
Betty DawL (Tampa FL)
Trinity Dawson (Houston TX)
Daya (Pittsburgh PA)
Dayme Arocena (Habana CUBA)
Jesse Dayton (Austin TX)
Day Wave (Oakland CA)
dCc (Dallas TX)
The Dead Deads (Nashville TN)
Dead Earth Politics (Austin TX)
Dead Gaze (Oxford MS)
Dead Leaf Echo (New York NY)
The Dead Ships (Los Angeles CA)
Dead Soft (Vancouver BC)
The Dead South (Regina SK)
Deap Vally (The Vally CA)
Dearly Beloved (Toronto ON)
Death by Unga Bunga (Oslo NORWAY)
Death Valley Girls (Los Angeles CA)
De De Mouse (Tokyo JAPAN)
Deejay Theory (San Francisco CA)
Deepflow (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Deep Inside (Austin TX)
Deer Vibes (San Antonio TX)
Deffie (Lake Forest CA)
DEGA (Joshua Tree CA)
AJ DeGrasse (San Diego CA)
Delta Rae (Durham NC)
Dem Ham Boyz (Los Angeles CA)
Demob Happy (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Dengue Dengue Dengue (Lima PERU)
Deraj (Orlando FL)
Des Ark (Durham NC)
Desnudos En Coma (Naked In A Coma) (Cali COLOMBIA)
Destiny Bond (Austin TX)
The Diamond Center (Austin TX)
Diarrhea Planet (Nashville TN)
Alvaro Diaz (San Juan PR)
Nina Diaz (San Antonio TX)
Russell Dickerson (Nashville TN)
Luther Dickinson (Nashville TN)
Diet Cig (New Paltz NY)
Sonny Digital (Atlanta GA)
The Digital Wild (Austin TX)
Dilemma (Philadelphia PA)
Dilly Dally (Toronto ON)
Eric Dingus Presents TSO (Austin TX)
Dinner (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Dion (New York NY)
Lucas DiPasquale (Toronto ON)
Dirty Little Blondes (Austin TX)
The Dirty Nil (Dundas ON)
Dirty Streets (Memphis TN)
DISTORTEDD (Philadelphia PA)
Divine Council (Richmond VA)
Division Minuscula (Matamoros MEXICO)
DJ Aktive (Hosting) (Philadelphia PA)
DJ Akuaa (Maryland MD)
DJ Baby Roo (Houston TX)
DJ BASE (Los Angeles CA)
DJ B-Hen (Baltimore CA)
DJ Black Moses (New York NY)
DJ Chose (Brookshire TX)
DJ Clent (Chicago IL)
DJ Cuppy (Lagos NIGERIA)
DJ Damage (Philadelphia PA)
DJ Delano Renaissance (Kingston JAMAICA)
DJ D-Lite (Austin TX)
DJDS (Los Angeles CA)
DJ Earl (Chicago IL)
DJ Edu (London UK-ENGLAND)
DJ Flow (Baltimore MD)
DJ Fresh (Louisville KY)
DJ Gravy (Brooklyn NY)
DJ Grip (Austin TX)
DJ HALO (Oakland CA)
DJ Hella Yella (Austin TX)
DJHerShe (Boston MA)
DJ Holiday (Atlanta GA)
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Philadelphia PA)
DJ Jazzy T (Nashville TN)
DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (Host) (Austin TX)
DJ Khaled (Miami FL)
DJ Logic (New York NY)
DJ Mannie Fresh (New Orleans LA)
DJ Mint Limeade (Los Angeles CA)
DJ Mz Rico (Houston TX)
DJ Neptizzle (London UK-ENGLAND)
DJ Nitrane (Los Angeles CA)
DJ Paypal (Berlin GERMANY)
DJ Phife (Dallas TX)
DJ Q (Dallas TX)
DJ RayRay (Taipei TAIWAN)
DJ Rec Spect (Austin TX)
DJ Richard (Providence RI)
DJ Ryan Wolf (Cleveland OH)
DJ Sad13 & DJ Dirwinista (Speedy Ortiz) (Northampton MA)
DJ Sermon (San Antonio TX)
DJ Sliink (Newark NJ)
DJ Spinn (Chicago IL)
DJ Stephen (Port Of Spain POS)
DJ Taye (Chicago IL)
DJ Tunez (New York NY)
DJ Tuss (Ft Worth TX)
DJ Wonder (New York NY)
DLOW (Chicago IL)
DMA’S (Sydney NSW)
DNCE (Los Angeles CA)
Dodge & Fuski (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
John Doe (Richmond CA)
Doeman (Houston TX)
Phillie Doja (Lafayette LA)
B. Dolan (Providence RI)
Dolce (Umeå SWEDEN)
Dollkraut (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Domo Genesis (Los Angeles CA)
Don Cannon (Philadelphia PA)
Don Flamingo (New Orleans LA)
DonMonique (Brooklyn NY)
Doomsquad (Toronto ON)
Doughbeezy (Houston TX)
Dougie F (Orange NJ)
Downtown Boys (Providence RI)
DoWrong (Austin TX)
Daniel Francis Doyle (Austin TX)
D.R.A.M. (Hampton VA)
Drawing North (Nashville TN)
Dreamers (Los Angeles CA)
Dreezy (Chicago CA)
Dre Prince (Austin TX)
Dressy Bessy (Denver CO)
Dro Fe (Mission TX)
Drowners (New York NY)
Drowning Pool (Dallas TX)
D Soul Davis (Waco TX)
Dual Core (Austin TX)
Dua Lipa (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dubb Sicks (Austin TX)
Dubioza Kolektiv (Sarajevo BOSNIA)
Dubloadz (Los Angeles CA)
Ducky (Los Angeles CA)
Dude York (Seattle WA)
Duhrdy (Austin TX)
Duina del Mar (Cali COLOMBIA)
The Dumplings (Zabrze POLAND)
Kimberly Dunn (Austin TX)
Duran (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Dwagie (Tainan TAIWAN)
D. Woods (Springfield MA)
Dyme-A-Duzin (Brooklyn NY)
Dynoman (Karachi PAKISTAN)
DZ (Brooklyn NY)
DZ Deathrays (Brisbane QLD)
DZZ (Stephens City VA)
Earl Sweatshirt (Los Angeles CA)
The Early Reset (Nashville TN)
EarthGang (Atlanta GA)
Dave East (Harlem NY)
The Eastern Sea (Austin TX)
East of My Youth (Reykjavík ICELAND)
Eau Rouge (Stuttgart GERMANY)
Echo Wants Her Voice Back (Nicosia CYPRUS)
Eclair Fifi (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Eerie Wanda (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Andrew Ehrenzeller (S Florida FL)
Ekali (Vancouver BC)
E.L. (Accra GHANA)
Ela Minus (New York NY)
El B (Miami FL)
El Bles (Orlando FL)
El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Los Angeles CA)
El Dusty (Corpus Christi TX)
Electric Eye (Oslo NORWAY)
ELEL (Nashville TN)
Elephant Stone (Montreal QC)
Elf Kid (London UK-ENGLAND)
El Freaky (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Elhae (Atlanta GA)
El Indio (Sacramento CA)
Elliott Test (Don’t Delete) (London AL)
Robert Ellis (Houston TX)
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes (Nashville TN)
El Otro Grupo (Santa Marta COLOMBIA)
Ember Island (Linköping SWEDEN)
EMI (Seattle WA)
Empress Of (New York NY)
Emufucka (Tokyo JAPAN)
Enemies (Kilcoole IRELAND)
Entheos (Santa Cruz CA)
Jota Erre (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Escondido (Nashville TN)
Javier Escovedo (San Diego CA)
ESG (Houston TX)
Estelle (Los Angeles CA)
Eureka The Butcher (El Paso TX)
Chad Evans (Dallas TX)
EVDW (Edgar Van de Wingard) (Santiago CHILE)
Eve and the Exiles (Austin TX)
Evefest feat. Lisa Goe, Mandy Allyn, Emily Faulk and Jessica Cayne (Nashville TN)
The Everymen (Tuckerton NJ)
Everything Everything (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Ex-Legionnaires (Austin TX)
EXMORTUS (Whittier CA)
Expander (Austin TX)
Expert Alterations (Baltimore MD)
Exploded View (Berlin GERMANY)
Extreme Heat (Austin TX)
Eyelid Kid (Austin TX)
Ezrakh (Rahway NJ)
Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye (Los Angeles CA)
Jad Fair (Austin TX)
Faith Healer (Edmonton AB)
Fakear (Anthony FRANCE)
Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow (Austin TX)
BP Fallon (Dublin IRELAND)
Brian Fallon (Red Bank NJ)
The FAM (Dallas TX)
Fantastic Negrito (Oakland CA)
Far From Alaska (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Fast Forward Austin (Austin TX)
Fast Romantics (Toronto ON)
Fat Boogie (Dallas TX)
Fat Tony (Houston TX)
faUSt (Hamburg GERMANY)
Faux Ferocious (Nashville TN)
Kari Faux (Little Rock AR)
Charlie Faye & The Fayettes (Austin TX)
Lena Fayre (Los Angeles CA)
Fear of Men (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Fedel (Tulsa OK)
FEE LION (Chicago IL)
FEELS (Los Angeles CA)
The Feels (Dallas TX)
Few Bits (Antwerpen BELGIUM)
Fickle Friends (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Field Division (Des Moines IA)
Field Trip (Los Angeles CA)
Finale (Detroit MI)
The Fine Constant (Madison WI)
Firekid (Muscle Shoals AL)
Ian Fisher (Berlin GERMANY)
Five 2 Oh (Corpus Christi TX)
Fizzy Blood (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Flatbush Zombies (Brooklyn NY)
The Flavr Blue (Seattle WA)
flor (Hood River OR)
Axel Flovent (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Flying Ipis (Manila PHILIPPINES)
Flying Turns (Austin TX)
Foex (Santiago CHILE)
Miya Folick (Los Angeles CA)
Folks (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)
Foot Patrol (Austin TX)
The Foreign Resort (Copenhagen DENMARK)
For Esmé (Toronto ON)
Formation (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fotogramas (Valparaíso CHILE)
Sterling Fox (Jersey City NJ)
Michael Fracasso (Austin TX)
Frances (Newbury UK-ENGLAND)
Franky Flowers (Los Angeles CA)
Andy Frasco & the U.N. (Los Angeles CA)
Freaks and Geeks (Peter Stopschinski, Jenavieve Varga, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Mother Falcon, Sonia Moore) (Austin TX)
Freedom Fry (Los Angeles CA)
Kayla Freeman (Austin TX)
Free Radicals (Houston TX)
Freeway (Philadelphia PA)
Chaz French (Washington DC)
French Montana (Bronx NY)
Fresh aka Short Dawg (Houston GA)
Eleanor Friedberger (New York NY)
Friendly Greg (Philadelphia PA)
FROTH (Los Angeles CA)
Froyo Ma (Covington LA)
FS Green (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
FSTZ (Kansas City KS)
Robbie Fulks (Chicago IL)
The Funky Knuckles (Dallas TX)
Doug Funnie (Fort Worth TX)
Ezra Furman and The Boy-Friends (Chicago IL)
Fuse ODG (London UK-ENGLAND)
Future (Atlanta GA)
Future Blondes (Austin TX)
Future Punx (Brooklyn NY)
Janice Gaines (Nashville TN)
Gallant (Los Angeles CA)
Ron Gallo (Philadelphia PA)
Angelica Garcia (Richmond VA)
Destra Garcia (Port Of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Gun$ Garcia (Philadelphia PA)
The Garden (Orange County CA)
Travis Garland (Los Angeles CA)
Jack Garratt (Little Chalfont UK-ENGLAND)
Kevin Garrett (Brooklyn NY)
Kevin Gates (New Orleans LA)
Yonatan Gat (New York NY)
G-BUCK (Philadelphia PA)
Tommy Genesis (Vancouver BC)
Gent & Jawns (Richmond VA)
Geographer (San Francisco CA)
George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic (Tallahassee FL)
Get Inuit (Sittingbourne UK-ENGLAND)
Getter (San Jose CA)
Balthazar Getty (Los Angeles CA)
GF SOLDIER (New Orleans LA)
GGOOLLDD (Milwaukee WI)
G Herbo (Chicago IL)
Ghetts (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ghostland Observatory (Austin TX)
Ghostpizza (San Antonio TX)
The Ghost Wolves (Austin TX)
A Giant Dog (Austin TX)
The Gills (Pensacola FL)
Colin Gilmore (Austin TX)
Matt Gilmour’s Patient Wolf (Austin TX)
Gingee feat DJ Ethos (Los Angeles CA)
Girl Pilot (Austin TX)
Girls Names (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
GITCHII (Philadelphia PA)
GIVERS (Lafayette LA)
The Giving Tree Band (Yorkville IL)
Margaret Glaspy (New York NY)
Samantha Glass (Madison WI)
Jody Glenham (Vancouver BC)
Globelamp (Los Angeles CA)
Gnik the God (Atlanta GA)
Go!Zilla (Firenze ITALY)
Go Cozy (Washington DC)
GO DJ JB (Austin TX)
GoDJKnowledge & The Trendsetters (Austin TX)
Gold Class (Melbourne VIC)
Golden (Chicago IL)
Golden Dawn Arkestra (Saturn TX)
The Gooch Palms (Newcastle NSW)
Good Field (Austin TX)
Antonette Goroch (Oakland CA)
Pat G (Temple TX)
Isaac Gracie (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
Lukas Graham (Copenhagen DENMARK)
The Grahams (Nashville TN)
William Harries Graham & the Painted Redstarts (Austin TX)
Nick Grant (Atlanta GA)
Grape St (Austin TX)
Great American Canyon Band (Baltimore MD)
Great Caesar (Brooklyn NY)
The Great Discord (Linköping SWEDEN)
The Greeting Committee (Kansas City MO)
Grenda (Tijuana MEXICO)
Matt Gresham (Fremantle WA)
Greys (Toronto ON)
Diaz Grimm (Cambridge NEW ZEALAND)
Gringo Gang (Indianapolis IN)
Gringo Star (Atlanta GA)
Grizfolk (Los Angeles CA)
Ground Up (Philadelphia PA)
Growl (Austin TX)
GRRL (Durham NC)
Grupo Fantasma (Austin TX)
Gryffin (Los Angeles CA)
GS (Houston TX)
Guantanamo Baywatch (Portland OR)
Guerilla Toss (New York NY)
Guilla (Houston TX)
G.U.N. (Dallas TX)
Tim Gunter (Austin TX)
Guten Birds (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Guts Club (New Orleans LA)
Gutter (Austin TX)
Gwenno (Cardiff UK-WALES)
GYMSHORTS (Providence RI)
Clareta Haddon (Detroit MI)
Haihm (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Hail The Sun (Chico CA)
Cas Haley (Paris TX)
Hand Job Academy (Brooklyn NY)
Happy Colors (Miami FL)
Harddrive (Austin TX)
Hardo (Pittsburgh PA)
Hard Proof (Austin TX)
Danny L Harle (London UK-ENGLAND)
Har Mar Superstar (Minneapolis MN)
Harriet (Los Angeles CA)
Brett Harris (Durham NC)
Odetta Hartman (Brooklyn NY)
Sara Hartman (Sag Harbor NY)
Harts (Melbourne VIC)
Harvest Thieves (Austin TX)
Hashback Hashish (New Delhi INDIA)
Haunt the House (Charlestown RI)
Hawley (Chicago IL)
Mayer Hawthorne (DJ set) (Los Angeles CA)
Seiho Hayakawa (Osaka JAPAN)
The Head and the Heart (Seattle WA)
HEALTH (Los Angeles CA)
HeartByrne (Austin TX)
The Heart Collectors (Murwillumbah NSW)
Ronnie Heart (Fort Worth TX)
Heaters (Grand Rapids MI)
The Heavy (Bath UK-ENGLAND)
HED P.E. (Orange County CA)
Hefna Gwap (E Palo Alto CA)
The Heirs (Los Angeles CA)
Zyna Hel (Hexham UK-ENGLAND)
Henri Herbert (London UK-ENGLAND)
Henrik The Artist (Oslo NORWAY)
Cory Henry (Brooklyn NY)
Richard Henry (Austin TX)
Hex Cougar (Los Angeles CA)
Hey Marseilles (Seattle WA)
Hibou (Seattle WA)
Navelle Hice (Chester PA)
High Rollaz (Dallas TX)
The High Strung (Detroit MI)
Hikes (Austin TX)
Judith Hill (Los Angeles CA)
Hinds (Madrid SPAIN)
Ho99o9 (Los Angeles CA)
Hockey Dad (Wollongong NSW)
JP Hoe (Winnipeg MB)
Holiday Mountain (Austin TX)
Holy Esque (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Holy Nothing (Porto PORTUGAL)
Homeboy Sandman (Queens NY)
Honduras (Brooklyn NY)
Honne (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Hood Internet (Chicago IL)
Hooka Hey (Austin TX)
Shawn Hook (S Slocan BC)
Hooton Tennis Club (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Horsepowar (Vancouver BC)
Horse Thief (Oklahoma City OK)
Hospital Ships (Carrboro NC)
The Hot Nut Riveters (Austin TX)
House Of KENZO (San Antonio TX)
Howardian (New York NY)
Kyle Hubbard (Houston TX)
Hugo (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
HUMANS (Vancouver BC)
Humble Giants (Calgary AB)
Levi Hummon (Nashville TN)
Hundred Visions (Austin TX)
Hunny (Los Angeles CA)
HXLT (Chicago IL)
Richy Hyliger (Austin TX)
Tish Hyman (Bronx NY)
I am Justified (Houston TX)
IAN (Boston MA)
Tunji Ige (Philadelphia PA)
Iglooghost (Bath UK-ENGLAND)
I Grade Dub (St Croix VIRGIN ISLANDS)
II (Chihuahua MEXICO)
Illustrations (San Antonio TX)
Silvana Imam (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Imp Queen (Chicago IL)
Impxct (Tupelo MS)
Imran Aziz Mian Qawwal (Rawalpindi PAKISTAN)
InAeona (Boston MA)
Indolore (Paris FRANCE)
Jack Ingram (Austin TX)
INHALT (San Francisco CA)
Injury Reserve (Phoenix AZ)
Insomniac Lamb$ (Cincinnati OH)
International EA (New York NY)
In The Whale (Denver CO)
Intocable (Zapata TX)
Into It. Over it. (Chicago IL)
Inzey X Dopeskis Da Band (San Juan TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
iRAWniQ (Grand Rapids MI)
Isasha (La Horquetta TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
I See Stars (Detroit MI)
IshDARR (Milwaukee WI)
Ishi (Dallas TX)
Iska Dhaaf (Brooklyn NY)
Wande Isola (Austin TX)
Iyanya (Calabar NIGERIA)
iyer (Singapore SINGAPORE)
J.Sirus (Sacramento CA)
J’son (Saint Louis MO)
Julia Jacklin (Sydney NSW)
George Jackson III (Chicago IL)
Jenifer Jackson (Austin TX)
Trevor Jackson (Indianapolis IN)
Jacquees (Atlanta GA)
The Jacques (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Jahkoy (Toronto ON)
Jahlil Beats (Chester PA)
Jailo (Middelburg NETHERLANDS)
Jake Bugg (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND)
Jambinai (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Jason James (Texas City TX)
Ro James (New York NY)
Steve James (Johnsontown IN)
Jamestown Revival (Austin TX)
Jamie xx (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ruby Jane & the Reckless (Austin TX)
January May (Austin TX)
Japanese Breakfast (Brooklyn NY)
Jared & The Mill (Tempe AZ)
Sarah Jarosz (New York NY)
Jarrell (San Antonio TX)
Justin Jarvis (Ft Lauderdale FL)
Javi (San Antonio TX)
Dominican Jay (Austin TX)
Jaye Breed (Austin TX)
Jay Electronica (New Orleans LA)
Jay IDK (Bowie MD)
JaySremm (Tupelo MS)
Jéf (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Jefe Replay (Boston MA)
Mick Jenkins (Chicago IL)
Jenny and the Mexicats (Mexico City MEXICO)
Jeremy and The Harlequins (New York NY)
Jesse Dangerously (Ottawa ON)
J.I.D. (Atlanta GA)
Jidenna (Brooklyn NY)
JJUUJJUU (Los Angeles CA)
JLin (Gary IN)
J-Nice the Kingdom Builder (Austin TX)
Joel Laviolette & Rattletree (Austin TX)
John Mills Times Ten (Austin TX)
Lock Johnson & The IvorY JeaN BanD (Dallas TX)
Sean C. Johnson (Oklahoma City OK)
Joie Kathos (Philadelphia PA)
Joliette (Mexico City MEXICO)
Canton Jones (Atlanta GA)
Kydd Jones (Austin TX)
Newton Jones (Valdivia CHILE)
Tameca Jones (Austin TX)
Jonly Bonly (Austin TX)
Jonny 8 Track (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Jon Rambo (Houston TX)
Joon Moon (Paris FRANCE)
Joseph (Portland OR)
JRocc (Los Angeles CA)
JSoulja (Austin TX)
Judah & the Lion (Nashville TN)
Juiceboxxx (Milwaukee WI)
Larry June (San Francisco CA)
Jungles!!! from RED BACTERIA VACUUM (Tokyo JAPAN)
JUST BLAZE (Paterson NJ)
Juventud Juché (Madrid SPAIN)
K-Drama (Cincinnati OH)
K.P Tha Profit (San Antonio TX)
Kacy & Clayton (Glentworth SK)
Kacy Hill (Los Angeles CA)
Kadence (Oklahoma City OK)
Kalascima (Alessano ITALY)
Kal Marks (Boston MA)
Leo Kalyan (London UK-ENGLAND)
Kamaiyah (Oakland CA)
Kamau Kenyatte (New York NY)
Kapitol (Santiago CHILE)
The Karma Killers (Princeton NJ)
Marina Kaye (Marseille FRANCE)
Kay Odyssey (Austin TX)
K Camp (Milwaukee WI)
Keeper (Austin TX)
Keeps (Nashville TN)
Kehlani (Oakland CA)
Keith Ape (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Kelela (Los Angeles CA)
Cory Kendrix (Denver CO)
Kenny Gee (Austin TX)
Eddy Kenzo (Dallas TX)
Keys N Krates (Toronto ON)
KFHox (Bronx NY)
Khai (Jefferson City MO)
Khali Haat (Austin TX)
Khemmis (Denver CO)
Mikal kHill (Charlotte NC)
KH of Moscrill (Pittsburgh PA)
The Kickback (Chicago IL)
Kid Felix (Philadelphia PA)
Kif (Montevideo URUGUAY)
Shawnee Kilgore (Austin TX)
The Killing Floor (Nashville TN)
Kill J (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Killswitch Engage (Boston MA)
KiND (Nashville TN)
KING (Los Angeles CA)
Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers (Austin TX)
Emily King (New York NY)
King Kanja (Nairobi KENYA)
The Marcus King Band (Greenville SC)
Kings Destroy (New York NY)
Shelley King (Austin TX)
King Visionary (Detroit MI)
Kiño (Medellin COLOMBIA)
Kitten (Los Angeles CA)
Klingande (Croix FRANCE)
Knifight (Austin TX)
Kirk Knight (Brooklyn NY)
Tate Kobang (Baltimore MD)
Kristin Kontrol (DJ set) (New York NY)
Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon (Bronx NY)
Korma (Seattle WA)
Maze Koroma (Portland OR)
Kosha Dillz (Los Angeles CA)
Kota (Osaka JAPAN)
KP and The Boom Boom (Austin TX)
Kranium (New York NY)
Kreidler (Berlin GERMANY)
KRNE (Oakland CA)
Janelle Kroll (Chicago IL)
Krypol Haze (Austin TX)
Prateek Kuhad (New Delhi INDIA)
Dex Kwasi (Accra GHANA)
Kytes (Munich GERMANY)
L.A. WITCH (Los Angeles CA)
La Banda Morisca (Jerez De La Frontera SPAIN)
Jimmy LaFave (Austin TX)
Mon Laferte (Mexico City DIF)
Laguna Pai (Miraflores PERU)
Lake of Fire (Austin TX)
La Luz (Seattle WA)
Ray LaMontagne (Portland ME)
Lance (Fuze The Mc) (Atlanta GA)
Lance Neptune (Glenarden MD)
LANco (Nashville TN)
Tory Lanez (Toronto ON)
Cash Lansky (Tucson AZ)
Lao (Mexico City MEXICO)
Låpsley (Southport UK-ENGLAND)
la pumpkin (Savannah GA)
Las Delailas (Monterrey MEXICO)
The Last Artful, Dodgr (Los Angeles CA)
The Last Bandoleros (San Antonio TX)
LaToria (Dallas TX)
Bill Laurance (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lavender Country (Bremerton WA)
Ciaran Lavery (Lurgan UK-N. IRELAND)
Lazyeyes (Brooklyn NY)
Le$ (Houston TX)
Le1f (New York NY)
Leaf (New York NY)
Learning Secrets (Austin TX)
Leather Girls (Austin TX)
Dylan LeBlanc (Muscle Shoals AL)
Gianni Lee (Philadelphia PA)
Leggy (Cincinnati OH)
L.E.J (Paris FRANCE)
The Lemons (Chicago IL)
Matthew Law (Philadelphia PA)
Lil Dicky (Philadelphia PA)
Lil Durk (Chicago IL)
Lilly Hates Roses (Warsaw POLAND)
Lil Sicc (Austin TX)
Lil T (Austin TX)
Lil Uzi Vert (Philadelphia PA)
Lily & Madeleine (Indianapolis IN)
Line Upon Line Percussion (Austin TX)
LIONE (Los Angeles CA)
Lion Kojo (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Lionlimb (Nashville TN)
Lissie (Rock Island IL)
Little Fyodor (Denver CO)
Little Hurricane (San Diego CA)
Little Scream (Montreal QC)
Little Simz (London UK-ENGLAND)
Living (Bergen NORWAY)
Living Scars (Cedar Creek TX)
Lizzo (Minneapolis MN)
Lng/SHT (Cancún MEXICO)
Lo-Pan (Columbus OH)
Loamlands (Durham NC)
Lo Carmen (Los Angeles CA)
Locos Only (Texas TX)
Locos Por Juana (Miami FL)
Rebecca Loebe (Austin TX)
Lois (Madrid SPAIN)
Loki (Austin TX)
LOLO (Jackson NY)
Amber London (Houston TX)
Look Vibrant (Montreal QC)
Lord Dying (Portland OR)
Los Coast (Austin TX)
Los Detectives Helados (Piñas ECUADOR)
Los Nastys (Madrid SPAIN)
Los Outsaiders (Lima PERU)
Los Profetas/The Prophets (Port St Lucie FL)
Los Rakas (Oakland CA)
Los Reyes Vagos (Guatemala City GUATEMALA)
Los Skarnales (Houston TX)
Los Tetas (Santiago CHILE)
Los Texmaniacs (San Antonio TX)
Lost In Society (feat. Dave Pirner) (Asbury Park NJ)
Los Viernes Swing Band (Mexico City MEXICO)
Loteria (Austin TX)
Alice Phoebe Lou (Kommetjie SOUTH AFRICA)
Demi Louise (Boronia VIC)
Louis The Child (Chicago IL)
Irie Love (Kailua HI)
The Love Junkies (Perth WA)
Al Lover (Austin TX)
Royce Lovett (Tallahassee FL)
Love X Stereo (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia PA)
Lower Dens (Baltimore MD)
Lowkey (Austin TX)
Lucha Underground Live: Austin Warfare with El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Los Angeles CA)
Julia Lucille (Austin TX)
Lucius (Brooklyn NY)
Lucky Chops (New York NY)
Lucky L.O.C (Hillsboro TX)
Walker Lukens (Austin TX)
Lulacruza (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
LunchMoney Lewis (Miami FL)
Lushes (Brooklyn NY)
luca lush (New York NY)
Lust For Youth (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Lusts (Leicester UK-ENGLAND)
Lute (Charlotte NC)
Lydia Loveless (Columbus OH)
Loretta Lynn (Hurricane Mills TN)
Lyric Le’Velle (Fort Worth TX)
The Lytics (Winnipeg MB)
Machinedrum (Los Angeles CA)
Alexx Mack (Los Angeles CA)
Adrienne Mack-Davis (Rochester NY)
Terrence Mackey & Nu Restoration (Dallas TX)
Juan MacLean DJ Set (Dover NH)
Maco Mattox (OG Maco) (Atlanta GA)
Holly Macve (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Madame Gandhi (New York NY)
Mad Classy (Austin TX)
Made of Oak (Durham NC)
Anita Magenta (New York NY)
MAGIC! (Toronto ON)
Magic Giant (Los Angeles CA)
Magic Is Real (New York NY)
Mail the Horse (Brooklyn NY)
Mai Nimani (Hyderabad PAKISTAN)
Mainland (New York NY)
The Main Squeeze (Chicago IL)
Jai Malano (Austin TX)
Mal Blum (Brooklyn NY)
Malcs (Columbia MD)
Chris Malinchak (Brooklyn NY)
Danny Malone (Austin TX)
MAMA (Chicago IL)
Mamamoo (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
ManMan Savage (Atlanta GA)
Mannywellz (Washington DC)
Margeaux (New York NY)
The Mariachi Ghost (Winnipeg MB)
Marlys (Panamá PANAMA)
Billie Marten (Ripon UK-ENGLAND)
Martika (Washington DC)
Calvin Martyr (Austin TX)
Masego (Newport News VA)
Mass Gothic (New York NY)
Master Blaster Sound System (Corpus Christi TX)
Mathias. TROPIXXX & The Borrowers (Between Sets) (Washington DC)
Matrixxman (San Francisco CA)
Matthewdavid (Los Angeles CA)
The Mau Mau Chaplains (Austin TX)
Maxo (Brooklyn NY)
Maxo Kream (Houston TX)
Curtis Mayz (Dallas TX)
Lee Mazin (Philadelphia PA)
Mac McAnally (Nashville TN)
Dontae McFarland (San Diego CA)
Taylor McFerrin (Los Angeles CA)
MC Frontalot (Brooklyn NY)
Carson McHone (Austin TX)
Declan Mckenna (Hertfordshire UK-ENGLAND)
MC Lars (Oakland CA)
Jake McMullen (Nashville TN)
Curtis McMurtry (Austin TX)
Michael McQuaid (Nashville TN)
Mean Jeans (Portland OR)
Medasin (Dallas TX)
Meek (Dallas TX)
Mega Ran (Phoenix AZ)
Meishi Smile (Los Angeles CA)
Mélat (Austin TX)
Mike Melinoe (Detroit MI)
Melted (Corona CA)
Memories In Broken Glass (San Antonio TX)
Pedro Menendez Fusion Ensemble (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
(Madrid SPAIN)”
Mercury Rev (Catskills NY)
Message To The Masses (Tucson AZ)
Metal Mother (Los Angeles CA)
Methyl Ethel (Perth WA)
Metro Boomin (St. Louis CA)
Micca (Mexico City MEXICO)
Michael Rault (Montreal QC)
Lyric Michelle (Houston TX)
Mattie Michelle (Dallas TX)
Jackson Michelson (Corvallis OR)
Mic Mar (Portland OR)
MICxSIC (Virginia Beach VA)
Midland (Dripping Springs TX)
Miike Snow (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Mija (Los Angeles CA)
Mike REAL (St. Louis MO)
Mike Stud (Providence RI)
Mikey And The Drags (Houston TX)
Mikey Pauker (Oakland CA)
Mike Zombie (Willingboro NJ)
Milk & Bone (Montreal QC)
Milk Teeth (Stroud UK-ENGLAND)
Tor Miller (Brooklyn NY)
Franceleslia Millien (New York NY)
Parker Millsap (Purcell OK)
Milo (Los Angeles CA)
Mind Spiders (Fort Worth TX)
Mindz Of A Different Kind (Austin TX)
Derek Minor (Nashville TN)
Mirror Travel (Taos NM)
Mise en Scene (Winnipeg MB)
Miss Garrison (Santiago CHILE)
Missi & Mister Baker (Portland OR)
Missio (Austin TX)
Misteries (Dallas TX)
Misterwives (New York NY)
Chris Mitchell (Houston TX)
Grace Mitchell (Portland OR)
Mitre (Los Angeles CA)
Mitski (Brooklyn NY)
MLKMN (Los Angeles CA)
MNDSGN (Los Angeles CA)
Mobley (Austin TX)
MobSquad Nard (Jacksonville FL)
Modern Vices (Chicago IL)
MOJI (Houston TX)
Molina y Los Cósmicos (Castillos URUGUAY)
Molybden (Marfa TX)
Monk Parker (Austin TX)
Monogem (Los Angeles CA)
Montana of 300 (Chicago IL)
J. Monty (Jonesboro GA)
Monuments (London UK-ENGLAND)
Moodymann (Detroit MI)
The Moonlandingz (London UK-ENGLAND)
Moonlight Towers (Austin TX)
Eric Moore & Resonate (Austin TX)
Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils (Seattle WA)
Kevin Morby (Los Angeles CA)
Morenito De Fuego (Monterrey MEXICO)
More Or Les (Toronto ON)
More to Monroe (Frederick MD)
Gurf Morlix (Austin TX)
MORLY (Minneapolis MN)
Maren Morris (Arlington TX)
Cristina Morrison (New York NY)
T. Hardy Morris (Athens GA)
Gilligan Moss (Chicago IL)
Motel Radio (New Orleans LA)
Motel Raphaël (Montréal QC)
The Moth & The Flame (Provo UT)
Mother Falcon (Austin TX)
Mothers (Athens GA)
Moustache Prawn (Fasano ITALY)
Movin’ Cool (Brampton ON)
Moving Panoramas (Austin TX)
MPHO (Brooklyn NY)
Mr. Kitty (Austin TX)
Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 (Austin TX)
Mr. Mince (Jacksonville NY)
Mr. Vegas (Kingston 01)
Mr Del (Memphis TN)
Mr Play (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mrs. Magician (San Diego CA)
Mt. Wolf (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mueran Humanos (Berlin GERMANY)
The Mullens (Dallas TX)
Mumdance (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mumiy Troll (Vladivostok RUSSIA)
MUNA (Los Angeles CA)
Mungo’s Hi Fi (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Music Band (Nashville TN)
Muuy Biien (Athens GA)
My Bubba (Copenhagan DENMARK)
My Education (Austin TX)
My Gold Mask (Chicago IL)
My Jerusalem (Austin TX)
Mystikal (New Orleans LA)
Mexican Jihad (Mexico City MEXICO)
NAAFI (Mexico City MEXICO)
Tim Nable (W Covina CA)
Nai Harvest (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Naked Giants (Seattle WA)
Nancy Pants (Montreal QC)
Nap Eyes (Halifax NS)
Alex Napping (Austin TX)
Nas (Queens NY)
Jay Nash (Hartland VT)
Natig Rhythm Group (Baku AZERBAIJAN)
The National Parks (Provo UT)
Natisú (Santiago CHILE)
Natori (Hearne TX)
Julian Neel (Lubbock TX)
Nef The Pharaoh (Vallejo CA)
Negative Gemini (New York NY)
(Elgin IL)”
John Mark Nelson (Minneapolis MN)
Sarah Bethe Nelson (San Francisco CA)
Neon Bunny (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Neon Indian (Brooklyn NY)
Barbara Nesbitt (Austin TX)
Alex Newell (Los Angeles CA)
New Madrid (Athens GA)
New Myths (Brooklyn NY)
The New Regime (San Diego CA)
Next Stop: Horizon (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Kara Nichole (San Antonio TX)
Night Beats (Seattle WA)
Night Birds (Eatontown NJ)
Nightcorey (Concord LA)
Night Dials (London UK-ENGLAND)
Night Drive (Austin TX)
Nightmare Air (Los Angeles CA)
Night Moves (Minneapolis MN)
Nikes (Austin TX)
The Nimbus (Austin TX)
Nite Fields (Brisbane QLD)
Audri Nix (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
NOFX (San Francisco CA)
NoMBe (Los Angeles CA)
Noodles (Hayward CA)
NOOK (Austin TX)
No Parents (Los Angeles CA)
No Parents (DJ set) (Los Angeles CA)
Noura Mint Seymali (Nouakchott MAURITANIA)
Noveller (Brooklyn NY)
No Win (DJ set) (Llano Largo PANAMA)
Cian Nugent (Dublin IRELAND)
Florencia Núñez (Montevideo URUGUAY)
NxWorries (Los Angeles CA)
Nyce Lutchiano x Stevo The Weirdo (Portland OR)
NY Night Train Soul Clap and Dance Off featuring Special Guest DJ (New York NY)
Aoife O’Donovan (Boston MA)
o13 (Brooklyn NY)
Oberhofer (Tacoma WA)
OBN III’s (Austin TX)
Kelvis Ochoa (Habana CUBA)
The Octopus Project (Austin TX)
Oh My Muu (Los Angeles CA)
Oh Pep! (Melbourne VIC)
Oh Whitney (Austin TX)
Oil Boom (Dallas TX)
Tim Olstad (Winona MN)
Adil Omar & Talal Qureshi (Saturday Night Killing Machine) (Islamabad PAKISTAN)
Omen (Chicago IL)
Cullen Omori (Chicago IL)
The Ongoing Concept (Spokane WA)
Onry Ozzborn (Seattle WA)
Sara Ontaneda (New York NY)
Open Hand (Los Angeles CA)
Open Mike Eagle (Los Angeles CA)
Oques Grasses (Barcelona SPAIN)
Orpheu The Wizard! (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Oscar and the Wolf (Brussels BELGIUM)
Paul Oscher (Austin TX)
Oshi (London UK-ENGLAND)
Otaku Gang (San Antonio TX)
Otis The Destroyer (Austin TX)
The Outfit, TX (Dallas TX)
Sam Outlaw (Los Angeles CA)
Overcoats (Brooklyn NY)
Overload (Lahore PAKISTAN)
Dave Owen (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Pa’s Lam System (Yamato Shi JAPAN)
Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals (Oxnard CA)
Pageantry (Denton TX)
Painted Zeros (Brooklyn NY)
Palm (Philadelphia PA)
panaquonpe (Tokyo JAPAN)
Harry Pane (London UK-ENGLAND)
Roo Panes (Wimbourne UK-ENGLAND)
Josh Pan (New York NY)
Paper Lions (Charlottetown PE)
Paperwhite (Brooklyn NY)
Tiffany Parker (Seattle WA)
Parkgolf (Hokkaido JAPAN)
Deantoni Parks (Atlanta GA)
The Parrots (Madrid SPAIN)
PART TIME (Los Angeles CA)
PARTYBABY (Los Angeles CA)
Party Favor (Los Angeles CA)
Party Static (Dallas TX)
Pastel Ghost (Brooklyn NY)
Patterns (San José COSTA RICA)
Paul Bergmann (Los Angeles CA)
Corey Paul (Houston TX)
Jermaine Paul (New York NY)
PC Worship (Brooklyn NY)
Peaches (Berlin GERMANY)
Peanut Butter Wolf (Los Angeles CA)
Pedrina y Río (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Peelander-Z (New York NY)
Pell (New Orleans LA)
Penny and Sparrow (Florence AL)
The People The Poet (Pontypridd UK-WALES)
Gregory Pepper and His Problems (Guelph ON)
Peppina (Helsinki FINLAND)
Perro (Murcia SPAIN)
Perrosky (Santiago CHILE)
Petite Noir (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)
PHAM (Killeen TX)
PHASES (Los Angeles CA)
Phone Call (Portland OR)
PHUTURE (Chicago IL)
Sarah Pierce (Austin TX)
Pill (Brooklyn NY)
Pillar Point (Seattle WA)
Pinact (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Julio Piña (Valparaíso CHILE)
Pinegrove (Montclair NJ)
Pinkwash (Philadelphia PA)
Rick Pino (Austin TX)
PINS (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Pirates Canoe (Kyoto JAPAN)
Sara ∏ (Barcelona SPAIN)
Pizza Time (Denver CO)
PJ (Greenboro NC)
Plague Vendor (Whittier CA)
Rozi Plain (London UK-ENGLAND)
Planar (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)
Plantation Band (Austin TX)
Plaster Cast (Los Angeles CA)
Platonick Dive (Livorno ITALY)
Plattenbau (Berlin GERMANY)
Playa Fly (Memphis TN)
PlayBoySwag (Harlem NY)
Pleasers (Austin TX)
Pleasure Escape (Austin TX)
PMS and The Mood Swings (New York NY)
PNB Rock (Philadelphia PA)
The Pocket Rockets (Los Angeles CA)
P.O.D. (San Diego CA)
Point Point (Paris FRANCE)
Poliça (Minneapolis MN)
Pom Poms (Los Angeles CA)
Pookie and The Poodlez (Oakland CA)
Ron Pope (Nashville TN)
POP ETC (Brooklyn NY)
Iggy Pop (Muskegon MI)
Porches (New York NY)
Jesse Porter (Host) (Dallas TX)
Travis Porter (Decatur GA)
Possessed by Paul James (Boerne TX)
The Posterz (Montreal QC)
Pouya (Miami FL)
Leslie Powell (Austin TX)
Powers (Los Angeles CA)
Power Trip (Dallas TX)
Pr0files (Los Angeles CA)
Prawn (Ridgewood NJ)
PRAYERS (San Diego CA)
Pressure Busspipe (Charlotte Amalie VIRGIN ISLANDS)
Pretty City (Melbourne VIC)
Margo Price (Nashville TN)
Jay Prince (London UK-ENGLAND)
Prince Paul (Amityville NY)
Prince Rama (New York NY)
Printz Board & The Boardmemberz (Los Angeles CA)
Madeintyo & The Private Club (Atlanta CA)
Proof (Austin TX)
PROPAIN (Houston TX)
Protomartyr (Detroit MI)
Public Access TV (New York NY)
Public Memory (Brooklyn NY)
Pujol (Nashville TN)
Pumarosa (London UK-ENGLAND)
Pure Bathing Culture (Portland OR)
PURPLE (Beaumont TX)
Pusher (Toronto ON)
PWR BTTM (Brooklyn NY)
PyRexx (Houston TX)
Qais Essar (Phoenix AZ)
Qarabagh Ensemble (Baku AZERBAIJAN)
Qrion (Sapporo JAPAN)
Qu’ality & Score Lion Clan (Harlem NY)
Quaker City Night Hawks (Fort Worth TX)
QUALIATIK (Philadelphia PA)
Que (Atlanta GA)
Quebe Sisters (Dallas TX)
Queen Suitcase (Taipei TAIWAN)
Quiet Company (Austin TX)
Quiet Kids (Mcallen TX)
Quiñ (Pasadena CA)
R3ll (Newark NJ)
Rabbit Wilde (Bellingham WA)
Rabit (Houston TX)
Rachella (Dallas TX)
Radioactivity (Denton TX)
Folly Rae (Hemel Hempstead UK-ENGLAND)
Raglans (Dublin IRELAND)
Ramesh (Austin TX)
Tony Ramey (Greenville TX)
Ramriddlz (Toronto MB)
Ra Ra Riot (New York NY)
Ras G & The Koreatown Oddity (Los Angeles CA)
Rat Fist (Los Angeles CA)
Ravish Momin (Brooklyn NY)
RAW (New Orleans/Houston TX)
Allan Rayman (Lost Springs WY)
Raymundo (Los Angeles CA)
Porter Ray (Seattle WA)
Ray Rocket (Laramie WY)
Shilpa Ray (Brooklyn NY)
RC & The Gritz (Dallas TX)
Reconcile (Ft. Myers FL)
Redd (Dallas TX)
Katey Red (New Orleans LA)
Redline Graffiti (Washington DC)
Dylan Reece (Austin TX)
Eli “Paperboy” Reed (Boston MA)
Regrettes (Los Angeles CA)
Rei (Tokyo JAPAN)
The Relatives (Dallas TX)
Residual Kid (Austin TX)
The Resistance (Austin TX)
The Revenge (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Glenn Rexach Group (Austin TX)
Graham Reynolds: Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance (Austin TX)
REZZ (Niagara Falls ON)
Rhymefest (Chicago IL)
Richie Hawtin (Berlin GERMANY)
Rich The Kid (Atlanta GA)
Riders Against the Storm (Austin TX)
Riff 3X (Tupelo MS)
Karriem Riggins (Detroit MI)
Riothorse Royale (Los Angeles CA)
The Ripe (Austin TX)
Ritual Howls (Detroit MI)
Ritualz (Mexico City MEXICO)
River Whyless (Asheville NC)
Rizzoo Rizzoo (Houston TX)
RKCB (Los Angeles CA)
RKHTY (Brooklyn NY)
Robokid (Los Angeles CA)
Robot Koch (Berlin GERMANY)
Rock (Brooklyn NY)
The Rocketboys (Austin TX)
Carrie Rodriguez (Austin TX)
Chynna Rogers (Philadelphia PA)
Daniel Romano (Fenwick ON)
Rome Fortune (Atlanta GA)
Leo Rondeau (Austin TX)
Pat Ron (Dallas TX)
The Roomsounds (Dallas TX)
Rooney (Los Angeles CA)
The Roosevelts (Nashville TN)
The Roots (Philadelphia PA)
Benj Rose (Cologne GERMANY)
Maggie Rose (Potomac MD)
V. Rose (Sacramento CA)
Whitney Rose (Toronto ON)
Rotimi (New York NY)
The Rotten Mangos (Austin TX)
Nigel Keontraé Rowe (Austin TX)
Royal Canoe (Winnipeg MB)
Royal Teeth (New Orleans LA)
Rozes (Philadelphia PA)
RP Boo (Chicago IL)
rRoxymore (Berlin GERMANY)
Rubel (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)
Ruby The Rabbitfoot (St Simons Island GA)
ruído/mm (Curitiba BRAZIL)
Runaway Saints (Los Angeles CA)
Run River North (San Fernando Valley CA)
Runway Richy (Atlanta GA)
Rusangano Family (Limerick IRELAND)
Russ (Atlanta GA)
Leon Russell (Tulsa OK)
Rusty Maples (Las Vegas NV)
Ryan Lofty x Rich Jones (Las Vegas NV)
Rytmeklubben (Oslo NORWAY)
Ry X (Angourie NSW)
Saba (Chicago IL)
Sada K. (Kansas City MO)
Sad Lovers & Giants (Watford UK-ENGLAND)
Saint Pé (Nashville TN)
Saint Sister (Dublin IRELAND)
Samiyam (Los Angeles CA)
Sammus (Ithaca NY)
The San Juan Project (Guadalajara MEXICO)
San Proper (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Santah (Chicago IL)
Santa Muerte (Houston TX)
Joyce Santana (San Juan PR)
Salvador Santana (Los Angeles CA)
Santigold (Philadelphia PA)
SassyBlack (Seattle WA)
Satellite Stories (Oulu FINLAND)
John Wesley Satterfield (Nashville TN)
Sauce Lord Rich (Atlanta GA)
Sauce Twinz (Houston TX)
SaulPaul (Austin TX)
Savak (Brooklyn NY)
Savoir Adore (Brooklyn NY)
Saxsyndrum (Montreal QC)
Say Girl Say (Houston TX)
SBCR (The Bloody Beetroots) (Bassano Del Grappa ITALY)
Joe Scarborough Band (New Canaan CT)
Scarecrow (Toulouse FRANCE)
Schaffer The Darklord (New York NY)
Trapper Schoepp (Milwaukee WI)
Janne Schra (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Al Scorch (Chicago IL)
The Score (Los Angeles CA)
Nitty Scott MC (New York NY)
Travis Scott (Houston TX)
Scotty ATL (Atlanta GA)
Se1v1en (Miami FL)
Secret Weapons (New York NY)
Section Boyz (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sega Bodega (London UK-ENGLAND)
Self Defense Family (Los Angeles CA)
Aubrie Sellers (Nashville TN)
Trevor Sensor (Sterling IL)
September Girls (Dublin IRELAND)
Seratones (Shreveport LA)
Serko Fu (Gomez Palacio MEXICO)
Sertified (Austin TX)
Sevdaliza (Rotterdam NETHERLANDS)
Seven The Poet (Houston TX)
Sevin (Sacramento CA)
Sextile (Los Angeles CA)
Sexy Zebras (Madrid SPAIN)
Shaggydog (Yogyakarta INDONESIA)
Shakka (London UK-ENGLAND)
Shannon and The Clams (Oakland CA)
Shaprece (Seattle WA)
Sharkmuffin (Brooklyn NY)
Sharkweek (Houston TX)
Hunter Sharpe (Austin TX)
Sheer Agony (Montreal QC)
Sheer Mag (Philadelphia PA)
Cosmo Sheldrake (London UK-ENGLAND)
Justin Sherburn and Montopolis (Austin TX)
The Sherlocks (Bolton On Dearne UK-ENGLAND)
SHI 360 (Montréal QC)
Shinobi Ninja (Brooklyn NY)
Shinyribs (Austin TX)
The Shivas (Portland IL)
Collin Shook (Austin TX)
Shopé (Toronto ON)
Kalie Shorr (Portland ME)
Show Me The Body (New York NY)
Shurman (Austin TX)
Sick/Sea (Mcallen TX)
Sick Of Sarah (Minneapolis MN)
Sicko Mobb (Chicago IL)
Sidekick Envy (Port Of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
SIGNY (Austin TX)
Silent Knights (New York NY)
Silvastone (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sean Simmonds (Atlanta GA)
Keaton Simons (Los Angeles CA)
SIMS 20th Anniversary Celebration (ft. Jeremy Nail, Sally Allen, The Happen Ins, Brit Daniel, Doyle Bramhall II, Georgia Bramhall, Anthony Cole, Adam Minkoff, Kyle Ellison, Marlon Sexton) (Austin TX)
A. Sinclair (Austin TX)
Sinistarr (Detroit MI)
Sip Sip (Austin TX)
Sir the Baptist (Chicago IL)
SISTERS (Seattle WA)
Troye Sivan (Perth WA)
Skeme (Inglewood CA)
Skepta (London UK-ENGLAND)
Anthony Skinner (Nashville TN)
The Skins (Brooklyn NY)
Skizzy Mars (New York NY)
Skooly (Atlanta GA)
Justine Skye (Brooklyn NY)
SKYES (Brooklyn NY)
Skyline (Austin TX)
Sleepers’ Reign (Herentals BELGIUM)
Slick! (Oakland CA)
Slim Gravy (Dallas TX)
Slingshot Dakota (Bethlehem PA)
Slothrust (Bronxville NY)
The Sloths (Hollywood CA)
The Slow Show (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Slugabed (London UK-ENGLAND)
Small Black (Brooklyn NY)
Small Houses (Philadelphia PA)
Smif N Wessun (Brooklyn NY)
Smino (St.louis MO)
Corey Smith (Jefferson GA)
L. Spenser Smith (Tuscaloosa AL)
Smokepurpp (Chicago FL)
Smooth Hound Smith (Nashville TN)
Smuc The World (Midland TX)
Snarky Puppy (Denton TX)
Snarky Puppy & Banda Magda (Denton TX)
Snootie Wild (Memphis TN)
Rejjie Snow (Dublin IRELAND)
The Soft White Sixties (San Francisco CA)
Dice SoHo (Houston TX)
Somadrone (Dublin IRELAND)
Something Fierce (Houston TX)
Sonic Avenues (Montreal QC)
Sons Of An Illustrious Father (Brooklyn NY)
So Pitted (Seattle WA)
SORNE (Los Angeles CA)
Sorority Noise (Hartford CT)
Sosamann (Houston TX)
Sotomayor (Mexico City MEXICO)
Soul Asylum (Minneapolis MN)
Sound of Ceres (Fort Collins CO)
The Sour Notes (Austin TX)
Southern Hospitality (London UK-ENGLAND)
Space4Lease (Oklahoma City OK)
Spades Saratoga (Harlem NY)
Speakerfoxxx (Atlanta GA)
SPEC (Sacramento CA)
Sphynx (Austin TX)
Spicoli (Trillectro) (Between Sets) (Washington DC)
Spiffy Wilds (Saint Paul MN)
Alexis Spight (Kansas City MO)
Spiral Vortex (Santiago CHILE)
The Spook School (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Spookyland (Sydney NSW)
Spurz (Vancouver BC)
Squid Lid (Toronto ON)
SremmLife Crew (Tupelo MS)
Rae Sremmurd (Tupelo MS)
St. Beauty (Atlanta GA)
Stabil Elite (Düsseldorf GERMANY)
Vince Staples (Long Beach CA)
Stardeath and White Dwarfs (Oklahoma City OK)
The Stargazer Lilies (Poconos PA)
Starlito (Nashville TN)
Phebe Starr (Sydney NSW)
The Statesboro Revue (New Braunfels TX)
Static (Austin TX)
Statik Selektah (Boston MA)
Stealing Sheep (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Steelyone (New Rochelle NY)
SteLouse b2b Father Dude (Denver CO)
Stephen (Los Angeles CA)
Tanya Stephens (St. Mary JAMAICA)
Steve’n’Seagulls (Jyväskylä FINLAND)
Still Corners (London UK-ENGLAND)
Still Parade (Berlin GERMANY)
Andrew St. James (San Francisco CA)
Michael Stock (PART TIME PUNKS – DJ Between Sets) (Los Angeles CA)
Chadwick Stokes (Boston MA)
Stokeswood (Atlanta GA)
Stolar (Brooklyn NY)
Stolas (Las Vegas NV)
Stonebwoy (Accra GHANA)
Stonefield (Macedon Ranges VIC)
Kipp Stone (Cleveland OH)
Stööki Sound (London UK-ENGLAND)
Stormzy (London UK-ENGLAND)
Strangers You Know (Los Angeles CA)
Strangetowne (Amarillo TX)
Strange Wilds (Olympia WA)
String Noise (New York NY)
The Strumbellas (Toronto ON)
The Struts (Derby UK-ENGLAND)
SubKulture Patriots (Austin TX)
Suboi (Saigon VIETNAM)
Bruce Sudano (Los Angeles CA)
Sugar Dirt and Sand (Austin TX)
$uicide Boy$ (New Orleans LA)
Suicideyear (Baton Rouge LA)
Sulfur (Charlotte NC)
Summer Heart (Malmo SWEDEN)
Summer Twins (Riverside CA)
Summer Wars (Raleigh NC)
Eliot Sumner (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sun Club (Baltimore MD)
Sunflower Bean (New York NY)
Sun Kil Moon (San Francisco CA)
The Sun Machine (Austin TX)
SuperBlack (New York NY)
James Supercave (Los Angeles CA)
Supersuckers (Seattle WA)
Supraman (Austin TX)
Sur du monde (Rosario ARGENTINA)
Surf Gvng (Miami FL)
Sur Oculto (Córdoba ARGENTINA)
The Surreal McCoys (Washington DC)
Patrick Sweany (Nashville TN)
Luke Sweeney (San Francisco CA)
Sweet Spirit (Austin TX)
SWIMM (Los Angeles CA)
Swizzymack (Philadelphia PA)
Sykes (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sylvain Sylvain (New York NY)
Systema Solar (Cartagena COLOMBIA)
T-Bone (Los Angeles CA)
T2 “The Ghetto Hippie” (Houston TX)
Taco (Los Angeles CA)
Tacocat (Seattle WA)
Taja (New York CA)
Take Over And Destroy (Phoenix AZ)
Talisco (Paris FRANCE)
Tamarron (Austin TX)
Tan Frío El Verano (Barquisimeto VENEZUELA)
Tangerine (Seattle WA)
Tanlines (Brooklyn NY)
Tarmac (Medellin COLOMBIA)
Taso (Bay Area CA)
TastyTreat (Los Angeles CA)
Ninet Tayeb (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Lawrence Taylor (London UK-ENGLAND)
Bryann T (Corpus Christi TX)
tdoyle (Los Angeles CA)
Team Next (Austin TX)
TEEN (Brooklyn NY)
Tef Poe (St Louis MO)
Teklife & The Era (Chicago IL)
Tekno (Ebonyi State NIGERIA)
Tel Cairo (Sacramento CA)
Telegram (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tele Novella (Austin TX)
Telmary (Habana CUBA)
Temi Dollface (Lagos NIGERIA)
Tempalay (Tokyo JAPAN)
Tempo Plastico (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL)
Tennis System (Los Angeles CA)
Jimi Tents (Brooklyn NY)
Jonathan Terrell (Austin TX)
Tesha (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Tetractys (Austin TX)
Texas Ambassador (Houston TX)
Texas Never Whispers (Austin TX)
Texiyama (Tokyo JAPAN)
Th3 Saga (Queens NY)
Thaddeus Anna Greene (Cleveland OH)
Hudson Thames (Los Angeles CA)
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (San Francisco CA)
Tha Real Chino (Austin TX)
That Poppy (Nashville TN)
Thee Oh Sees (Los Angeles CA)
The Kills (London UK-ENGLAND)
Thelma and The Sleaze (Nashville TN)
Them Guns (Los Angeles CA)
Them Vibes (Nashville TN)
The Mystery Lights (Queens NY)
The Nightowls (Austin TX)
The Rite Flyers (Austin TX)
THEY. (Los Angeles CA)
Thi’sl (St. Lois MO)
Joan Thiele (Milan ITALY)
Think No Think (Austin TX)
Timmy Thomas & The Overtown Soul Revue (Miami FL)
Tyler Thomas (Los Angeles CA)
Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones (New York NY)
Thought Tempo (Los Angeles CA)
Throwing Shade (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tickle Torture (Minneapolis MN)
Tides of Man (Clearwater FL)
Casper Tielrooij (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Tiga (Montreal QC)
Tigers Are Bad For Horses (Washington DC)
Tigertown (Sydney NSW)
Tijuana Panthers (Long Beach CA)
Tony Tillman (Nashville TN)
Tinnarose (Austin TX)
George Tisdale (Dallas TX)
TK N CASH (Atlanta GA)
TMT (Las Vegas NV)
Tomad (Tokyo JAPAN)
Tomar and the FCs (Austin TX)
The Tontons (Houston TX)
Toothgrinder (Asbury Park NJ)
Total Abuse (Austin TX)
Total Unicorn (Austin TX)
TOTEM (New York NY)
Jonathan Toubin (New York NY)
Mike Towers (Puerto Rico PR)
TOWKIO (Chicago IL)
toyGuitar (San Francisco CA)
Trae Tha Truth (Houston TX)
Trance Farmers (New Orleans LA)
Transviolet (Los Angeles CA)
Trash (Taipei TAIWAN)
traumahelikopter (Groningen NETHERLANDS)
Tree G (Austin TX)
Tres Bourbonnais (Austin TX)
The Trews (Antigonish NS)
Trill Sammy (Houston TX)
Tripletrain (Brooklyn NY)
Troller (Austin TX)
Trub (Memphis TN)
Tru Def (Dallas TX)
Izzy True (Trumansburg NY)
Truett (Atlanta GA)
Truth (Los Angeles CA)
T.S.O. (Chicago IL)
Hailey Tuck (Austin TX)
Sofi Tukker (New York NY)
Tum Tum (Dallas TX)
Turnover (Virginia Beach VA)
Turnstile (Washington DC)
Tuskha (Pittsboro NC)
Twin Limb (Louisville KY)
Twin Peaks (Chicago IL)
Twin River (Vancouver BC)
Twista (Chicago IL)
James TW (Barford UK-ENGLAND)
Two9 Jace (Atlanta GA)
Jonathan Tyler (Dallas TX)
Typical Girls (San Marcos TX)
The Ugly Beats (Austin TX)
Ume (Austin TX)
Uncle Lucius (Austin TX)
UNiiQU3 (Newark NJ)
The Unlikely Candidates (Fort Worth TX)
-Us. (Houston TX)
Utley3 (Austin TX)
Vaadat Charigim (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
VACATION (Cincinnati OH)
Clara Valente (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)
Calvin Valentine (Eugene OR)
Desi Valentine (London UK-ENGLAND)
Chad Valley (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Vallis Alps (Sydney NSW)
The Vanity (Austin TX)
GiL Vargas (Worcester MA)
Will Varley (Deal UK-ENGLAND)
Matthew Logan Vasquez (Austin TX)
Casey Veggies (Inglewood CA)
Ruby Velle and The Soulphonics (Atlanta GA)
Velo De Oza (Tunja COLOMBIA)
Velvet Caravan (Savannah GA)
Jackie Venson (Austin TX)
Verse Simmonds (St Thomas VIRGIN ISLANDS)
Victim Mentality (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Victoria+Jean (Brussels BELGIUM)
Adia Victoria (Nashville TN)
Victorious (Austin TX)
Maïa Vidal (Barcelona SPAIN)
Viktory (Chicago IL)
Vindata (Los Angeles CA)
Viola Beach Tribute (Warrington UK-ENGLAND)
Violet Skies (Chepstow UK-WALES)
The Virginmarys (Macclesfield UK-ENGLAND)
Virtue (New Orleans LA)
Vision (Santa Fe Springs CA)
Visonia (Santiago CHILE)
Visto (Washington DC)
Vita and the Woolf (Philadelphia PA)
Redd Volkaert (Austin TX)
Hubert von Goisern (Salzburg AUSTRIA)
Patricia Vonne (Austin TX)
Von Won (Houston TX)
Vulkano (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Leon Vynehall (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Waco Brothers (Chicago IL)
Luke Wade (Fort Worth TX)
Wahid Allan Faqir (Rahim Yar Khan PAKISTAN)
Torgeir Waldemar (Oslo NORWAY)
Wale (Washington DC)
WALL (New York NY)
Frank Waln (Parmelee SD)
The Wans (Nashville TN)
Warehouse (Atlanta GA)
The Warning (Monterrey MEXICO)
War Party (Fort Worth TX)
Shawn Wasabi (Salinas CA)
Tank Washington (Austin TX)
Wasiu (Montréal QC)
WatchTheDuck (Montgomery AL)
Andrew Watt (New York CA)
Mike Watt & The Secondmen (San Pedro CA)
Gee Watts (Kansas City MO)
Jay Watts (Penns Grove NJ)
Waxahatchee (Philadelphia PA)
We Are The Grand (Santiago CHILE)
We Are The Willows (Minneapolis MN)
Weathers (Los Angeles CA)
Carl Weathersby (Austin TX)
Kay Weathers (Houston TX)
The Weather Station (Toronto ON)
Jane Weaver (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Martell Webster (Seattle WA)
WebsterX (Milwaukee WI)
Wednesday Campanella (Tokyo JAPAN)
Weed (Vancouver BC)
Welshly Arms (Cleveland OH)
Wentru (Antofagasta CHILE)
Western Star (Baltimore MD)
The Wet Secrets (Edmonton AB)
We Were Lovers (Saskatoon SK)
What Moon Things (Brooklyn NY)
Wheelchair Sports Camp (Denver CO)
The Whistles And The Bells (Nashville TN)
White Bikini (Boulder CO)
White Denim (Austin TX)
Drake White (Hokes Bluff AL)
White Lung (Vancouver BC)
White Miles (Radfeld AUSTRIA)
White Reaper (Louisville KY)
Whitney (Chicago IL)
Hailey Whitters (Cedar Rapids IA)
Whyjae (Houston TX)
Wiki (Manhattan NY)
Wildcat Apollo (Austin TX)
Wild Child (Austin TX)
The Wild Feathers (Nashville TN)
Wildhoney (Baltimore MD)
The Wild Reeds (Los Angeles CA)
Wild Throne (Bellingham WA)
Wild Wild Horses (London UK-ENGLAND)
Marlon Williams & The Yarra Benders (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)
Nicholas Wiliams AKA: Trinidad James (Atlanta POS)
Jess Williamson (Austin TX)
Roosh Williams (Houston TX)
Michelle Willis (Toronto ON)
Frankie C. Wilson Jr. (Dallas TX)
Luke Winslow-King (Cadillac MI)
The Winter Brave (Portsmouth NH)
Wintersleep (Halifax NS)
Sofie Winterson (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Alicia Witt (Los Angeles CA)
Wiwek (Ijsselstein NETHERLANDS)
The Woggles (Atlanta GA)
Wolf-E-Wolf (Austin TX)
WolfBrain (Baton Rouge LA)
Emily Wolfe (Austin TX)
Wolfmother (Byron Bay NSW)
Woodie Smalls (Sint-Niklaas BELGIUM)
Matt Woods (Truro UK-ENGLAND)
Jamal Woon (London UK-ENGLAND)
Wordburglar (Toronto ON)
Worldwide (San Antonio TX)
Worriers (Brooklyn NY)
Wray (Birmingham AL)
Wrestlers (Houston TX)
WRONG (Miami FL)
Wye Oak (Baltimore MD)
Wynonna & The Big Noise (Nashville TN)
X Alfonso Y La Flota (Habana CUBA)
X Ambassadors (Ithaca NY)
XIXA (Tucson AZ)
Xpect aka Dream Slo (New York NY)
XYLØ (Westlake Village CA)
Xyloid (San Antonio TX)
Y2 (Austin TX)
Y2K w/ Special Guest Lil Aaron (Phoenix AZ)
YACHT (Los Angeles CA)
Yak (London UK-ENGLAND)
ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Kawasaki JAPAN)
The Yawpers (Denver CO)
Yissy & Bandancha (Habana CUBA)
Ynfynyt Scroll (New York NY)
Yo! Majesty (Tampa FL)
Yo Gotti (Memphis TN)
Yoshiki (Tokyo JAPAN)
Young-B (Houston TX)
Brett Young (Huntington Beach CA)
Young Futura (New York NY)
Young Guru (Delaware DE)
Younghusband (London UK-ENGLAND)
Keite Young (Fort Worth TX)
Young M.A (Brooklyn NY)
Young Noah (Atlanta GA)
Young Rapids (Washington DC)
Young Rival (Hamilton ON)
Young Street MSE (Dallas TX)
Young Tongue (Austin TX)
The Young Wild (Southern California CA)
Your Friend (Lawrence KS)
YTCracker (Colorado Springs CO)
Yuck (London UK-ENGLAND)
Yuna (Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA)
Yung (Aarhus DENMARK)
Yung Gordon (Miami FL)
yungxrio (Los Angeles CA)
Yuppie Pricks (Austin TX)
Vanessa Zamora (Tijuana MEXICO)
Zander (Dallas TX)
Zavala (Chicago IL)
Zeds Dead (Toronto ON)
Juan Zelada (Madrid SPAIN)
Ariel Zetina (Chicago IL)
Zion.T with The Session (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
ZMoney (Chicago IL)
The Zolas (Vancouver BC)
Zona Tango (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Zookeeper (Austin TX)
Miles Zuniga (Austin TX)
Zutzut (Monterrey MEXICO)
ZVerse (Chicago IL)
zZz (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)