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Lingua Musica Video Int: Ahleuchatistas


Interview taped last
month at AMR Media Studios in Ashevile,


By Blurt Staff


Our good friend Joe Kendrick of the Lingua Musica crew talked with Asheville, NC duo
Ahleuchatistas on March 17, 2012 at AMR Media Studios to talk about their
upcoming albums, their recent tour of Europe, how they came to call Asheville home and more.
They performed a chunk of their ever-amazing music as well. Tony Preston filmed
and edited this video. Scotty Robertson was assistant director on the set.




You can visit the band and find out more about them at their official


The videotaped conversation marks the latest in the
ongoing Lingua Musica Interviews series and we’re looking forward to many more
in the very near future. (Previous installments have included The Keels,
stephaniesid, Danny Barnes, Secret B-Sides, RBTS WIN, Dex Romweber Duo, Paper
Tiger, Kellin Watson, Dubtribe, Dehlia Low, Ryan Montbleau, Brian McGee, Jon
Dee Graham, and more.) Please visit the website as well as LM’s YouTube
channel (


MP3: New Cory Branan; LP En Route


Singer-songwriter also
designed the sleeve art…


By Blurt Staff


Americana-wrangler Cory Branan follows up his The Hell You Say and 12 Songs albums on May 22 with his Bloodshot Records label debut. Titled Mutt, it will be accompanied by a US
headlining tour; he recently wrapped a tour with Chuck Ragan as well.


As you glom onto that album artwork above, check out the
first single from the album:




Self-produced and recorded primarily in San Francisco at
Closer Studios, MUTT was engineered and mixed by Tim Mooney (drummer/engineer
for American Music Club), and boasts notable contributors like Ralph Carney
(Tom Waits’ horn player), Luther Dickinson (North
Mississippi Allstars), and Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River).
Additional guests include phenomenal rising talents like Amanda Shires, Danny
Malone and John Elliott.



Tortoise Reissue Series Prompts Tour


Reissue several albums
and singles throughout 2012 celebrating Thrill Jockey’s 20th Anniversary. Check
out some videos, below.

By Blurt Staff


Tortoise, one of  the Thrill
Jockey label’s oldest and most well-known bands, is hitting the road this
spring – see below for current tour dates. The band is also reissuing several
releases on vinyl throughout the year, including the classic album Millions Now Living Will Never Die (already
available for pre-order through the label), which is pressed on high quality
virgin vinyl and includes all the original artwork, a fully artworked
inner-sleeve, along with a download coupon.

Also coming:

July 24:  Tortoise
August 21:  It’s All Around You
September 18:  TNT
October 16:  Beacons of Ancestorship
January 21:  Standards
April 21:  Lonesome Sound & Mosquito 7″s


Tour Dates:


25    Grand Rapids, MI       
       Pyramid Scheme w/Miracle Condition
Apr 26    Oberlin, OH       
Apr 27    Ann Arbor, MI       
          The Blind Pig w/Miracle
Apr 28    Chicago, IL       
            Empty Bottle (Two Shows) w/Miracle Condition, Jason
May 02    Madison, WI       
            Majestic Theatre
May 04    Minneapolis, MN   
            Walker Arts
May 12    Santiago Compostella, Spain   
Auditorio Galicia
May 15    Madrid, Spain       
          Rock Kitchen
May 16    Barcelona, Spain   
May 17    Valencia, Spain   
            Wah Wah
May 18    Sevilla, Spain   
Jun 02    London, UK       
             Field Day Festival
Jun 03    Skopje, Macedonia   
          OFF Festival
Jun 04    Zagreb, Croatia   
            Tvornica Kulture
Jun 05    Munich, Germany   
Jun 06    Zurich, Switzerland   
Jun 08    Hasselt, Belgium   
           Kunstencentrum Belgie
Jun 09    Tenerife, Spain   
            Proximos Festival
Jul 18    Molde, Norway       
          Teatret Vart
Jul 20    Tonsberg, Norway   



Video: New Kendra Morris


Second single “If You
Didn’t Go” from forthcoming album for the Wax Poetics label.


By Blurt Staff


Back in November we were digging the spookysexycool “Concrete
from songstress Kendra Morris, and this week she unveiled the second
single from her new album Banshee, due
out late summer 2012 on Wax Poetics Records. Here’s the video for the tune:






“‘If You Didn’t Go’ is about that first person you ever
loved and how even years later you still find yourself thinking about them.”
Morris says, of the song. “What are they doing now, are they happy and do they
ever think of you? Questions, questions, questions.”


Inspired in name by wailing female demons from Irish
folklore, Banshee is an amalgam of stories, both imagined and
Morris’s own, produced by previous collaborator Jeremy Page. “In a way,
banshees just cast spells with their voices,” Morris says, “and I just think
some of the greatest singers do the same thing.”


Keep your eyes peeled for the new print edition of BLURT as
we’ll have an interview with Morris, who talks about getting her career
underway, the fortuitous moment when she caught the attention of Wax Poetics,
and the relationship breakup that fueled many of the songs on the new album.


Watch Bobby Womack Mini-Documentary

About the making of
new album, arriving in June.


By Blurt Staff


Soul-funk legend Bobby Womack’s new album The Bravest Man in the Universe drops
June 11 via the XL Recordings label, and there’s a mini-documentary about the
making of the record featuring footage of Womack in the studio along with
producers Damon Albarn and Richard Russell. It was filmed during the sessions
in late 2011 and directed by Jamie-James Medina.


MP3: Purity Ring's Obedear from New LP


Youthful indiepopsters
make their bid for a mature debut.


By Blurt Staff


Shrines, the debut
album from Halifax/Montreal-based duo The Purity Ring – composed of Corin
Roddick and Megan James – is set to drop July 24 on tastemaker label 4AD. The
band is described as “making lullabies for the club, drawing equally from airy ‘90s
R&B, lush dream pop, and the powerful, bone-rattling immediacy of modern
hip hop… Megan’s remarkable voice is at once ecstatic and ethereal, soaring
joyfully through Corin’s carefully chopped beats, trembling synths, and skewed
vocal samples.”


Despite the band’s young age (Corin is 21, Megan 24) and
short gestation (they formed in late 2010), Purity Ring betray a remarkable
maturity in their sound. You can hear “Obedear” from Shrines below, or on the band’s website: . It’s dreamy, yet intense, and it is literally exploding across the
blogosphere (so who are we not to jump on the bandwagon).


Animal Collective Start Interactive Site


Say the term “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” ten times
real fast and it’ll be yours!


In March 2010, Animal Collective
and visual artist Danny Perez (director of Oddsac, and the videos:
“Summertime Clothes”, “Who Could Win A Rabbit” &
“You Can Count On Me”) put on a multimedia installation
called “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” at the Guggenheim Museum
in New York City. To expand the reach of the installation Animal Collective
released an exclusive 12inch (Domino) over the weekend for Record Store Day
2012 featuring audio from the installation and this week launched an
interactive website ( to bring the unique
and immersive “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” experience to anyone with
an internet connection.  


Danny Perez explains, “The
website allows people an opportunity to experience “Transverse Temporal
Gyrus” in a unique way. Just as the installation refashioned what a
traditional performance and environment would be, the website reformats these
materials again into something new. Video, audio, and images from that one
evening provide a unique perspective to both people who were there and those
that weren’t.” 


The audio for the
installation was made of individual sounds and songs created by each member
Animal Collective.  Over the course of two, three-hour performances, the
basic tracks were fed into a computer program designed by Stephan Moore that
randomized the track order, and sometimes randomly combined stems from one
track with stems from another.  The program panned the music in various
directions around a 36 channel surround sound system that ran through 36
speakers set up from the top of the Guggenheim’s ramp to the bottom. The
‘”Transverse Temporal Gyrus” website features a free
downloadable  audio player (for both Mac and PC) that recreates the
computer program designed for the Guggenheim installation over 2 stereo
channels.  This will give listeners a new and unique collage each time the
program is run. 


Stephan Moore describes
the sound design and programming:


“The sound score and
installation for “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” was spontaneously
re-created at each performance by rearranging dozens of recorded sounds and
flying them around the Guggenheim
Museum space according to
a set of complex rules.  A graphical representation of the entire
automated decision-making process (the actual computer code written in MaxMSP)
makes up the poster image that accompanies the 12inch release, and the complete
software itself is now available to download as share-alike open-source.
 I wanted to share the software as much for its visual interest as for the
procedural information in the code – I love the way MaxMSP looks. The TTG code
was written very quickly over a three-day period, and much of the haste and
fever of my marathon coding sessions has been preserved in the tangle of patch
cords, idiosyncratic syntax, and quasi-organic piles of code objects.
 Hopefully, the opportunity to explore the underlying software through
these various media, and the ability to reproduce a version of the original
installation at home using the stereo player application, provides some
perspective and insight into the full potential of the overall work.”


Both the 12inch record
and corresponding website aim to bring the “Transverse Temporal
Gyrus” experience to a wider audience, both in their own totally unique
ways. Noted the band’s Geologist, “One of the best things about doing
“Transverse Temporal Gyrus” with Danny was the opportunity to give
the audience at the Guggenheim a unique experience that could never be
recreated.  The only disappointment was the inability to share it with
more people, and this website finally allows us do that in some way, while
ensuring that every individual experience will still remain just as singular
and unique.”





Video/Stream: New Patrick Watson

NPR’s got the stream,
and you can watch the video below.


By Blurt Staff


the lead up to the release of Patrick
Watson’s Adventures in Your Own Backyard, out May 1 on Domino, NPR Music is streaming the new album
in its entirety via their “First Listen” series. Meanwhile, you can check out
the video for Watson’s “Into Giants” track, below. It was directed by Brigitte
Henry and was filmed at Montreal’s
The Ukranian Federation.






Adventures in Your Own Backyard is described by Watson
as “an attempt to make music a bit more close to home in every sense of the
phrase.” It was recorded almost entirely in Watson’s apartment in Montreal after a grueling
five-year run that saw Patrick tour the world in support of two
critically-acclaimed albums, including the Polaris award-winning Close To Paradise, and
contribute to The Cinematic Orchestra’s Ma Fleur, co-writing and singing
on a sizeable portion of the record. 



Patrick and his band, Mishka Stein (bass), Simon
Angell (guitar), Melanie Belair (violin),
and Robbie Kuster (drums), are
presently touring Europe after playing three
sold-out hometown shows last week. They play select dates in the U.S. with Andrew Bird in May and will do a headlining tour of North America in June.  




Swans’ Ltd. Live 2CD Gets Full Release



“Listen to the music
at a generous volume level,” advises the head Swan, who definitely knows of
what he speaks.


By Blurt Staff


We Rose From your Bed With The Sun In
Our Head
is the new double-disc Swans album, out next week via Michael Gira’s
Young God label. Recorded at concerts in Melbourne,
Berlin and NYC, it’ll be available
in limited quantities in stores and primarily through and
live Swans concerts. Fans will recall, however, that it was initially released
as a limited (numbered/signed) edition of 1000, handmade special 2xcd package
with various levels of purchase for fans to offset the costs of the new Swans
studio album The Seer. That edition
of 1000 sold out in under 24 hours.


posted a statement about the album at the website:


to all of you who attended the Swans shows during our recent tours. The
experience, for us, was life-giving and nourishing. The audiences were not only
the largest with which we’ve ever been blessed, but the most genuinely
connected and in tune with the sonic/psychic experience in which we all
participate. Thank you!…


in these discs are the best recordings we could provide of the (ever-evolving)
shows. Those of you who attended the early shows realize that the first
iterations of the music morphed and grew (seemingly with a will more expansive
than our own) into something quite different by the end. This, in itself, was
immensely gratifying. We also developed many new songs  – or sonic events is perhaps a better way to
describe some of them – along the way. In compiling these recordings and mixing
them with my trusted friend and engineer Kevin McMahon (at Marcata Studio,
Gardiner NY), we did our best to represent that transition… if you choose to
acquire this 2 disc set, in my view it would behoove you to listen to the music
at a generous volume level. This has absolutely nothing to do with an
aggressive intent, as some mistakenly assume. Exactly the opposite, in fact. As
with the live experience, it’s all about immersion. We – Swans – experience
that sense of being subsumed in something greater than ourselves when we
perform, too. Maybe that’s even our selfish reason for making the music in the
first place. At the best of moments, it doesn’t even feel as if we are playing
the music ourselves. More that we’re animated – vivified – by the ongoing sonic
wave.  I can’t speak for my friends and
cohorts, but it’s what I live for. In any event, it’s my hope these discs
provide you with a positive experience of some sort….”