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Pre-Fest & Fest 15 Reminder/Update


Gainesville punkathon happens Oct. 28-30 – and there’s a Pre-Fest on Oct. 26 and 27 as well.

By Jeff Clegg

It’s hard to believe but we’re already less than a week away from the start of Pre-Fest in Little Ybor, which kicks off a series of five consecutive days of must-see punk rock music in the Sunshine State between Pre-Fest in Tampa and Fest in Gainesville. Tickets for both events are still available from The Fest website so don’t hesitate!

Among the bands playing is Atlanta’s own emo rockers Microwave, who just released their menacing sophomore album Much Love. There are pieces of several genres throughout the album with influences from blues, grunge, post-hardcore, emo, country, and anything in-between. Check out their music video for the song “Vomit” below:

Fest 15 will also include reunion shows from The Ergs! and Latterman and returning Fest veterans such as Jeff Rosenstock, Dillinger Four, Propagandhi, Braid, Knapsack, and Andrew Jackson Jihad. In case that’s not enough to persuade you, Fest 15 will have stand-up comedy and wrestling showcases, all of which are included in the Fest 15 festival pass. The stand-up showcases will be held at Rockeys Dueling Piano Bar on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and will be headlined by L.A.-based comedian Kyle Kinane. The wrestling showcase will take place at Cowboy’s Saloon on Sunday and will include after shows by The Randy Savages and Mac Sabbath.

The original announcement we made is below. Get your tickets and see us there!


We’re soon approaching the 15th anniversary of Gainesville, Florida’s punk rock-heavy music festival The Fest and Blurt will be there to cover all of it. The Fest first took place May 24th and 25th, 2002 and has been a popular summer destination for some of the best hardcore, emo, pop-punk, and ska acts that those genres can offer. The festival’s shows are scattered across the downtown Gainesville area, varying from small bars and shops to large concert halls and outdoor stages. This year’s lineup includes reunion shows from The Ergs!, Latterman, Gunmoll, and Against All Authority, final shows from F.Y.P and Hold Tight!, and the return of many Fest alumni such as Propagandhi, Less Than Jake, A Wilhelm Scream, United Nations, The Menzingers, Jeff Rosenstock, Knapsack, and many, many more. On top of that, there will be a number of surprises that The Fest will offer, particularly from mystery sets from some of The Fest’s favorite bands that won’t be announced until the day before each of the sets. The full lineup and schedule can be seen here .


For our fellow North Carolinian readers, there will also be quite a few bands from the Old North State making the trip down to Gainesville. These include Charlotte’s  self-described “sissy punks” Sinai Vessel and  fuzzy, melodic alt-rockers Late Bloomer, as well as Wilmington’s pop-punk/noise rockers Museum Mouth, who just released their solid Rory Records (Max Bemis of Say Anything’s imprint within Equal Vision Records) debut Popcorn Fish Guinea Pig. The Fest 15 will also be the last show for Asheville’s 90’s-esque power-pop rockers Old Flings, who can be seen playing their song “Tbc” below at The Fest 13.

In case you check out the schedule and find too many time conflicts, the Fest has a solution for that as well. This year will also be the 4th annual Pre-Fest that takes place October 26th and 27th in Ybor City, a historic neighborhood in Tampa, FL. The purpose of the expansion is to give people additional chances to see their favorite bands at The Fest, so the vast majority of bands playing Pre-Fest will also be playing The Fest. Pre-Fest 2-day passes can be purchased separately right now and until October 24th for $70 or in combination with the Fest 3-day pass for $190. The Fest 3-day passes alone are $135. The Fest is limited to 3,750 passes and Pre-Fest is limited to only 1,200, so follow this link now and get your ticket(s) before they’re sold out!

Here’s a recap of The Fest 13 to get you all excited. Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to download the Fest 15 app for iPhone and Android so that you can plan your schedules!

Additional info:

MP3: Download Dylan, Young, McCartney & Stones Desert Trip Sets


Everything from the first weekend with the exception of The Who and Roger Walters, both of which will soon be available.

By Uncle Blurt

Call it Oldchella if you prefer, but last weekend’s Desert Trip definitely got the troops motivated out of their walkers and wheelchairs – even body surfing, in fact, as the Rolling Stones, the Who, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul MCartney, Roger Waters, and the Rolling Stones all kicked out the jams. It starts up again tonight through Sunday, so for those of you unable to attend this weekend or the previous one, the good folks at Big O zine have kindly provided free MP3 downloads of several of the Oct. 7-9 performances. Included is downloadable artwork as well. Below, take a look at the setlists, and follow the links to the download pages.

Rolling Stones – Live at Coachella Fairgrounds, Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA; October 7, 2016.

      Track 101
. Start Me Up 7:54 (19.0MB)
      Track 102
. banter 0:14 (572k)
      Track 103
. Out of Control 6:29 (15.6MB)
      Track 104
. banter 0:32 (1.3MB)
      Track 105
. Ride Em On Down 2:53 (6.9MB)
      Track 106
. banter 0:15 (611k)
      Track 107
. Mixed Emotions 4:58 (11.9MB)
      Track 108
. Wild Horses 4:54 (11.8MB)
      Track 109
. It’s Only Rock and Roll 4:59 (11.9MB)
      Track 110
. banter 0:25 (989k)
      Track 111
. Come Together 4:18 (10.3MB)
      Track 112
. Tumbling Dice 3:57 (9.5MB)
      Track 113
. Honky Tonk Women 4:36 (11.0MB)
      Track 114
. banter 3:51 (9.3MB)
      Track 115
. Slippin Away 6:01 (14.4MB)
      Track 116
. Little T&A 4:11 (10.0MB)
      Track 201
. Midnight Rambler 11:59 (28.8MB)
      Track 202
. banter 0:48 (1.9MB)
      Track 203
. Miss You 8:07 (19.5MB)
      Track 204
. Gimme Shelter 7:20 (17.6MB)
      Track 205
. Sympathy for the Devil 7:20 (17.6MB)
      Track 206
. Brown Sugar 5:53 (14.1MB)
      Track 207
. Jumping Jack Flash 5:30 (13.2MB)
      Track 208
. You Can’t Always Get What You Want * 8:10 (19.6MB)
      Track 209
. banter 0:30 (1.2MB)
      Track 210
. Satisfaction 7:27 (17.9MB)

Paul McCartney – Live at Coachella Fairgrounds, Indio, CA; October 8, 2016. (w/Neil Young)

      Track 101
. Hard Days Night 2:37 (6.3MB)
      Track 102
. Jet 4:09 (10.0MB)
      Track 103
. banter 0:32 (1.2MB)
      Track 104
. Can’t Buy Me Love 2:12 (5.3MB)
      Track 105
. banter 0:40 (1.6MB)
      Track 106
. Letting Go 3:58 (9.5MB)
      Track 107
. banter 0:21 (860k)
      Track 108
. Day Tripper 3:19 (8.0MB)
      Track 109
. banter 0:27 (1.1MB)
      Track 110
. Let It Roll 4:36 (11.0MB)
      Track 111
. Foxy Lady 2:01 (4.8MB)
      Track 112
. banter 1:44 (4.1MB)
      Track 113
. I Gotta a Feeling 5:19 (12.8MB)
      Track 114
. banter 0:52 (2.1MB)
      Track 115
. My Valentine 3:21 (8.1MB)
      Track 116
. Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five 4:04 (9.8MB)
      Track 117
. Maybe I’m Amazed 4:43 (11.3MB)
      Track 118
. banter 1:03 (2.5MB)
      Track 119
. We Can Work It Out 2:24 (5.8MB)
      Track 120
. banter 0:47 (1.9MB)
      Track 121
. In Spite of the Danger 3:37 (8.7MB)
      Track 122
. I’ve Just Seen a Face 2:34 (6.2MB)
      Track 123
. banter 0:45 (1.8MB)
      Track 124
. Love Me Do 2:28 (5.9MB)
      Track 125
. banter 1:32 (3.7MB)
      Track 201
. And I Love Her 2:48 (6.7MB)
      Track 202
. banter 0:44 (1.8MB)
      Track 203
. Blackbird 2:35 (6.2MB)
      Track 204
. banter 1:46 (4.2MB)
      Track 205
. Here Today 2:27 (5.9MB)
      Track 206
. banter 1:06 (2.6MB)
      Track 207
. Queenie Eye 3:48 (9.1MB)
      Track 208
. Lady Madona 2:39 (6.4MB)
      Track 209
. banter 0:38 (1.5MB)
      Track 210
. Four Five Seconds 2:31 (6.1MB)
      Track 211
. Eleanor Rigby 2:54 (7.0MB)
      Track 212
. banter 0:28 (1.1MB)
      Track 213
. For the Benefit of Mr Kite 2:45 (6.6MB)
      Track 214
. banter 1:16 (3.0MB)
      Track 215
. A Day in the Life 6:07 (14.7MB)
      Track 216
. banter 0:36 (1.4MB)
      Track 217
. Why Don’t We Do It In the Road 3:13 (7.7MB)
      Track 218
. banter 0:38 (1.5MB)
      Track 219
. Something (false start) 1:11 (2.8MB)
      Track 220
. Something 3:56 (9.5MB)
      Track 221
. banter 0:30 (1.2MB)
      Track 222
. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da 3:32 (8.5MB)
      Track 223
. Band on the Run 5:24 (13.0MB)
      Track 224
. Back in the USSR 3:07 (7.5MB)
      Track 225
. banter 1:49 (4.4MB)
      Track 301
. Let It Be 3:58 (9.5MB)
      Track 302
. Live and Let Die 3:32 (8.5MB)
      Track 303
. crowd 0:42 (1.7MB)
      Track 304
. Hey Jude 7:38 (18.3MB)
      Track 305
. crowd 1:30 (3.6MB)
      Track 306
. I Want to Be Your Man 2:07 (5.1MB)
      Track 307
. banter 0:25 (1.0MB)
      Track 308
. Helter Skelter 4:02 (9.7MB)
      Track 309
. banter 1:18 (3.1MB)
      Track 310
. Golden Slumber 6:23 (15.3MB)

Bob Dylan & His BandLive at the Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA; October 7, 2016.

      Track 101
. intro 1:30 (3.6MB)
      Track 102
. Rainy Day Women 12 & 35 4:56 (11.8MB)
      Track 103
. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright 4:45 (11.4MB)
      Track 104
. Highway 61 Revisited 4:33 (10.9MB)
      Track 105
. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 4:37 (11.1MB)
      Track 106
. High Water (For Charley Patton) 4:29 (10.8MB)
      Track 107
. Simple Twist Of Fate 5:25 (13.0MB)
      Track 108
. Early Roman Kings 6:12 (14.9MB)
      Track 109
. Love Sick 5:36 (13.5MB)
      Track 201
. Tangled Up In Blue 6:01 (14.4MB)
      Track 202
. Lonesome Day Blues 6:19 (15.1MB)
      Track 203
. Make You Feel My Love 4:15 (10.2MB)
      Track 204
. Pay In Blood 4:26 (10.6MB)
      Track 205
. Desolation Row 8:01 (19.3MB)
      Track 206
. Soon After Midnight 4:14 (10.2MB)
      Track 207
. Ballad Of A Thin Man 7:59 (19.1MB)
      Track 208
. Masters Of War 6:25 (15.4MB)

Neil Young & Promise of the RealLive at Coachella Fairgrounds, Indio, CA; October 8, 2016.

      Track 101
. After the Goldrush 4:13 (10.1MB)
      Track 102
. Heart of Gold 3:37 (8.7MB)
      Track 103
. Comes a Time 8:16 (19.9MB)
      Track 104
. On The Weekend 4:58 (11.9MB)
      Track 105
. Human Highway 4:26 (10.7MB)
      Track 106
. Neighborhood 3:33 (8.5MB)
      Track 107
. Show Me 4:24 (10.6MB)
      Track 108
. banter 0:51 (2.1MB)
      Track 109
. Harvest Moon 5:18 (12.7MB)
      Track 110
. banter 0:59 (2.3MB)
      Track 111
. Words 8:02 (19.3MB)
      Track 112
. Walk On 3:39 (8.8MB)
      Track 201
. banter 1:18 (3.1MB)
      Track 202
. Texas Rangers 2:46 (6.6MB)
      Track 203
. Powderfinger 7:38 (18.3MB)
      Track 204
. Down By the River 21:46 (52.2MB)
      Track 205
. Seed Justice 3:39 (8.8MB)
      Track 206
. Peace Trail 5:37 (13.5MB)
      Track 207
. banter 2:04 (5.0MB)
      Track 208
. Welfare Mothers 3:33 (8.5MB)
      Track 209
. Rockin In The Free World 8:32 (20.5MB)

Pilgrimage Festival 9/24-25/16, Franklin TN

Dates: September 24 & 25, 2016

Location: Franklin, TN



The Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tn., which held it’s 2nd annual event on September 24-25 is right outside of Nashville. Although this is only the second year, this event is catching on fast. Just a couple of months ago they took on a new partner that you may have heard of by the name of Justin Timberlake.  The Pilgrimage Festival is a little different in that it a day festival and even has a stage and events for kids. A festival with a family atmosphere and killer line up: what a great concept. Speaking of the lineup, here is some of the highlights and pictures from the weekend. (Pictured at the top: Jason Isbell)


Lunchmoney Lewis (above) is always great dance party that gets the crowd in a good mood and up dancing. I can’t get his song “Ain’t Too Cool to Dance”.


The Strumbellas are a Canadian rock band who are quickly becoming a household name with songs such as “Spirits”, and “We Don’t Know”. They have a tight sound who is perfect for mainstream radio.


My surprise like and new obsession was Wild Belle. Wild Belle hails from Chicago, Il. with key member being siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman. Natalie voice and stage presence had me from the first song, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes.


Kaleo had a large crowd at the Frye stage and a lot of females front and center as the lead singer Jökull from Iceland is kind of a sex symbol. Their big hit “Way Down We Go” has a clean soulful sound and is a constant play on alternative radio.


Grace Potter is a guitar playing, Piano playing, singing, and dancing rocker who is one not to be missed. Check out her duet with Kenny Chesney in the single “Wild Child”.


Cake played on the Fender Stage to a very large crowd. With hits like “Short skirt Long Jacket”, “The Distance”, and “Never There” they had the crowd singing alone and bobbing their heads.


Beck was the Headliner for Saturday and was a perfect ending to a very hot day. “Devil’s Haircut” is still one of my favorites from him.



Big Sam’s Funky Nation was defiantly Funky and had the crowd dancing on Sunday in ninety plus heat.


Better Than Era’s lead singer Kevin Griffin played double duties as they performed on Sunday and Kevin is also the creator of the Pilgrimage Festival. Better Than Ezra ruled the airways back in the mid ’90s with their mega hit “Good”. Kevin has continued to perform and write for his band and many other bands.


Kacey Musgraves brought a true country flair to the festival. Kacey took to the stage with her band wearing lighted Tuxedo’s and stage prop cacti. Kacey’s song “Biscuits” had most of the crowd singing along.





Daryl Hall and John Oates closed out the festival on Sunday night. Hall and Oates have been around since the ’80s and still sounded great. They covered many of their hits such as “Private Eyes”, “Maneater”, and “I Can’t Go For That”. It was a great performance and a great Festival.


Below are some more sights. I can’t wait to see who they get next year, Maybe Timberlake? Either way I will be there and will bring you all the highlight from the weekend for those of you who can’t make it out for yourself.








Austin City Limits Festival Weekend #1 9/30-10/2/16


Still going strong and boasting two weekends, the Austin mega-bash hosted, during the first weekend (second weekend is Oct. 7-9), everyone from Mumford & Sons, LCD Soundsystem, Haim, and Kendrick Lamar, to Bomba Estereo, Flying Lotus, Band of Horses and Radiohead.




DAY 1 (SEPT. 30)

 Eliot Sumner (+ Pierce Brosnan, looking on)




Jess Glynne






Maren Morris







Die Antwoord












DAY 2 (OCT. 1)


Nothing But Thieves







City and Colour





LL Cool J feat. DJ Z-Trip







Cage the Elephant







Kendrick Lamar







DAY 3 (OCT. 2)





Brett Dennen




Kacey Musgraves





Pete Yorn




Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats





Mumford & Sons








4-Day Big Ears Festival for 2017


March 23-26 in Knoxville, natch.

By Blurt Staff

Big Ears returns to Knoxville next spring, and in a four-day format. Among the surprise bookings: Gavin Bryars, Carla Bley, Henry Grims, Meredith Monk, Henry Threadgill & Zooid, and Musica Elettronica Via. The full lineup is in the poster, above.

Big Ears coverage at Blurt over the years (by our own Steven Rosen, of course):





LIFE’S A RIOT: Chicago Riot Fest ’16


At the Windy City’s Douglas Park, the gathering of the tribes included Dillinger Escape Plan, Meat Puppets, Social D, the Hold Steady, Julian Marley, Smoking Popes, Hives, Descendents, Bob Mould, Fitz & the Tantrums, Andrew WK, Bad Religion, Deftones, Julie Ruin, Dee Snider, Chevy Metal and – pictured above – the Misfits!


Everyone was saying you couldn’t get more perfect weather in Chicago than we did this weekend for the 2016 Riot Fest in its new home, Douglas Park. The sun was bright, the breeze was light, and there was so much to see. Here’s what Blurt caught this year:

Day 1

Dillinger Escape Plan: Blurt started Day 1 with the screamy and thrashy hardcore intensity that is Dillinger Escape Plan. They’re wrapping things up as a band next year, so be sure to see them when you can.

The Meat Puppets: We segued from hardcore punk to the swampy country-punk of the Meat Puppets. The Kirkwood family and drummer Shandon Sahm play that psychedelic twang that’s covered in sludge and still shines bright. Watching guitarist Curt Kirkwood’s fingers fly across the frets so effortlessly was like trying to see a hummingbird’s wings in flight.

Julian Marley: Taking things down a notch, we saw Julian Marley, son of Bob, covering his dad’s classic “Exodus” in full. Given the political climate that “Exodus” was originally recorded in, and the topics of change, politics, and sex that it covers, it was a perfect choice for our current day landscape. Marley and his two female backup singers did it justice in a glorious way.

Jimmy Eat World: We had to wrap up the first day early, but managed to wrap things up with the more pop than punk sounds of Jimmy Eat World. (Anyone who ever thought this band was of the emo-variety obviously never heard of The Raspberries.) They played tracks from their forthcoming new record, but the best crowd head bobbing point was during “The Middle,” as you might expect.

Day 2

The Smoking Popes: Day 2, Blurt started with those Chicago natives, The Smoking Popes. The Popes have been around the block or two now, but their stuff is still infectiously catchy.

The Hold Steady: Playing the seminal “Boys & Girls in America in full for its 10th birthday, and with keyboardist Franz Nicolay back on the keys, this set was definitely one of the most anticipated for this year’s Riot Fest. The crowd was buzzing with excitement even before the band walked out to a Spanish version of David Lee Roth’s “Yankee Rose,” and once on stage, it was like no time had passed. Lead singer Craig Finn locked in with the crowd immediately and the joy both onstage and off was beautiful to witness. Special guest Jessica Louise Dye, lead singer of the NYC surf-rock band High-Waisted, joined Finn and Nicolay for the vocals on “Chill Out Tent,” and the combination of Nicolay’s keyboards, and the guitars of both Tad Kubler and Steve Selvidge made a tremendous wall of sound. We ran into Selvidge later, and he said, “It’s been really exciting having everyone back together. And the chance to be onstage with Franz has been great.”

Bob Mould: Bob Mould is like a fine wine, a good friend, or the sun coming up in the morning, he never lets you down when it comes to a great music and a solid live show. Saturday was no different.

The Hives: “The Hives are back in Chicago. You now have two wishes left,” said The Hives lead singer Pelle Almqvist as they started their set. Still a complete force of nature live, Almqvist was non-stop with high kicks, stage scaffolding scaling, and sashaying between barricades, while the band behind him played loud enough to shake leaves from the trees. Let’s all be glad ACDC didn’t take him up on his lead singer offer earlier this year, and break this tight unit up.

Fitz and the Tantrums: Two big voices, non-stop energy, songs for some serious ass-shaking, and horns-Fitz and the Tantrums takes awesomeness to a whole new level live.

Descendants: Next to Misfits t-shirts, and a few Minor Threat ones, the award for the band whose t-shirt was most prominent at Riot Fest Chicago was the Descendants. Lead singer Milo Aukerman still sings his ass off. It’s a safe bet he inspired every dad in the crowd to start a band on Saturday, and made everyone else aspire to be as cool as he is when they get to be his age.

Social Distortion: Another set many were looking forward to at this year’s Riot Fest was Social D playing White Light, White Heat, White Trash in full for its 20th birthday. Sadly, the sound wasn’t great: Was it the mix? Was it Ness’ voice? Something was just not right Saturday night. I’m going with a weird alien invasion no one knew about.

Morrissey: No one can diva it up quite like Steven Morrissey. On Sunday, Twitter lit up with the news that Morrissey had banned meat from being sold by Riot Fest food vendors from 8 pm-10 pm, which shut some vendors down even though they still had patrons in line. Twitter posts were also about how he showed videos and hit the stage 45 min late. But when he finally did show, and launched into the perfection that is “Suedehead,” all grudges were forgotten. The Pope of Mope’s voice rang clear throughout Douglas Park for the next hour or so with 16 solo tracks and one Smiths song, “What She Said,” to wrap up the night. “‘As you know, as you must know, it’s a great privilege to be here,” he said at one point. And you believed him. Because while you just hate the Mozzer’s diva ways, you also can’t help but love him for the rest of what he brings.

Morrissey only approved a handful of photographers, of which Blurt was not one, so no photos were captured of his set.

Day 3

Dee Snider: Day 3, Blurt kicked off Riot Fest Chicago with Dee Snider. Included in his set was a serious cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole.” Now, while we aren’t necessarily fans of his glam past, we do have to give props where they are due- Dee Snider can still bring the rock better than most half his age.

Andrew W.K.: One interesting thing we learned this weekend? Andrew W.K. is a motivational speaker, which sounds kind of bonkers. However, once you see him live, you get it, because you can’t walk away and not be smiling-the dude knows how to have a blast. Apart from the Misfits, we saw no other set this weekend that whipped a crowd into such an intense frenzy.

Chevy Metal: For a few friends who were so disappointed in the Social D and Misfits sets, they said the Chevy Metal set saved the weekend for them. Chevy Metal is a 70s rock cover band, but one that includes the killer talent of Wiley Hodgden (Birds of Satan), and Taylor Hawkins and Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters). Juliette Lewis joined the guys on lead vocals for a white hot version of “Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love” by Van Halen. (“What the fuck do you do after that?” said a clearly stunned Hawkins after the song.) Dee Snider popped up for lead vocals on “Mississipi Queen” by Mountain and “Tie Your Mother Down” by Queen. Sometimes being a cover band is boat load of fun, and boy, did that show on Sunday.

Bad Religion: Security only clears a photo pit when the crowd surfing gets to be so much that they can’t keep the photographers safe. The photo pit was cleared during Bad Religion’s set because how can you not crowd surf during Bad Religion?

Julie Ruin: We’d like to think there a direct correlation between the longtime positive pro-woman message espoused by Julie Ruin’s lead singer Kathleen Hanna over the years, and the massive amount of young women we saw crowdsurfing with gleeful abandon throughout the course of the weekend. Looks like Hanna’s message definitely got ingrained along the line in more ways than the obvious.

Deftones: The sound wasn’t great, and lead singer Chino Moreno kept going off-key. But the Deftones live show is one that is so energetic and powerful, you still get swept up in it and could care less.

Misfits:  Riot Fest seems talented at making the impossible reunion possible (see: The Replacements), and, 33 years in the making, the Misfits reunion was the main reason so many bought tickets for Riot Fest this year. Places anywhere near the stage were staked out well in advance, and once the Deftones set finished,  there was a mad push forward to be willingly packed like a sardine for the next 75 minutes. How was it depends on who you talked to: we heard “it was the greatest thing ever” to “it was so bad that I literally had tears in my eyes because I’d waited for this for so long.” The bad seemed to be due to bad sound and lead singer Glenn Danzig out of breath so often that there was surprise an oxygen tank wasn’t onstage with him. But for the most part, it’s probably a safe guess that just seeing Danzig, bassist Jerry Only, and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein on the same stage again was enough for most, regardless of what they sounded like.


DAY 1: SEPT. 16

Dillinger Escape Plan









Jimmy Eat World



Julian Marley (doing Bob Marley’s Exodus)





Meat Puppets




DAY 2: Sept. 17

Bob Mould



Fitz & the Tantrums






Social Distortion

















Hold Steady








Smoking Popes





DAY 3: Sept. 18

Andrew WK






Bad Religion








Chevy Metal








Dee Snider
(also above photo, with Chevy Metal)











Julie Ruin















Gearfest Set to Rock Sacramento This Week


Music by Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders, Leesa G, Red Planet, Roxy Suicide and the Troublemakers.

By Blurt Staff

This week, Sept. 24 to be exactly, will mark the latest Gearfest, hosted by the venerable Gearhead fanzine. Get ready, Sacramento!  According to the organizers:

Gearfest 2016 is right around the corner and it looks to be another day when all the space junk and stars align. Sept. 24, 2016 is the date, 6 pm is the time and The Blue Lamp is the place. If you drive a hot rod, get there early for Rock Star parking in front of the club and across the street at the host hotel The Red Lion. Fans can view the cars before doors open at 6:30 pm. Rolling Rock, our beer sponsor for the evening, will be on hand with surprises and cheap beer to keep the fans lubricated. Event sponsors Sacramento Tattoo and Piercing, one of Sacramento’s oldest tattoo shops and Asphalt Rodeo, an Elk Grove based hot rod and customs builder will be hanging out talking tattoos and hot rods.

Buy your ticket online at the link.


7pm The Troublemakers — Sacramento-based garage-punkers kick things off!
8 pm The Roxy Suicide — a glam-pop punk band from Fort Collins, CO (featuring Dave Mansfield from The Mansfields)
9 pm Ms. Gearhead Contest (see below for description and entry details)
10 pm Red Planet — the long-loved Bay Area power pop outfit performing for the first time after a fifteen year hiatus
11 pm Leesa G — former front-woman of the 80s punk band The Creamers performing several Creamers songs with The Rankoutsiders backing her
11:30 Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders — bluesy balls-out country-punk from Los Angeles
For more information about the bands and schedule, click here!

BACK WITH A VENGEANCE: Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 Post-mortem


It happened September 8 thru 10—were you there? No? Are you square? A two-part (technically, counting the photos, a three-part) love letter, from one veteran and one newbie, but both trusted men-on-the-ground for your friendly neighborhood BLURT. Guarantee: No record store clerks were harmed during the making of this article. [Above: Baroness]


Hopscotch is now turned another year older and as we go back to our mundane lives, Blurt takes a look back at the three fourteen hour music filled days.

Our sister company, Schoolkids Records had their annual day parties to kick off the festival. Each day curated by yours truly. First day was dedicated to Americana/Rock N’ Roll with bands billed from Porch Light Apothecary to local legends The Connells. As the bands started to play the store filled up and draft beers were flowing.

From Schoolkids we went onward downtown to catch the epic City Plaza shows that are held in downtown Raleigh. Opening the festival was Merge records own, Wye Oak. Blending dream pop with blistering guitar parts they had the crowd moving and swaying. After their set we went over to Slims to secure a spot for The Hell No. Raleigh’s own great punk band with a brand new album out in October 27th with the help of Corrosion of Conformity’s Mike Dean.

As Slims was packed from door to door it was time to our make our way over to Nash Hall where the A/C was blasting and there were seats. Not comfortable seats but seats nonetheless. We caught four brilliant saxophones artist that go by the name of Battle Trance. Their name simply states what kind of music they play too. Music that you could easily ride into a battle that could put your enemies in a trance. I would say if you are fan of John Zorn, check these guys out.

Hopping from venue to venue was key for the first night. Seeing as many bands as you could just in time to get ready for what I would say was a very exciting performance in Memorial Auditorium by Sneakers and Television. Now I have come to find out many are not familiar with Sneakers work, but they were a great project by Mitch Easter and Chris Stamey in the 70s. Think Kinks meets the Beach Boys. A perfect opener for the likes of Television.

As we closed the night we went in a completely different musical direction from the acts we saw earlier in the day and that was with Massachusetts own, Converge. With expecting a packed house the crowd was only about ¾ of the way full. From most of the people I talked to this was their first time catching the band live. So with not much moshing or hardcore dancing the venue just stood there and completely stared at the band in awe.

After getting a much needed 5 hour nap we went on to the second day of our Schoolkids day parties where we had a blend of college rock. From the Nevernauts that opened the party to Happy Abandon who left the crowd with their jaws on the ground. Seriously though, if you haven’t listened to these guys yet and do yourself a favor and check out their music. Especially If I Stare.

The second day party ended and we made our way down to City Plaza once again to catch the main attractions Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals alongside Beach House. Anderson Paak is a new wave of blending genres from hip-hop to rock N’ roll to soul music. Half of the time behind a drum kit while he does vocals. The other half running back and forth across the stage exploding with energy. Beach House was the next act to play on City Plaza and I will say I was not very entertained. From the singer mumbling most of the lyrics to the band looking like they didn’t really enjoy what they were playing I left City Plaza and headed to Deep South to see Al Riggs. Al Riggs is a musician that you should watch out for. As he has already put out over 20 albums. Al has started to make a name for himself here in the Raleigh area. Blending elements of singer/songwriter style material to large thought out pieces like Young Hegelians.

From there on I traveled past Red Hat where Erykah Badu was delayed due to flight complications and went straight on to Memorial Auditorium to catch Young Thug aka My Name is Jeffrey aka Thuggers. Where he too was also delayed for about an hour. Probably for no reason too. As the DJ played “banger” after “banger” the crowd got so hyped once Young Thug came out on stage you could literally feel the walls shaking from the bass and the floor jumping up and down. You could definitely call Young Thug a performer cause he had the whole crowd at the palm of his hand. After I had left Memorial Auditorium I wanted to catch any other band before Big Freedia closed the night at Lincoln Theatre but because of delayed set times I was stuck with making my way over to secure a spot. Which my spot led me to the front row where I got to witness Big Freedia bring up about 40 women on stage to ‘twerk’ on stage. Besides the women crowding the stage, Big Freedia is a terrific entertainer.

From there I went on to go head home for another 5 hour nap to get ready for the final of Hopscotch activities. The last day party was filled with metal bands that lit the Schoolkids stage on fire. From new industrial heroes Roseclouds to thundering performance of Wailin Storms. Exhausted from the past two days I made my way downtown for last City Plaza show with local juggernauts Sylvan Esso. Boy oh boy did they deliver. Playing most of everything off their first huge self titled album to a couple new tunes that had the crowd in awe. I left City Plaza to find salvation in Neptune’s Parlour for the rest of the night as I was too tired to walk anymore and wanted to make sure I got a spot for Youth Code in the low capacity room. From Housefire to Bodykit to Container had all festival goers eyes locked on the stage. Youth Code went on to crush the night. From the brilliant vocalist, Sara Taylor, grabbing audience members and screaming at them to kicking over a table near the stage. Truly one of my favorite performances of the festival.

Now that we are all back at our normal jobs and we will look back at the sixth annual Hopscotch festival was a success. Cheers to next year!


















A First-Timer’s Journey Through Music, Crowds, and Sprites…

 About 8 years ago, Greg Lowenhagen moved from Austin Tx back to Raleigh NC.  He and Grayson Currin (of the area’s alternative weekly newspaper The Independent) realized Raleigh had grown big enough and had a strong enough music scene to support it’s own signature music festival. A lot of brain-storming and hard work ensued and in 2010, The Hopscotch Music festival was born. Broken Social Scene and Public Enemy headlined the inaugral festival. This pairing was indicitaiove of the duo’s vision….bringing different genre’s of music to the masses in an easy-to-digest pakage. 3 nights of music, 130 bands, 10 different venues. All within walking distance. Get yourself a schedule and highlight the bands you want to see. Spend the evening ‘hopscotching’ from venue to venue. In the following years Drive-By Truckers, The Flamng Lips, The Roots, and Jesus and Mary Chain have all taking turns headlining.

In 2011, before the 2nd edition began, some of the local venue/bars had a great idea. since the festival began around 5PM, why not fill the day with live music as well? With that, the Hopscotch Day Party was born. Hang out, drink a little, nibble on some grub. Rock out all day, then rock out all night. What could be better?

Fast forward to 2016, and I find myself working at the legendary Schoolkids Records in Raleigh NC. Although I consider myself to be a music fan, and open to all varities of music, I have never had the opportunity to go to Hopscotch. A 2nd job, family issues. Something alway blocked my path.  This year would be different. A 3-Day VIP pass. Not only was I going, I was VIP-ing. No waiting in lines for this guy! The organizer released the performers list a few  months ago. People would gather at the record store to discuss the line-up & who we wanted to see. A few weeks later, the actual schedule was released. We spent hours highlighting who we wanted to see, and figuring out how this gig might interfere with that one, who took precedence. To add to all this excitement, the store’s resident madman, Daniel Matti, assembled an  amazing string of 3 day parties. I honestly believe Schoolkids Records Day Parties were amongst the very best in Raleigh. Finally, all the weeks of planning, highlighting and discussion had come to fruition. Sept 8 had finally arrived.

Got to work around 1PM that day. Ourt first day party went very well. The hedlining band was the legendary band from Raleigh, The Connells. I have seen them at least 10 times in their career, and now here they were……jamming at the record store! My day could not have started any better. After the bands finished up I left work and caught the free bus into downtwon Raleigh.  Camera? Check. Schedule guide? Check. Bottle of Sprite in my back pocket? Check.

Wolf Parade and Wye Oak were the headliiners that evening. The headliners played to big crowds at the City Plaza. My mentality was that the bands headlining, since they were more well-known, would probably be back in the area at some point. I wanted to spend my time finding that gem. That small band playing a small club. The band with that certain something. Catching a band before they blow up is always cool.

Stop one was meeting up with Matti at Slim’s Bar. Got a tip from a guy that we HAD to check out a hard-rock combo called The Hell No. Great female-fronted band featruing a powerhouse drum machine named Dave McDonald. Check the schedule….time to go. Off to Nash Hall for the avante-garde saxaphone quartet Battle Trance. 4 instrumentalists paying at the same time. All 4 heading in a different direction, then meeting up later. Amazing. Could only stay for 30 minutes because we had to hopscotch down to the Lincoln Theatre for metal maniacs Grohg. Loud, heavy and lots of hair.  Check the schedule….Televison begins in 10 minutes!  Have to walk over to Memorial Auditorium to see this legendary band. Grabbed a Sprite and head into the auditorium. Got there just as lights dimmed. Never in my life did I think I would be at a Television concert, but there I was, grinning ear-to-ear. The band finished up and I was off. Back to the Lincoln Theater.  The hall was packed to see Converge. A band I have never seen live. I knew they were loud and aggressive on record, but I was not ready for the energy of this band. Absolutely amazing. Off to Slim’s to catch the last of A Giant Dogs set.

One of my favorite things about this was hearing the following conversation about 30 times-

Guy- Did you see Al Riggs? He was amazing.

Guy2- No, we went to see S.E. Ward. Are you going to Big Freedia?

Guy- Oh yeah! See ya there!

I was amongst a few thousand people who love what I love. Dark nightclubs, hanging with friends, discovering new music. It was well after 1 am, so I caught the free bus and finally made it home at 1:45 after 14 hours of live music. I got home far too wired to go to sleep. I was comforted in knowing I had 2 more days of this. 2 more day parties, and 2 more nights of live music downtown. On my plate was Young Thug, Carseat Headrest, Big Freedia, Boulevards, All Dogs, Eric Bachmann, Andrew Bird, Youth Code, Stooges Brass Band and Konvoi.

Me-Did you go to Hopscotch this year?

Guy- Yeah! Do you think you’ll go next year?

Me-Oh, yeah! See ya there!!

This Month: Justin Timberlake (!) -Produced Pilgrimage Festival

Beck, Grace Potter, Violent Femmes, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Jason Isbell, and Kacey Musgraves just a few of the top performers.

By Blurt Staff

On Sept. 24-25, the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival will be a two-day event that transforms  Franklin, TN, former walking horse farm The Park At Harlinsdale Farm into “an oasis of music, food, and culture.” There’s an intriguing twist: Memphis-born Justin Timberlake is a partner and producer of the festival. Say what?


“I couldn’t be more excited about becoming part of The Pilgrimage Music & Culture Festival. Being a Tennessee native and now a member of the community in Franklin, I have been watching the development of the festival over the past two years. For me, this is an amazing opportunity to help build an exceptional event and contribute to my community,” says Timberlake.

Adds creative director Trace Ayala, who lives in Franklin, “Being a resident of Leiper’s Fork and the Franklin community, I’m thrilled to have this event right here in my own backyard! As Justin’s creative director, I’m looking forward to putting our stamp on this thing! It’ll also serve as a great stage to showcase the artists we’ve signed to our artist development company, Villa 40.”

And festival co-founder Kevin Griffin sings the ‘lake praises too, saying, “It really is a perfect fit to have Justin on board as a partner not only for his knowledge and accomplishments in the music industry but also his love for the Tennessee area. We are looking forward to introducing new fans to Pilgrimage and to the music, food, and culture of the southern region.”


The two-day festival, which is going into its sophomore year, will host Beck, Grace Potter, Violent Femmes, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Jason Isbell, and Kacey Musgraves, along with indie favorites including Kaleo, The Strumbellas, Shakey Graves and more.In addition to artists performing their own sets, Pilgrimage will feature Pilgri-mashups where one-of-a-kind pairings of musicians collaborate with one another on stage as well as the Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor stage featuring local artists. The family friendly festival also features world renowned children’s musicians as well as interactive activities throughout the day. Kids unter 10 get in free.

A portion of each ticket sale will benefit the City of Franklin and Franklin Parks. In addition, a portion of ticket sales will also benefit MusiCares®, a nonprofit organization that was established by The Recording Academy® to provide a wide range of emergency financial assistance and addiction recovery resources to members of the music community.


Videos: Misfits w/Glenn Danzig at Riot Fest


Denver has all the luck….

By Barbi Martinez

They said it would never happen: a Misfits reunion. Or at least one involving both classic-er ‘fits vocalist Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only. The latter was awarded, via a lawsuit in the ’90s, the right to use the name, and it would be an understatement to say that there has been considerable friction between the two. It’s been over 30 years since they played together.

Never say never: they did indeed reunite, if only for a day, to play the Denver Riot Fest this past weekend. We’ll have a wrapup of the festival here at Blurt soon, courtesy our man in the Mile High City, Tim Hinely. Meanwhile, here are some video clips that have already surfaced of the Misfits’ performance; hopefully some higher quality ones will turn up soon. (By the way: listen to some of the “comments” made during the first clip below.)