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Caribou Takes Canadian Polaris Prize


Beats out Black Mountain,
Stars, Kathleen Edwards and others…


By Fred Mills



As previously announced, Canada’s
annual Polaris Prize – that country’s equivalent of Britain’s Mercury Prize – had some
strong contenders this year. Whittled down from about 40 deserving artists,
this year’s finalists were:



  • Black Mountain
    In The Future
  • Plants And Animals – Parc Avenue
  • Basia Bulat – Oh, My
  • Stars – In Our Bedroom
    After The War
  • Caribou – Andorra
  • Shad – The Old Prince
  • Kathleen Edwards – Asking
    For Flowers
  • Two Hours Traffic – Little
  • Holy Fuck – LP
  • The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour


Yesterday an 11-judge panel made its final determination and
the winner is to receive $20,000. Previous winners included Patrick Watson and
Final Fantasy’s Owen Pallett, and for 2008 it is…. Caribou, a/k/a Dan Snaith,
whose brilliant Andorra (Merge) was one of the highlights of 2007.



Check out the video below of Patrick Watson announcing the
winner on MySpace TV.







Patrick Watson (2007 winner) announces 2008 Polaris Music Prize!


Compiled by Blurt Staff


206 digital, satellite and hi-def channels and nothin’ on?
Not likely. Here are BLURT’s top music television picks of the day. The time is
followed by the network/cable/satellite channel, then the name of the program
and/or featured artist(s). All times are EST. For a comprehensive hour-by-hour
listing, go to the VH1 Rock On TV site.
Note that for certain channels, shows frequently repeat during the day on or
subsequent days.








7:00 AM CBS: The Early Show: Jewel


8:00 AM TVONE: Tom Joyner Sky Show: The Gap Band


9:00 AM PLD HD: Aftermath: The Station Fire Five Years Later
w/Twisted Sister , Tesla , Aaron Lewis ,


Winger , Eric Martin , John Rich


9:00 AM Syndicated: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Lance Bass


12:45 PM Sundance: We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen


2:00 PM Ovation: Taj Mahal: Live in St. Lucia


2:30 PM FUEL: The Daily Habit: Pop Levi


4:00 PM Sundance: Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul


7:00 PM VH1: Behind The Music: New Kids on the Block: A
Behind the Music Special Event


7:00 PM VH1 Classic in Concert: Rush in Rio


8:30 PM PLD HD: Nissan Live Set: Ne-Yo


9:00 PM RAVE HD: Soundstage: Lindsey Buckingham


10:00 PM VH1C: Hangin’ With Rush


10:30 PM VH1 Classic in Concert: Rush – R30 Anniversary


11:00 PM FUSE: Welcome to Timbaland


11:35 PM CBS: The Late Show With David Letterman: Pete


12:05 AM ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Solange


12:35 AM NBC: Late Night with Conan O’Brien: The Watson


12:37 AM CBS: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Amy


2:00 AM Encore Action: Going To Pieces: The Rise and Fall of
the Slasher Film w/Rob Zombie








New Dylan Album Streams on NPR


Savvy marketing or serving
the public good? Only Zimmy knows for sure…


By Fred Mills



Bob Dylan previews his forthcoming album Tell Tale Signs – a 2-CD set of rarities, an the latest
installment in his “Bootleg” series – this week on the  National Public Radio Music website. Starting
at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday evening (Sept. 30), fans can log on to the
NPR site ( where the
album will be streamed in its entirety.


NPR has featured live music podcasts for some time but this
will mark a new foray into the music biz for the venerable radio outlet that
some are saying steps over into a grey area that smacks more of savvy marketing
by an artist than actually serving the public good (as is NPR’s mandate).


Regardless, it’s sure to be a hit among listeners. The
album’s due to hit stores Oct. 7.


Dylan kicks off his fall ’08 tour on Oct. 23 in Victoria, BC, for a
monthlong trek that will focus primarily on Canada
with the exception of a few dates in Minnesota
and Wisconsin.
For a full list of tour dates, go to his official website.


Springsteen For the Super Bowl


Sure won’t be playing “Born
In The U.S.A.”
unless he wants his head handed to him by all those drunk flag-hugging football


By Fred Mills


Selling out or buying in? While being tapped to play the
halftime show at the Super Bowl is certainly considered prestigious, over the
years it’s also become a source of snarky derision for a lot of music fans.


Quick, give yourself this little test: what songs, and/or
what particular staging spectacle, did Tom Petty (who performed the honors this
year in front of 148 million couch potatos), the Stones, Sir Paul, Prince,
Janet Jackson and U2 do at their Super Bowl slots? If the only one you can
reliably recall is Janet Jackson (“Bob, I’ll take ‘Janet Jackson’s tit’ for
$100…”) from 2004, then you probably understand what we’re saying.


At any rate Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be
the 2009 Super Bowl entertainment. He’ll hit the stage sometime during the
evening of Feb. 1 in Tampa,
and depending on who the match-up comes down to, he’ll probably play “Promised
Land,” “Born to Run” or “You Can Look But You Better Not Touch.” Or maybe not….


Can we have a Boss bobblehead?



Devendra Banhart Goes Full Monty



Nothing like waking up
on a Monday morning to this, eh?

By Fred Mills



For some reason Devendra Banhart has come under the
ever-tasteful microscope of Perez Hilton (something about the
recently-terminated relationshipe between Banhart and actress Natalie Portman),
which means, apparently, anything is fair game.


Including posting nekked pics of Banhart. Well, technically
they are photos taken by Dev’s good friend Lauren Dukoff as part of the cover
art for his upcoming Megapuss album Surfing, due Oct.7. But still….


For the full frontal uncensored views, go HERE.




Division Of Laura Lee Tours; New Vids



Presenting entire new album via guest-directed videos too.

By Fred Mills


Blazing Swedish
garagepunks Division of Laura Lee hits American shores next week for short
string of dates intended to lay the groundwork for the launch of their new
album Violence is Timeless, due in
Europe on Oct. 29 (the U.S. released date is t.b.a.). Material from that album
will be showcased, and meanwhile, fans who can’t make it to the shows can check
out a series of videos the band has been posting to its website every Monday.


Thus far, since mid
August, vids directed by Kristoffer Astrom (of Fireside), Joe Lally (Fugazi),
Alexander Skinner and several others have been posted – one special guest
director incoming: Jose Gonzalez – and this will continue through Oct. 27 with
ultimately every song on the album getting a visual treatment.


We’ve even got a little
taste below, the video for the first single, “Central Park.”


The album, incidentally,
is already available to order in its limited edition/hand numbered vinyl version
– check the above website link for details.


Those tour dates:


10/1- Philadelphia/
10/2- Baltimore/ Fletcher’s
10/4- Brooklyn/ Union Pool  
10/5- NYC / Mercury Lounge
10/7- LA/ Spaceland



Oasis American Tour Announced


Tickets go on sale
this week via, you guessed it, Ticketbastard.

By Blurt Staff

Oasis just announced the American leg of their Dig Out Your Soul world tour. The album drops Oct. 7. The tour, the
band’s first US tour in 3
years, kicks off on December 3 in Oakland,
CA. This US tour follows Oasis’ biggest ever UK arena tour
which sold over 180,000 tickets within an hour of going on sale. Ryan Adams
& The Cardinals will be Special Guests on all dates.

For a limited time, every Oasis ticket order made through Ticketbastard comes with the option to upgrade to a special package containing your concert ticket, the brand new “Dig Out Your Soul” cd, and an
exclusive Oasis t-shirt available ONLY in this promotion.

Tickets for the shows go on sale October 3 at 10am. For the Chicago
show, tickets go on sale Oct. 4 at 10am. All times are local.



This time, let’s not bum-rush the stage, okay fans? Read our
eyewitness account of the Sept. 7 assault on Noel Gallagher in Toronto HERE.

Dec. 3                    
 Oakland, CA
   Oracle Arena          
Dec. 4                    
 Los Angeles, CA
                   Staples Center
Dec. 6                    
 Las Vegas, NV
The Pearl          
Dec. 8                    
CO Broomfield Events Ctr.  
Dec. 10                    Minneapolis, MN  
                 Target Center
Dec. 12                  
 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena          
Dec. 13                    Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills  
Dec. 15                    
ON                John LaBatt Centre
 (rescheduled 9/9 date)

Dec. 17              
     New York, NY
 Madison Sq. Garden      
Dec. 19                    Camden, NJ Susquehanna Center      
Dec. 20                    Washington, DC  

For further ticket information go to:




Eddy dusts off his old vinyl and scratches his head. We all win


BLURT readers. This column’s theme is fairly simple: Basically, I sort
alphabetic ally through my shelves for dusty old 7-inch vinyl indie singles
from acts that aren’t household names, and try to figure out why I wound up
keeping them in the first place. This is the 7th installment (first
two appeared at Idolator.)




GOOPS “One Kiss Left”/”Build Me Up Buttercup” (Blackout!,


The picture sleeve’s front cover looks like some kinda Big
Daddy Roth Garbage Pail Kid Wacky Pack, with four cartoon band members (three
crazy guys, one hot girl) racing along in their flaming monster truck with the
license plate “KILL,” brandishing baseball bats and barbecue forks, chasing a
squirrel so scared its feet have turned into wheels. Back cover has the band
all naked (with naughty bits peeking out) on a polka-dot couch, puking and
slavering as a gigantic furry rodent splats from the sky and spills its sticky guts
all over the room. Six-page black-and-white comic book inside has the Goops “On
The Road,” driving from party to party and town to town and batting more
squirrels around and bathing together and covering obscene Avengers songs on
stage while (again) wearing no clothes. Yet even their penises and vaginas
manage to seem funny, not gross or prurient. And oh yeah, there’s also music!
Catchy St. Mark’s Place-style middle-class fake-punk garage trash (from back
when St. Mark’s  Place was still trashy)
with gal-singing and guy-guitaring better than passable; in the ‘90s, NYC and
L.A. both coughed up a bunch of such bands, while critics ignored them — maybe
because they sang like they wanted a hit, and therefore weren’t deemed hip
enough. Here, the A-side is a lust song with some semblance of a beat: “C’mon
baby, don’cha be that way/I’ll do anything you say.” But the B-side’s the keeper:
A kicking cover of the Foundations’ 1969 garage-soul classic about being led on
by a fickle tease. The Goops build it up, and don’t let us down.





CLAY HARPER “Prayin’ Hands”/”Church On The Corner” (Casino
Royale, 1996)


More excellent cover graphics: The front has a colorfully
dressed guy, with five-o’clock shadow and his tiger-striped shirt unbuttoned too
low, posing just like Roland Bell on the LP cover of The Harder They Come; there’s a city and church behind him, and
when you flip the sleeve over, you see said house of worship close up, with
hands folding in prayer on each side. It’s not the only picture-sleeve 45 I’ve
got on my shelf from Clay Harper — a guy who used to sing for the Coolies, an Atlanta band whose less than 15 minutes of fame had come
from putting out an album full of silly Simon & Garfunkel covers in 1986,
the same year Paul Simon put out Graceland. A decade later, in 1996, Harper apparently
put out one 45 on Casino Royale every month or close to it; I’ve got 11 of the
things, and they’re beautiful – soldiers and strippers and factories and devils
and sleazy dames with guns and lurkers in the shadows and Blaxploitation movie
posters and Kung Fu movie posters and ominous urchins from the street. Most of
them credit Art Direction to one Kosmo Vinyl and Art Production to guys named
Kerry Hadaway and Brian Joyner. I haven’t played them in years, but as I
recall, they mostly sound good, too. But I’m singling out the single that came
out in June of that year, for the way its two titles are conceptually linked,
and because its cover is my favorite. “Prayin’ Hands” has The Harder They Come in its sound, too: The rhythm is ‘70s
soul-reggae, with a horn break seemingly referencing “007 (Shanty Town)”
by Desmond Dekker. Harper has a gruff Dixie
white-soul voice – more “pub-rock” than “roots-rock” or “Southern rock,” I’d
say, by which I mean amiable and energetic but not particularly stodgy or redneck-macho.
He sings about a little girl with a crappy life who prays the world her soul to
keep and winds up in a better place, which I suppose mean she dies; details
beyond that are hard to make out. “Church on the Corner” brackets itself with
church organ (credited to “Reverend Oliver Wells”), but Clay confesses that he
never liked churches, that he just passes them by without entering, and he’s
not sure where his antipathy comes from. But a wedding, or maybe that same little
girl, wind up changing his mind. A gospel backup singer helps.





HELLA “Stephen Hawking Has A Posse”/FOURTET “Both When I Am
Alone And We Both Are” (Ache, 2003)


Hella are a noisy Cali duo whose 2002 debut album likeably
reminded me of the very early (hardcore-era) Meat Puppets, but I lost the plot
soon after; their track here has a gradual keyboardish opening (played on
guitar maybe) giving way to blurry belches of distortion and apocalyptic clangs
like tin cans repeatedly toppling off a high shelf. The title suggests
theoretical physics might be an inspiration as well. Fourtet is London “post-rock”
electronic guy Kieran Hebden, and his cut has more space – e.g., little brush
strokes. What they have in common: clattery beat, fuzzy effects, vagueness. And
the scratched-up collage on the 45 sleeve is just as blurry, blotchy, and




THE HOT ROLLERS Uncornucopia (Flotation, 2007)


A three-song seven-inch EP on nail-polish-white vinyl from
three badass ladies, dressed like they’re ready to join the Shangri-Las’ gang.
So: Ratted-hair rock, maybe Seattle’s answer to
Gore Gore Girls. “You Don’t Satisfy” rides the slime oozing out from beneath the
garage door of some service station on a dead-end street; opens with a riff
from the Monkees’ “Steppin’ Stone,” drummer Starr Harris screams like the
Sonics’ Gerry Rosalie, and Lori Campion lets loose black clouds of guitar smoke
as her vengeful vemom shoplifts a lyric or two from “Steppin’ Stone” itself,
then turns into talking as she chides some bad-in-bed clutz that he can’t do
the deed like some other fella. “Heard About Him” rocks up a ‘65 B-side by
British bird Sandie Shaw, ending on a high note out of “Wimoweh”/”The Lion
Sleeps Tonight.” And raunchy fuzztones blanket everything, including three-part
harmonies and (I think) a cowbell, in the raunchier, dirtier, heavier “Outta
Control” – about a mean chick from a northern galaxy who has cherry-red lips
and bloodshot eyes. She’s running wild tonight, she’s gonna fuss and fight, and
I’m pretty sure Girlschool would be impressed.


Chuck Eddy is the
former music editor of the
Village Voice and the author of several books, including the greatest book on heavy
metal ever written,
Stairway To Hell.
He won’t admit it, but he knows more about rock ‘n’ roll than the entire
accumulated BLURT brain trust.



Plant Nixes Led Zep Tour


“No intention
whatsoever” of touring his old band.


By Fred Mills


Gee, nobody saw this coming: with the UK
press hyperventilating
over a presumed Led Zep reunion and tour this year,
Robert Plant felt compelled to step in and issue an “official statement” on his
website setting the record straight. He makes it clear that after he completes
the current Raising Sand tour with
Alison Krauss on Oct. 5 he has “no intention whatsoever  of touring with anyone for at least the next
two years.”


The statement reads, in part:



Contrary to a spate of
recent reports, Robert Plant will not be touring or recording with Led
Zeppelin. Anyone buying tickets online to any such event will be buying bogus

“It‘s both frustrating and ridiculous for this story to continue to
rear its head when all the musicians that surround the story are keen to get on
with their individual projects and move forward,” Robert Plant said.

“I wish Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham nothing but success with
any future projects,” he added.



So there ya go. Guess those “sources close to the band” in London that the British
media was relying on for their info didn’t bother to check in directly with
Percy, eh?


Of course, AFTER that two years that Plant mentions has
elapsed, the sky’s the limit….




Flaming Lips Xmas DVD, Screenings Update



DVD & CD due on
Nov. 11… screenings galore start Oct. 1


By Blurt Staff





Update on that Flaming Lips Christmas On Mars DVD release date: according to a report posted at
today, it’s been moved to November 11 by Warner Bros., pushed back
from the original, long-in-coming Oct. 28 date. It will be available as a
standard DVD and as a deluxe edition featuring a soundtrack CD.



The film will also have selected screenings throughout the U.S. starting this week on Oct. 1; it’s
currently playing in NYC until the end of the year at the KGB Complex’s Kraine
Theater, while San Antonio’s
Alamo Drafthouse will start showing it Oct. 19 for a run through the end of the



For more details of the film and to view a couple of
trailers, go HERE.



Soundtrack tracklisting:


“Once Beyond Hopelessness”
“The Distance Between Mars And The Earth — Part One”
“The Horrors Of Isolation: The Celestial Dissolve, Triumphant
Hallucination, Light Being Absorbed”
“In Excelsior Vaginalistic”
“Your Spaceship Comes From Within”
“Suicide And Extraordinary Mistakes”
“The Distance Between Mars And The Earth — Part Two”
“The Secret Of Immortality: This Strange Feeling, This Impossible
“The Gleaming Armament Of Marching Genitalia”
“The Distress Signals Of Celestial Objects”
“Space Bible With Volume Lumps”
“Once Beyond Hopelessness”



Christmas On Mars screenings:


Des Moines, Iowa: Nova 10 Cinemas, October 1
Columbia, South Carolina: The Nickelodeon, October 3-5
Moline, Illinois: Nova 6 Cinemas, October 5
Atlanta, Georgia: Plaza Theatre, October 8
Peoria, Illinois: Reynold’s Cinemas at Landmark, October 10
Naperville, Illinois: Nova 8 Cinemas, October 11
Nashville, Tennessee: The Belcourt, October 17
Dallas, Texas: Landmark Inwood Theater, October 17-18
Whitewater, Wisconsin: Theatres of Whitewater, October 17
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: Geneva 4, October 18
West Bend, Wisconsin: Paradise Theatre, October 19
Madison, Wisconsin: The Orpheum, October 21-24
Waterville, Maine: Railroad Square Cinema, October 23
Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Brattle, October 31-November 9
Omaha, Nebraska: Film Streams / Ruth Sokolof Theater, October 31
Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Cinematheque, November 8-9
Columbus, Ohio: Landmark Gateway Theater, November 14-15
Denver, Colorado: Landmark Esquire Theatre, November 14-15
Hartford, Connecticut: Real Art Ways, November 21-23
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Landmark Uptown Theatre, November 22