UPDATE Ansari + Sitek = Raaaaaaaandy


Comedy-rap is normally a
tool for clueless tools and that’s what makes Raaaaaaaandy’s mission of a
mixtape so righteous.


Blurt Staff


the alter-ego of Aziz Ansari’s complex mind-first seen in Judd Apatow’s Funny
-is hosting a hip-hop mixtape of epically-funny proportions. Produced
by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, with help from Baltimore’s DJ Granwizerd and
LA’s The Have…the beats are as good as the jokes. It’s no longer funny when
the music is this good.

The mixtape’s first leak-“Aaaaaaaangry”-puts every rapper in the game
on blast for making Raaaaaaaandy & Sitek await their contributions.
Bottling every rap fans’ angst over Detox‘s delays, no emcee is safe
from Raaaaaaaandy’s scathing disses. Whether they laugh or not…it’s up to
them. But the Internet is fueled behind the comedy/production duo.

A preliminary version leaked onto the web yesterday, so the duo’s handlers are
sending out “official” versions to the media, complete with new lyrics and
quality mastering. According to those in the know, “It doesn’t change RZA’s outro
though…because no stamp of approval is more official than the Wu’s.”


have the track for ya soon as we’re allowed to share it with you, but trust us,
it smokes.


 UPDATE: A snippet of the track’s on YouTube now.


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