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Beatles Vinyl LPs to be Reissued in Nov.


About dang time…


By Blurt Staff


Long suffering Beatles fans and collectors have been, well, long suffering, to say the least. They
finally got the first of many items on their wish lists checked off a few years
ago when the Fab Four’s back catalog got meticulously remastered and reissued
on CD in both stereo and mono formats. Next, whatever barriers preventing the
band’s music from being sold digitally on iTunes et al finally, if belatedly, fell in an Apple-embraces-Apple bear hug.


Each time around,
sales went through the roof.


Meanwhile, though, what of the LPs? A remastered disc is all
well and good, but ask any hardcore Beatles fan and he or she will tell you
that pristine Beatles vinyl is positively holy grail-esque. Good news now
arrives from EMI: remastered vinyl editions of all the Beatles LPs will be arriving
in stores on Nov. 13, along with a 16-LP box set. The titles are listed below,
and note that these are the stereo editions of the original U.K. titles; no
confirmed word yet on mono. Watch this space as more details emerge.


Abbey Road

Let It Be

The Beatles (White

Sgt. Peppers Lonely
Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour


Rubber Soul

Yellow Submarine


Hard Days’s Night

Beatles For Sale

Please Please Me

With The Beatles

Past Masters

Stereo Vinyl Box Set (all 14 albums, sixteen LPs in all)


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Blurt Staff


readers of BLURT will remember our Musicians’ Advice feature in the last issue
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Lemmy and Chuck D to Patterson Hood, Girl Talk, Oderus and Brian Wilson offered
up their nuggets of career wisdom to aspiring artists. It also ran online in
June in vastly expanded form: see “Trust Yourself… And Get A Good Lawyer (Or
We’ve got a second installment set to run in the upcoming issue (#13,
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we hope you’re enjoying our musicians’ advice series but… there’s something
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It's Antiseen, Bitch!



It ain’t like you
haven’t been warned about these guys… above, lead singer Jeff Clayton’s
throbblehead, which was released this month via our good friends at


By Fred Mills


Just ‘cos we can.


Okay, all you hippie punks, take cover: below is the
official promo trailer for Carolina
killers Antiseen’s latest, New Blood a collection of 2008-11 singles via the Switchlight label. The music’s from
“One Shot, One Kill,” and it’s as good enough a reason to check out the band at
selected dates this fall throughout the South. (They will be at Slim’s in Raleigh, NC,
this Saturday night, by the way.)


Fiona Apple Pulls a Full (Willie) Nelson


Popular singer songwriter arrested for hash and weed possession in Texas.

By Frd Mills

Arrested Wednesday night at Sierra Blanca, Texas, according to, was Fiona Apple following a routine check of her tour bus. Drug-sniffing dogs detected drugs in a backpack which reportedly contained .01 pounds of marijuana and .01 pounds of hashish.

Apple admitted the dope was hers and she was arrested, spent the night in jail, and was released Thursday morning after posting a $10,000 bond.

Willie Nelson would be proud, methinks. Incidentally, there’s a funny but a revealing article over at E! Online about why the same checkpoint, located about 20 miles from Mexico, has yielded its share of celeb busts over the years – including Nelson, natch, along with Snoop Dogg, Paul Wall and Arnie Hammer. (Given the metaphorical red flags that are clearly waving in the air above Sierra Blanca, cue up that old adage about weed not making you more sensitive and creative, just stupider. Can you spell D-E-T-O-U-R?)

The checkpoint, notes the story, is where drug mules are often stopped and apprehended. And “that checkpoint also happens to sit on I-10, an interstate highway that
runs from Los Angeles to Florida. Why is that important? Because film
crews often travel through there to shoot. And musicians often bring
their tours through the Southwest on that very highway. They also,
oftentimes, bring their stash. And arrests are bound to follow.”


Amanda Palmer Relents; To Pay Musicians


“We have the power to
do it, and we’re going to do it.” Palmer, above, puts the word out to both past and future guest performers. Meanwhile, no word from Albini camp.


By Fred Mills


After weathering a couple of weeks of combined criticism and
support in a controversy that threatened to overshadow (see: Albini, Steven)
the actual music of her new album Theatre
is Evil
and the accompanying tour, Amanda Palmer has reversed her plan of not
paying guest musicians on the tour and instead will be providing compensation
for the crowd-sourced performers.



In a lengthy blog posting (go here to
read it), Palmer wrote, “For better or for worse, this whole kerfuffle has
meant I’ve spent the past week thinking hard about this, listening to what
everyone was saying and discussing. I hear you. I see your points. Me and my
band have discussed it at length. We have decided we should pay all of our
guest musicians. We have the power to do it, and we’re going to do it…. We’re
also retroactively sending a payment to the folks who’ve already played with


Palmer indicated that she is doing some budgetary shuffling in order to free
up the funds for the musicians’ compensation.


Report: Wild Nothing + Diiv Live Denver



12 at the Larimer Lounge it was a reverb and effects pedal buffet for the
dreampop bands.


By Tim Hinely


Two Captured Tracks bands come to town on this crisp
Wednesday evening. One of the knocks on the Captured
Tracks bands is that they all sound the same, that breezy, new-wavey dream pop
that a lot of the bands seem to employ. Now while this isn’t entirely true
there definitely are some similarities between the two bands tonight as well as
other (Beach Fossils, etc.) but hey, if it’s a sound you like (like me) then
you’ll think you’ve hit paydirt.


Diiv were
formerly known as Dive had to change their name for some reason (rumors of a
Belgian industrial band with the same name…yawn) but they seem to have taken
the name change in stride. They strode out onto the Larimer stage and were a
mesh/mess/mash of hair and fuzz pedals (and cool shirts too as the singer had a
bright red Mickey Mouse tee on while the hirsute lead guitarist sported a
Yankees tee with Mattingly on the back). They dove head first starting off with
an instrumental and then hypnotizing the near-capacity crowd at the Larimer
with a hazy 45 minute set complete with fuzz, melody and some well-placed
yelps, too. Musically they seemed to hit that sweet spot right where indie pop,
shoe gaze and grunge all make nice with each other. They played most (or all)
off their latest C.T. release, Oshin and cuts like “Human” and “Past Lives” grew wild-eyed stares from the fans.


Virginia’s Wild
Nothing hit the stage at 10:15 PM sharp (thank you Larimer for not starting the
headlining band at some ungodly hour) and leader Jack Tatum had 4 others in
town with him including another guitarist (Tatum also played guitar) as well as
bass, drums and a keyboardist (a keyboardist who had recently broken his hand,
I think Tatum said, in a skateboarding stunt). Like Diiv, Wild Nothing, also
have a new release out on the label-of-the-minute, one called Nocturne which is at least as good as
their terrific debut (Gemini), maybe
better as it ups the ante with even dreamier and reverbier pop than before.
With a light show making it look like an Echo & the Bunnymen gig from the
back of the club, Wild Nothing tore through plenty of new ones as well as a few
off said debut and a few off their stopgap Golden
ep from last year (including the title track) but it was the new
tracks that really wowed the crowd, swerving cuts like “Shadow”, “Only Heather’
and the title track. If they played a few encores I wasn’t aware of it as the
clock struck 11:15 and my magic carpet awaited out front for me, but seriously,
if you get a chance to catch either of these two acts (and the 80’s were not a
decade that made you musically vomit) then enter with a kick to your step.



[Photo via Wild Nothing’s Facebook page;
pic by Marick Stawis]



Wurster, Leo, Hamm in new Aimee Mann Video


The track “Labrador” is from her new album, but the video treatment
goes way, way, way back. Hey, is that rattail on eBay yet?


By Fred Mills


If ever there were a video made to go viral… wait, it
already DID go viral, way back in the ‘80s, and.. wait, that was ‘Til Tuesday’s
“Voices Carry” that went viral, at least via MTV, so…


Below, watch the inspired “Labrador” (taken from Aimee
Mann’s new Charme) video, directed by
Mann’s pal Scharpling and featuring in key roles Superchunk/Mountain Goats
drummer Jon Wurster (also a Scharpling pal, nudge-nudge), rocker Ted Leo and Mad Men star Jon Hamm.




Mann and Scharpling provided choice quotes about the genesis
of the video:




“I’ve been such a fan of Tom Scharpling and his videos
and I’ve come to really trust his opinion and ideas about many, many things.
When Tom and I were first talking about doing a video together, I quickly
realized that I wanted to do two and not just one, and that maybe it would be
slightly more cost effective to do two at once, and that although I felt the
something funny would make sense for “Charmer,” the one for
“Labrador” seemed to call out for something a little more
contemplative, did he not agree? And then I got an email from him, full of
trepidation, where he said he respected my desire for something a little more
serious, but that he had this idea, and please forgive him for suggesting it,
and that he hoped I wouldn’t take it the wrong way. Now, is the “Voice
Carry” video something that, having been incredibly earnest about in the
80’s when I first made it, I now find to be wildly embarrassing? Oh, yes,
indeed. It is a measure of my trust in him that I immediately agreed to do it.
And honestly, the ridiculousness of the idea was compelling. I must admit too,
that a large portion of my agreeing to do it was the idea of seeing Jon Wurster
in an undershirt. I begged Jon Hamm to be part of it, god bless him, and I love
that Ted Leo is in it, too. I’m extremely happy with the results. It blew my
mind how obsessed Tom was with getting each shot to be as close to the original
as possible, and Jon Wurster’s constant giggling at his part in it made it
super fun. “




“As someone who grew up watching MTV in the 80s, I
must’ve seen Til Tuesday’s video for “Voices Carry” hundreds of
times. The storyline and drama and message were pretty much tattooed on my
brain. It’s funny that twenty-something years later I was directing a couple
videos for Aimee’s new album, because even though she is a great friend and an
artist whose body of work I admire so deeply, the first time I learned about
her was through that video. So the idea of doing a shot-for-shot remake made
sense to me, because it was a way to establish a thread from the first video I
saw of hers to the video I was now in the position of directing. And it’s great
to see her taking on something that has been so iconic in her body of work;
lots of people remember all of the trademarks from the original – the hair, the
creepy boyfriend, her standing up in the theater during the video’s finale. I
will say I was incredibly nervous pitching the idea to her because it was such
an all-or-nothing concept; if she’s not into it, we’re not doing it at all. But
I saw it as a chance for her to do something that would give people a chance to
see how amazingly funny she is. And thankfully she said yes!”






Video: New Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


Some seriously fucked
up sci-fi shit


By Blurt Staff


Meat and Bone is
the name, and sonic skronk is the game: that would be the new Jon Spencer Blues
Explosion album, which is just plain awesome and is also the latest title in
our “First Look” series (go here to read about it).  The band has unveiled an equally awesome
video for the song “Black Mold.” Check it out, below.


As Spencer is quoted at Prefix Mag, :The song is a kind of blues,
inspired by Hurricane Irene, which was forecast to destroy New York, but never really got here. In the
days coming up to it, we were practicing and writing in our basement and had to
get everything up off the ground so if the storm hit, we wouldn’t get flooded
and lose all of our gear and what not. I was going through lots of stuff
and found boxes of my old records, which were already damp and soggy, and kind
of moldy. The cardboard jackets were all stuck together, I had to pull the LP
sleeves apart and destroyed a few. The vinyl was mostly ok, but for a guy who
loves records, it really hurt.”